He’s a Crowd Pleaser!


This is the image the MSM does not want you to see. 50,000+ packed crowd giving standing ovations to President Trump and PM Modi at their shared event yesterday in Texas.

modi trump rally
Read all about it!


Cryptocurrency Victims Claims Expand

Legal Process against EU Commission Possible


Nunes: This could be the end for Biden’s campaign


joe biden ukraine.JPG


AIM Patriot Duane is loving our new livestreaming feature. We do, too, Duane. You won’t hear from us again in this manner until we upgrade our sound quality. Thanks to AIM Patriot Charles in the Philippines, we are working to eliminate the echo, feedback, and poor quality. He has been amazing, providing us with a list of equipment and detailed instructions.

Once we get these technical details worked out, we will put together a livestream schedule so that you can calendar the events and participate. Let’s start connecting as a community.

Duane continued to write:

Tyla, do you know if the Trump Make America Great Again campaign for contributions is legitimate and actually goes to use on his campaign or if someone else is soliciting on his behalf and used elsewhere?
Their address is: PO Box 1776, Merrifield, Va. 22116-1776.
I am always suspicious of these requests for contributions but do not know how to verify.


Our Reply: We highly recommend that patriots concentrate their 2020 donations to one location – www.donaldjtrump.com. If this organization wants to give to the ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign, then so be it. We do not trust any organization – ESPECIALLY AND FOREMOST, the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Why is a Romney the head of the RNC? Inquiring minds want to know!

The RNC is headed by Mitt Romny’s niece and we don’t trust the RNC RINO-RAT-ROMNEYS to MAGA.


They continue to support candidates that are globalist and US Chamber of Commerce puppets who do not have the American people’s interest at heart.

If you have a candidate that you know to be MAGA-KAG, then by all means, donate to them directly. But if in doubt, do not.

You might consider your 2020 campaign contributions to be like a VOTE. Make sure everyone you know understands that voting begins with the wallet.

To vote for more candidates like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Dick and Liz Cheney, Josh Hawley, and Mr. China Chao, send your donations to the RNC.

To vote for more candidates like Donald J. Trump, send to http://www.donaldjtrump.com.


impeach trump.JPG


To get started, let’s eliminate Obama’s secret army in Washington called the Senior Executive Service. Have you educated someone today about the SES?

Whether you aunt betsy.JPGeducate an audience of hundreds or leave a single comment under a YT video, you are doing your part to win the Great Information War.

Betsy wants YOU to be an Information Warrior.

big government.JPG


islam women pussy hat npc.JPG


Mexico says increased security has reduced illegal crossings by 56%. Source

mexico is the wall.JPG


biden ukraine.JPG


Here are the stats that show you AIM’s YouTube traffic has dropped significantly

Thank goodness we did not build our Mothership based upon YT “metrics”. We built our communication vessel with INFLUENCE in mind. When we started back in 2016, we decided to do the best research we could to find truth – basically to find out why there was so much propaganda in the “news”. We invited independent media and viewers to use our research to educate and enlighten their audiences.

We also knew how the internet and email behaved. If you received something you perceived to be important, funny ,or special, you would pass it through your network to impress others, who would do the same. You see, the internet speaks in a radiant, non-linear language. Yes, Michael McKibben, you, created a SCALABLE way to communicate to a world-wide audience in lightening speed.

We imagined ourselves to be on Trump’s television show The Apprentice. The task was to get our research into the President’s hands and/or his trusted intelligence network. All we were permitted to use in our imaginary tv competition was the technology currently available to us.

Along the way, we also asked YOU to speak to YOUR audience and circle of influence in a way that would resonate with THEM. We remind you that not everyone has to know the depth of truth like you, our AIM community, do. We need to wake up as many patriots as we can from the deep sleep of decades of Tavistock brainwashing, public school indoctrination, and propaganda.

In this way consciousness is changing. Humanity is awakening. The shift is happening.

Oh yeah – this is not measured in some stupid YT metric.


Red Pill News – Algorithm Destroying Channels


muslim birth defects genetics cousins.JPG

CNNTouchesChildren posts more info on this image above:

Actually, it very much is tied to Islam. In fact, cousins are not even considered blood relatives in the Islamic tradition because the Qur’an does not forbid or condemn marriage between cousins. Here is what is said in chapter 4, verse 23 of the religious text:

“Prohibited to you (For marriage) are:- Your mothers, daughters, sisters; father’s sisters, Mother’s sisters; brother’s daughters, sister’s daughters; foster-mothers (Who gave you suck), foster-sisters; your wives’ mothers; your step-daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom ye have gone in,- no prohibition if ye have not gone in;- (Those who have been) wives of your sons proceeding from your loins; and two sisters in wedlock at one and the same time, except for what is past; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

With regards to immigration sources:

A 2005 BBC survey found that 55 percent of Britain’s huge Pakistani population was married to a first cousin.

The BBC’s research, for example, found that that while British Pakistanis accounted for roughly 3.4% of all births, “they had 30% of all British children with recessive disorders and a higher rate of infant mortality.”

One study found that each year 700 babies in the UK are born with genetic disabilities as a result of consanguineous marriage. “The problem is worst among children born in Britain’s Pakistani community, where more than half of marriages are between first cousins, and children are 10 times more likely than the general population to suffer genetic disorders.”

Despite this epidemic of genetic defects in babies born from consanguineous marriages, there remains a reluctance in many Islamic leaders to acknowledge the full ramifications of marriage between cousins


My Parents Are Cousins (Family Documentary)



gender trans.JPG

Gay, Lesbian Kids Are Being Consumed by Transgender Propaganda


Expanding indoctrination centers and closing any free-thought zones?

