Why haven’t we seen indictments and arrests here – this is really big. Dianne Feinstein is totally controlled by the Chinese and yet the Department of Justice hasn’t said a damn word. Are you getting pissed yet? Don’t forget her husband Richard Blum is knee-deep in election rigging with his AVID ISIS Management system used on the corporate media networks.

And then there was that time that Diane openly leaked CLASSIFIED data and it was no big deal because she had a cold? This is BULLSHIT, folks. Looks like the Department of Justice is the still the enemy of Americans and still run by British controlled Senior Executive Service.  To date, William Barr and the Department of Injustice have given us NOTHING to show that real justice is happening.

So pathetic that citizens in America gave William Barr a head start with the evidence so that he and his staff would be able to take down these criminals quickly, but so far patriots see NOTHING from the Department of Justice except for never-ending stall and cover-up.

Feinstein bomb

dianne feinstein john kerry

diane feinstein

Then we have congress people openly opposing the laws of our country -in-your-face criminality and treason….and Bill Barr is playing the bagpipes somewhere, instead of rounding up traitors and criminals.

Democratic congresswoman secretly sending staff into Mexico to coach asylum-seekers


Tommy: I’m going to jail for confronting a “convicted Muslim pedophile”


MAGAnomics – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – June Payrolls +224,000, Unemployment 3.7%, Private Wage Growth 3.2%


The citizenship census question is by far the MOST imperative element to understanding how many true US Citizens make up this nation. A country that doesn’t know how many citizens they hold is reckless and it will be the beginning of the end for what we know this country to be.

– Brian Kolfage (July 5, 2019)


betsy is back

It’s Personal for This Betsy Ross


Political meddling by Facebook is not limited to the US alone


The Dark Side of the Deep State Domination Plan


reparations garrison


New Koch-Soros foreign policy think tank headed by Iran deal advocates


betsy Ross kapernick.JPG



perkins coie.JPG


Are we looking at another DO-NOTHING, SWAMP-PROTECTING Attorney General?

william barr is ses.JPG

Damn, is Bill Barr Corrupt Also? – DOJ Files New ‘Last Minute’ Motion to Keep Comey FBI Memo Content Hidden From Public

…well we told you Barr is SES. Until we see some REAL SUBSTANTIAL actions coming out of his office, the citizen verdict is still out on Barr. Have you seen any indictments yet?

Is SES Jessie Liu still thwarting the WILL of the President?


The telecommunication monopolies continue to grow into larger and larger beasts, while Barr’s Department of Justice continues to sleep on the job. What are those Senior Executive Service high-paid attorneys at the DOJ doing? There are 500 top attorneys that are supposed to be protecting Americans from this kind of ongoing criminality. Who supervises the DOJ 500 and awards them special SES bonuses for thwarting the will of the president?  Bruce Ohr, the SES bonus paymaster. Yep, the traitor and his wife Nellie have still not been indicted for treason and espionage. (…espionage for their cozy little meeting with British operative Alison Saunders who had dinner with the Ohrs four days before the Trump Towers were wiretapped by British operative Robert Hannigan and American traitor John Brennan to execute the Queen’s overthrow of Donald Trump.)

Broadcom In ‘Advanced Talks’ To Purchase Symantec


american familytraditional family.JPG


Kid Rock says “F**k Colin Kaepernick” Mid Song at Fenway Concert Live


democrat debate.JPG

white eagle.

“When you are in doubt, be still and wait; When doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage. So long as mists envelop you, be still; Be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists – as it surely will. Then act with courage.”

Ponka Chief White Eagle

.betsy ross kkk virginia governor.JPG


Angel Mom’s Urgent Message From The Wall


AIM Patriot Dale writes:

I ‘ outgrew ’ Rush, Drudge & Beck. But AIM is different. At your site, I’m learning, growing, laughing every day. The truth really does set you free. Thank you all for your time , the massive amounts of researching, your insight, your humor, and your amazing dedication. I think of you as friends I haven’t met.

Thank you for the 11:11 Gateway article. One receives what they need. And, there it was.


My note to the president-

Dear Mr. President, Michael McKibben and his team at Leader Technologies spent 145,000 man-hrs. , $10M and 5 yrs. of their lives inventing social media scalability. Eureka ! Can you imagine their excitement ? They filed patents to protect their invention. It didn’t matter. They had served their purpose. Their invention was hi-jacked – and weaponized.

