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winning the information war

Get tweeting, you Russian bot patriots. We have an election to win and a world to save.



Let’s kick off today’s patriot blog with some high energy videos from the #MagaChallenge crowd. May it inspire you to find ways to educate and enlighten those in your circle of influence.

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Our goal is to get Trump elected in 2020 with a massive landslide so patriots can really start cleaning up the swamp without having to listen to the DemonRats and RINO-Rats whining. There is much to be done. Remember, people don’t need to know as much as you do – they only need to know enough to get them enthused to get to the polls and vote for Donald Trump and MAGA-KAG candidates.






The Week in Pictures: Buffoonpalooza Edition


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“The pretend Ukraine scandal is an another malicious seditious effort to protect the Obama/Clinton gang. Criminal classified leaks and spying targeting Trump — again.” @TomFitton

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 21, 2019


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Joe Biden and his son Hunter can’t keep their Ukraine story straight


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Read all about it!


A California Court Dealt a Blow to Religious Liberty. It’s Time for SCOTUS to Act.

“The California Court of Appeals issued a truly remarkable opinion in a truly remarkable case. It held that a Catholic hospital could indeed face legal liability for failing to perform a hysterectomy as part of a female-to-male “transition” — even though its policy broadly bans sterilization surgery generally (not just for trans individuals) and even though the hospital referred the patient to a non-Catholic facility in the same network.”


White supremacy is a red herring. What is really destroying the black community are Democrat policies which have given us:

-Father Absence
-Black population growth stagnation
-Mass incarceration

They talk white nationalism to scare us into voting for our Democrat oppressors. pic.twitter.com/WkI3BHrRW0

— Candace Owens (@RealCandaceO) September 21, 2019


resist propaganda


Epstein Connections – How Deep Does This Go?


Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of Trump


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AIM Patriot 7seven7 writes:

I am all for the live streaming, as well as getting to know others within our community. I believe this could blossom into a closer knit relationship getting to know the members better by including them in your discussions. Putting a personal touch with which to bond and create a more united core of Truth seekers. Personally I believe the members should all subscribe to one another for better information transfer, so if something goes down we can get the word out quickly. It is already my practice to do so, if they have a channel with content. Met some truly wonderful people this way. I’d be a willing participant, although I realize I am over the top, conflict with some of your views and will go deeper than you might like.


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We were asked to place this video directly on our site as YouTube has now removed it. Guess Eric Schmidt doesn’t want you to see the dystopian world he has created in China.
Y’all can also save it, too: https://www.fbcoverup.com/docs/library/2018-10-29-Here-s-a-dystopian-vision-of-the-future-A-real-announcement-I-recorded-on-the-Beijing-Shanghai-bullet-train-James-O-Malley-ATPsythor-Oct-29-2018.mp4



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Rand Paul Won’t Support Neocon Liz Cheney in Wyoming


The Everything Soup


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Time for today’s Conclave history lesson:


Use of the cables was more widespread (ca. 1905) than many have realized.



use of cables.jpguse of cables 2.jpg

  • Meet Dr. James Robert Erskine-Murray, the man who engineered the British cutting of the German cable on Aug. 04, 1914 – the act that triggered WWI
  • Erskine-Murray spoke German.
  • Had consulted with German cable companies before 1914 via his consulting firm.
  • Erskine-Murray would have taken his orders to cut the cable for the 1st Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill (A Pilgrim, a participant in the Imperial Press Conference, 1909, and an organizer of Home Defence and Colonial Defence (aka MI5/MI6) and staffing it with newspapermen

erskine murray.jpg.

In 1913 he was elected Vice president of the London Wireless Society, later renamed the Radio Society of Great Britain. In the same year he was joint founder of Clark, Forde, Taylor and Erskine-Murray.




electrical enginneering.JPG


First, they misspelled this eminent engineer’s last name. They left out the hyphen. They were so meticulous with names and spellings everywhere else in the document. Anal retentive in fact… except in reference to Marconi’s top go-to engineer on the British Post Office contracts.

erskine murray 2

Erskine-Murray was certainly a part of the German cable-cutting plan with 1st Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill



p. 43

erskine murray 3.jpg

p. 48


The histories appear to be silent about his war activities, surely in cable-wireless cryptography

p. 95

erskine murray 4


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