Seize the Means of Education: Labour Backs Abolishing Private Schools, ‘Redistributing’ Their Assets


media industry VS independent thoughts


Sleepy Joe has become Creepy Joe, Ukraine Joe, Boomerang Joe.

boomerang Biden.jpg


Looks like we may have found new theme music for the MAGA movement. Remember, we have AIM patriots around the world. You don’t have to be an American to Make your country Great Again. Send us your renditions.

#MAGACHALLENGE Music Video Part 2


Want more? Try out this #MagaChallenge PLAYLIST.


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AIM Patriot Kelly asked us about protonmail – what is it and who is behind it.

Our reply:

It is a three-letter agency honey pot staffed by CERN out of Zurich Switzerland.


As an example of the confidence tricks, here’s a current equivocation:

Why we oppose unregulated facial recognition surveillance


Since all the FANG are calling for the government to regulate them (HINT: they’ll be regulating themselves, so in fact, nothing will change), this is a duplicitous selling point meant to lure the unsuspecting, we believe.

If you want a safe, secure email, check out Leader’s. Yes, it will cost you a few bucks, but you will be supporting the research team at AFI as well as getting a really cool email address that shows YOU are a LEADER.

Support Mike and the team and put yourname@leader.comGET IT HERE!


“M.A.G.A.” by The American People – Featuring Ricky Rebel



Mr. Fake Chinese Tech Leader Man

HAO ZOU, the boy wonder from nowhere



He was 29 in 2016. This makes him 32 in 2019.

Hao Zou, 29

Portfolio Manager, PIMCO

One of five people running PIMCO’s $20 billion global bond portfolio and the youngest member of a 12 person committee steering the firm’s Americas strategy. Joined PIMCO in 2011 after finishing an electrical engineering PhD and an MBA at Stanford in just three years.

Are either of these people his real mother and father? Or ,is he a clone experiment with assigned parents and a fabricated biography?

zou 4.jpgzou 5



The Marconi Society currently has one board member: Hao Zou



His company, Abundy, Inc. started in Jan. 2016 funded by PIMCO whose advisor is Ben Bernancke

Dr. Hao Zou is CEO of Abundy Inc., Chair Professor in the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) of Tsinghua University, and Founding Executive Director of Tsinghua University IIIS FinTech Center. He serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the Marconi Society.

Tsinghua was an early IBM Eclipse Foundation member.


corporate logo






zou 1.jpgzou 2zou 3.jpg


Zou Hao received his junior high school education in Wuxi. Since he won the first prize in the National Physics Competition, he was selected to the National Special Science Program of No. 2 High School of East China Normal University to be directly admitted by Tsinghua University. As a sophomore, Zou Hao was supervised by Yao Qizhi, the only A.M. Turing Award winner in China.

In his junior year, he was successfully transferred to Stanford University and later got a Bachelor’s degree there. After that, he spent three years in pursuing a Doctor’s degree and his supervisor Professor Cioffi is an authority on broadband communication. Recommended by Professor Cioffi, the then young Zou Hao often participated in the formulation of and negotiations on the American and international communication protocols, became a board member of the Marconi Society and later was selected as Secretary General of the society at the end of 2014. Since he often served as the keynote speaker for conferences, to improve his debate and language abilities, he applied for the MBA of Stanford University at the recommendation of Professor Cioffi and was finally admitted after a short period of preparation.

A remarkable climb to the top, indeed.

His PIMCO Bill Gross Wikipedia story is repeated everywhere, ad naseum, just like other fake stories appear, like Zuckerberg’s

When asked: “How can you make such achievements?”, Zou Hao said: “Firstly, opportunity matters most. Secondly, diligence and working hard matter. It is also more attributed to whether you accept challenges.” Zou Hao mentioned: “First of all, opportunities are particularly important.

Well there you go. It really isn’t that hard kiddies.

When asked: “How can you make so many achievements in such a short period?”, Zou Hao answered in a more inspiring way: “How to effectively manage your time is very important. Every morning and evening, I would spend time in reflecting on what I did today and what I aim at tomorrow, for the next several months, and for the next five years. Then I would arrange time to do important things according to my schedule.” Time always belongs to those who are good at arranging it and Zou Hao said: “While Cat-coughing-up-hairballplanning for my own time, if things go smoothly, I will take one day off to take a rest and do some outdoor sports and sightseeing. These are of great help. Alternating work with rest and recreation is very important.”

AIM Cats feel a hairball coming on.






iselin.jpgAppears that The Marconi Society is the second-tier media feeder group for the Pilgrims Society. 

Iselin appears to have been a British Pilgrims Society intelligence saboteur within American television

Editor. (May 30, 2004). Queen awards OBE to John Jay Iselin WNET (New York) for contributions to British television in the United States. Standard-Speaker, Hazelton, PA.



iselin queen.jpg

Suzanne Trimel. (Oct. 02, 2000). John Jay Iselin Named President of Marconi Foundation; Reception Honors Fellows. Columbia University Record.


columbia iselin 1


Iselin was an Anglophile acolyte for the Pilgrim Society

iselin marshall.jpg



school gun zone.JPG


Portal and arches timelapse


Constant state of the Democrat party these days.

road runner whiley coyote.jpg


…and don’t forget, this bitch tried to overthrow our beloved Donald J. Trump PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. She must be held accountable for this act of WAR!

queen elizabeth overthrow.jpg


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