The Pilgrims Society – Threat to America


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The Pilgrims Society – Threat to America

The next history lesson for AIM Cats is one that your high school and college teachers probably didn’t teach you because they didn’t have textbooks that disclosed the treacherous organization called the Pilgrims Society.  You certainly won’t find it mentioned in main stream media because the members of this secret, anti-American group own and control the media.

They lie to us. They spew propaganda. They run false flag narratives. They distract us with obfuscations and semi-truths. These are their weapons in the information war.

The intermarried old-line hereditary wealth gougers, British Crown loyalists, and Wall Street Episcopalians go back many centuries and have their tentacles on all the levers of power in America.

And guess where where this cozy little group of traitors got started? Queue up DRUM ROLL here:


queen and privy council
Queen Elizabeth and a few of her Privy Council pals plotting and planning  total control of the planet.

This month we will be teaching you about this secret society. Once you are educated and enlightened about this next layer of global corruption that stands between the Queen and our U. S. Constitution, you can help others take the steps they need on their journey to truth. AIM Cats gently nudge people along the path and help them become wiser each day.

Our goal is to have patriots around the world shine a bright light on this evil plan of enslaving humanity in a digital, one world order tyranny.

school_house_redIn the link above you will find a PDF that we want you to save. This is our textbook for this month’s lesson on the Pilgrims Society. Before you get started, watch the brief video below. It will give you an overview of what we will be studying next in our one-room global SCHOOLHOUSE.

Don’t try to grok the subject all at once. It’s HUGE and you might choke on all the hairballs you cough up. We will take you step by step through this secret organization that works with the British Crown to keep America under its control. We will show you the evidence that links the Senior Executive Service to the Pilgrims Society. We will show you the evidence that this group is the American “privy council’.

We will also show you how the Pilgrims Society members control the media corporations, as well as many alternative media channels. You will see that this IS the Great Information War we are fighting. And that Donald Trump has been trying to show us this since the first day he called the media “fake news.”

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AIM Cats will also want to know if Donald Trump is a member of the Pilgrims Society.  Is he working for patriots and the restoration of the Republic or is he aligned with the Pilgrims? Who on his staff and cabinet are members of the Pilgrims Society?

sheriff trump barrDon’t despair…there is a solution to taking down this House of Sinful and Sordid Cards. Our AIM4Truth community has provided the President with an info bomb that will be a lethal blow to the swamp.

The “weapon” comes from Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies’ with their offer to let the President hold the original source code of internet scalability. This puts our elected Donald Trump in charge, and not unelected globalist pigs like Mark, Peter, Eric, Nick, Jack, Sheryl, and the gang.

Let’s inform the Silicon Valley Boy Kings of the new TERMS OF SERVICE, compliments of Betsy Ross and Thomas Pain-in-the-ass-of-the-globalists in service to the American people and patriots everywhere.

A new sheriff is in town. And it’s High Noon.

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Pilgrims Society


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The Pilgrims Society: The Missing Link Between Big Pharma, Big Hospital, Big Medicine and Big Government


The Pilgrims Society


Click to access Pilgrims.pdf

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In this video Clint demonstrates how patient and measured the gunfighter is before pulling the trigger.

cat head

We are Citizens Addicted to Truth! Meow.



Recently, this article below came out which reminded us to tell you about another RAT – David Brock – that the IRS is protecting.

IRS complaint filed against nonprofit group run by Rep. Elijah Cummings wife


…..Let us tell you first hand, it won’t matter. We filed a complaint against David Brock’s non-profits for tax fraud. We gave the IRS extensive records, more than 300 pages, all of which were available from public filings of these so-called ‘non-profits’. We received two notices that our materials were received with a whistleblower complaint number. We filed in 2017 and received this letter:

IRS letter for American 21st Century

Below is the document we filed. We sent it nicely packaged in a three ring-binder with flash drive copies as well. We practically did all their F*CKING work for them. We made copies of the IRS forms where the fraud is so obvious even a rookie IRS agent could spot it. We still haven’t heard anything about this in-your-face tax fraud.

And you know why we haven’t heard back from them? Our guess is that some Senior Executive Service stooge is keeping this file from being acted upon because David Brock and Shareblue are Democrat babies.

David Brock IRS Complaint


Share this segment: IRS Protects the Swamp



Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on the Strzok-Page docs: “The FBI has been slow ratsrolling the release of Page-Strzok communications and is still hiding all their infamous text messages.” Read more here.

Yo, AIM Cats….this is another example of the Senior Executive Service in operation! They use their position to keep the swamp rats protected.

FBI SLOW ROLLING Page-Strzok Communications Release!


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Explosive Interview – Maria Bartiromo Drops Big News With Trey Gowdy

Is it big news to you, Aim Cats?



baltimore rats ship.JPG


chicken littleBlaa, blaa, blaa….We really don’t have time to report the details of false flags and media corruption when there are so many other battlefields ahead. We will leave it to this community to leave pertinent links and comments in the box below.

We gave you our report yesterday:

AIM Cats Question Shootings


AIM Patriot Ulrich (Germany) sends us this picture below with a note: “so much black kitty coffee cup ops blogs these days.”

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AIM Patriot Jim M. keeping it real for us:

The issue at hand is that all arguments based on a comparison of current political parties and their theoretical economic whimsy will produce false conclusions. The political parties are essentially the same, supporting the same economic theory which is Neo-mercantilism or as we call it today Fascism; where private property exists in the form of unnatural personage with rights called corporations, but the government controls direction with regulations…including banks. This is a symbiotic relationship at the top levels, with members of corporations and government moving back and forth between the two entities at will.

In government the organization is called Senor Executive Services or SES. In the private section, this is called board membership. From this arrangement, economic policy is arranged to maintain hegemonic control using regulatory authority, patent theft, and basic criminal theft inside the government to facilitate taxpayer confiscation. To call our current paradigm capitalism is wrong in any form.

America is basically a Fascist economy, controlled by the interlocking mechanisms of corporate boards and Senior Executive services. Both parties play the game together in a charade against the taxpaying public. It is futile to argue the existential merits of good economic theory without understanding that America has not been a capitalist system since 1913. This ended with the Federal Reserve System, and the subsequent planned horrors of WWI, the great Depression, and WWII, FDR’s planned economy, the Korean War, Vietnam WAR, 911 and the Patriot Act, Iraq I and II, and now the mass shootings to destabilize America and collects all of the guns.

We are in fact in a civil war which is mostly information and propaganda at this time vying for the masses collective will and concurrence; but is only one Harper’s Ferry away from full Civil bloodshed in America. Discussing endlessly the merits of capitalism and socialism using the current paradigm can produce no logical conclusions of merit. It is a false argument based on false premise whose sole purpose is to confuse, conflate, and depress everyone from what is normal, logical, peaceful, and prudent according to the laws of Nature’s God. We all have to look outside the surrounding curtain, look at our souls, and begin anew to build Americanism again as intended by our founding Father’s who said that we have a Republic if we can keep it.

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