The Perfect Storm is Brewing…Batten Down the Hatches

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Secretary of State Pompeo Announces Iranian Revolutionary Guard Officially Declared “Foreign Terrorist Organization”


Trump Fires Head Of Secret Service


pelosi tax returns


Will Trump Visit the Windsors and British Warlords in June?


British spies everywhere. Watch out POTUS!!


Real News Update 4.6.19 by Laura Trump



fight gloablism logo.JPGAIM Patriot William, who is creating amazing videos for our truth community, has started a group called “MAGA Gives Back”. The group is coordinating on this FACEBOOK site.

In William’s recent video (below) he exposes the Club of Rome’s call to abolish the Electoral College.

Listen to What the Elite are Planning – EU Army – Censorship – Electoral College-Call for Dictatorship and Genocide



Sonia Sotomayor Tied to Rogue CIA


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Still waiting for a public, live event to show us that Ruth is alive….until then, we need to all shout out that the Supreme Court is withholding vital information from the American people about THEIR supreme court open seat from a member who has not shown herself to be fully capable of doing her job after a lengthy and grave medical condition.

where is ruth 3


Information Wars

Again, look how hard they are pushing the fake Ruth Ginsberg narrative. First they have to create the fake news “article.” We have all seen the sloppy articles written lately about Ruthie. Then they take the fake article and have a robot voice read it as they collect moving pictures and background drama music.

The propagandists then leverage these fake written pieces into robot-read pieces described in the video below. Before you know it, a false narrative is building among the slow, dumb, and stupid people of the world and the rest of us are called conspiracy theorists if we dare offer actual proof that the propaganda is a lie.

Listen to this video below on algorithm corruption and manipulation. EYES WIDE OPEN. All they have in their information arsenal is bad propaganda.

Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm – (Part 1/3) Smarter Every Day 213


THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL – The Truth About The Invasion of America


5g antenna

5G and Cell Tower Protests Worldwide


Scientists Warn of Health Effects: Washington DC Council 5G Small Cell Roundtable


Trump Survey Questionnaire: No 5G Question?


Allison Mack Pleads Guilty In NXIVM Sex-Cult Case


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James Comey’s Daughter Maurene On NY Posse To Take Trump Down


Estonia Gets Its First NATIONALIST POPULIST Government!!!

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Rep. Doug Collins Demands Impeachment Hearings, or Call Mueller to Testify


stephan roh alibi book


AIM Patriot Kevin sends us a picture of this book cover and writes:

“Everyone involved seems to be trying to establish their alibi before it all falls down. Roh’s book was published by ILS Energy.”



buttigieg meme




This is Tony Tether, Director of DARPA from 2001-2009. We just added him to the CRIMELINE and can’t wait to tell you what we found out about this swamp bottomfeeder….coming soon.

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Andrew Marshal is nicknamed ‘Yoda’ by his fellow swamp creatures…..wonder why.

andrew marshal afi.JPGSee Plum Book Table 1978-2016 (Note during Rumsfeld and Gates he was moved into the Sec. Def. Office. (9/11 and Patriot Act, Internet of Things era)

We are just marveling at the impressive longevity of Andrew Marshall. He is looking like one of those big, ugly gators that you find at the bottom of the swamp. Been there for ever. Big as it gets. Gonna be a nasty one to gator-hunt, patriots.


Presidential Administration: Jimmy Carter

Plum Book listing 1980. See PDF, p. 161

Plum book marshall 1.JPG

Presidential Administration: Ronald Reagan

Plum Book listing 1984 See PDF, p. 55

Plum book marshall 2

Plum Book listing 1988 See PDF, p. 38

Plum book marshall 3.JPG

Presidential Administration: George H. W. Bush

Plum Book listing 1992 See PDF, p. 37

Plum book marshall 4.JPG

Presidential Administration: Bill Clinton

Plum Book listing 1996 See PDF, p. 73

Plum book marshall 5


Plum Book listing 2000 See PDF, p. 81

Plum book marshall 6.JPG

Presidential Administration: George W. Bush

Plum Book listing 2004 See PDF, p. 34

Plum book marshall 7.JPG


Plum Book listing 2008 See PDF, p. 34

Plum book marshall 8

Presidential Administration: Barack Obama

Plum Book listing 2012 See PDF, p. 38

Plum book marshall 9.JPG


Plum Book listing 2016 See PDF, p. 48

Plum book marshall 10.JPG



Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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