I’m writing to ask that you include Michael McKibben to your list of guests at the Social Media Summit. His intelligence, integrity and quiet manner will, I believe, not disappoint you. He has lasting solutions to digital tyranny. I hope that you agree that he deserves a seat at the table. American Intelligence Media has more information, should you need it. My go-to site! They pretty much love you, by the way.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Warnings from the Swamp


republican women no penis.JPG


How High is Your Tolerance?


The Terrible Irony of Beautiful Words


Yes, IBM has deep Nazi roots and nothing has really changed about the agenda of this company that strives for total world digital tyranny over everything in your life from your toaster to your social media accounts.

Their board of directors hope you are still asleep and are not aware of the crimes they have committed against humanity. Research is being pulled out of our mines daily. Below are some more raw notes we have for first tier-media creators ready to polish these finds into some nice articles and videos.

We will be uploading some audios about IBM and its evil NAZI history. Start familiarizing yourself with these nuggets below so that our discussion on the subject will be more familiar to you.

Once the truth comes out, will IBM have to pay reparations to WWII victims?

Here are some recent posts so you can “catch-up” on our research:

IBM, NSA, GCHQ faked the “Colossus” codebreaker computer at Bletchley Park

Five Eyes, Echelon, and the Transition to Permanent War

UK Stay-Behind-Spies Threaten U.S. Security

Five Eyes is UK Intelligence Spying on Americanazi ibm


U.S. Army now admits “Five Eyes” treason war crimes with the 1946 UKUSA Agreement  using the “Soviet Threat” as their excuse – first disclosed in 2010

-Makes no mention of war crimes with IBM

-Makes no admission of war crimes with Siemens, Nokia, Deutsche Telecom, Univ. of Hannover, Microsoft, Electrolux, IBM Eclipse Foundation.


eisenhower coderman ibm.jpg

ASA 1.jpg



U.S. Army ASA history lies about the German’s capabilities using IBM Hollerith equipment



Here is actual TICOM reporting about the documents and interviews referenced in the history:




  1. Siemens and Halske (1946) – NOW globalist SIEMENS/IBM ECLIPSE FOUNDATION
  2. Duetsche Telefon un Kabelverke – NOW globalist DEUTSECHE TELEFON/IBM ECLIPSE FOUNDATION
  3. “Sueddeutsche Apparate Fabriken” (1946) became Altactel, Lucent and is NOW globalist NOKIA owned by MICROSOFT/IBM ECLIPSE FOUNDATION
  4. A.E.G. Allgemeine Elektrische Gesellschaft (1946) is NOW globalist AEG/ELECTROLUX/IBM ECLIPSE FOUNDATION
  5. Technische Hochschule, Hanover (1946) is NOW University of Hanover/IBM ECLIPSE FOUNDATION
  6. Fabrick C. Lorenz Aktiengesellschaft, NOW globalist NOKIA owned by MICROSOFT/IBM ECLIPSE FOUNDATION



TRUTH covered up by U. S. Army: German and U.S. Army uses of IBM equipment “measured up well”


german ibm.jpg

boom dynamite.jpgAmerican and British TICOM units DYNAMITED IBM equipment to hide their collusion with German and Italian IBM. The Italian IBM was named Watson.

 Reads like FBI James Comey’s review of Hillary Clinton’s Blackberrys smashed with a hammer



Notice how they want history to rely on their lying hearsay word rather than hard evidence. This makes the official Army Security Agency (USA) official history total misdirection.

Gee Beaver, we’re sorry we dynamited our evidence of IBM’s war crimes.


thats not all.JPG


Click to access volume_2_notes_on_german.pdf

IBM 1.jpg

IBM 2.jpgIBM 3.jpg

IBM supported all the AXIS powers too.

The Italian office was named WATSON.


IBM 4.jpgIBM 5IBM 6.jpg


chandler and freeze

James E. Freeze post-WWII contemporary in cryptoanalysis. James P. Chandler – government operative that stole Leader Technologies IP using IBM Eclipse Foundation as a government front, run by Highlands Forum Group (Dick O’Neill, James Baker, Andrew Marshall)

F.E. Herrelko, Deputy Director, Communications Security. (May 05, 1954). SECRET Lecture on Foundations of COMSEC to Armed Forces Staff College, declassified on 05-08-2018 per E.O. 13526. NSA/CSS.


Freeze 1.jpgfreeze 2.jpg


We gathered all this info in one easy-to-share hyperlink here: IBM Global Tyranny Agenda Has Nazi Roots


Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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