Victor Shokin Files Charges that Joe Biden Attempted to Murder Him


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The Basic Elements of American Government

The Importance of the Preamble – “We the People” are Sovereign


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The Biden Purpose is Finished – Watch How Fast He Plummets


Rion does not link to the document that contains this charge; however, she point us to her third video about Ukraine corruption where a segment discloses Shokin’s mercury poisoning: One America News Investigates: Ukrainian Witnesses Destroy Schiff’s Case (Part 3)

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Many of you have heard this conversation before, but in light of current events, it’s a good one to review. This pairs nicely with The Full Extent of Joe Biden’s Corruption if you have time to listen – but it is a bit bizarre at some points, so put on your discernment hat.

Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation


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Dmitri Alperovitch &


SubversiveInterloper gives a shot at summarizing Crowdstrike involvement:

The US led a coup in Ukraine in 2014 acting on behalf of George Soros. George Soros used the US intelligence community as his personal mercenaries to put him in de facto power in Ukraine. The problem is, the corruption got so deep in Ukraine/Russia that they HAD to elect Hillary no matter what to cover it all up. The depth of the corruption is astonishing, including sales of nuclear weapons to literal terrorist sponsor nations.

You have to look at the money flow to understand how corruption works. Soros -> Open Society Foundation -> Ploughshare Fund -> Atlantic Council -> Dmitri Alperovitch/ Crowdstrike is one of those money flows. There are many, but that’s a place to start.

Biden is being sacrificed to protect the server and Soros. Soros owned Ukraine, he caused the orange revolution. After the revolution Soros hand picked the government with help of the Obama Admin and Us Ambassador Nuland.

Crowdstrike has a copy of the server, as does the NSA. The problem is that the Server has to be introduced into evidence legally so the NSA copy of the server can’t be used for prosecution.

This treaty – allows for the current Ukrainian Gov to hand over the server and it be admissible in court.

The democrats saw this coming, Biden was slumping in the polls with multiple gaffs and Warren is climbing. The decision was made to sacrifice the Bidens to draw attention away from the servers.


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This tweet below is part of an extensive thread that can be read: Coup d’Etat in Ukraine.

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Bolton’s Security Clearance in Jeopardy in Wake of Book Leaks


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What President would want Killary as his/her Vice President? Whoa. Don’t fall for it, Bernie. It’s a trick from the witch.

Is Hillary Angling to Become Vice President?

Twitter Explode Over Tlaib and Bernie Sanders Crowd Booing Hillary

Bernie Sanders is old school USSR communist. If he wins in Iowa, will Biden say the Russians hacked the caucus?

DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention

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Impeachment Proves Nancy Pelosi Is an Idiot




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What a pathetic false flag operation by the Brits!

Hint: Look at their propaganda pictures. When all of the signs are professionally printed, check for a George Soros NGO whipping up dissent. When the crowds are in lock-step, look for paid crisis actors.

Patriots, chill. It’s just another strain of the flu, this one courtesy of Pirbright and the Crown Agents.

We have shown you time and time again how bad actors run false flags to get their agenda implemented. From ‘no children died at Sandy Hook’ to ‘Building 7 didn’t freefall’, the CIA, FBI, Pilgrims, and Five Eyes run false flags against citizens to make them do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. The false flag operation called the Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag that started the Vietnam War.

Imagine the horror of all the men, women, children in Vietnam and United States who were victims of this war, a ‘blood and guns’ profit party thrown by the banksters to make money… all because of a single FALSE FLAG operation. They do it all the time.

false flag cat coronavirusDon’t be a sucker for propaganda.

Just look at the facts. Big deal that there are a few cases of flu called Coronavirus.

Breaking News for NPCs and folks with limited critical thinking skills: People die from the flu – look and see how many in just 3 months.

Then take a look at how the flu runs its course in past years.

Estimated Influenza Disease Burden, by Season — United States, 2010-11 through 2018-19 Influenza Seasons

flu season
Read the statistics here

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Trump Warrior in Action – MEME-Style


FAANG is out. MAGA is in.






facial camouflage

Camouflage from face detection

CV Dazzle explores how fashion can be used as camouflage from face-detection technology, the first step in automated face recognition.

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Raytheon engineer arrested for taking US missile defense secrets to China


John Hopkins issues a statement (for people who are prone to believing anything Pilgrim globalists spew from their propaganda puppets) about its participation in Melinda and Bill Gates’ pandemic exercise in October 2019. Read details of the event called Event 201: A Pandemic Exercise.

Statement about nCoV and our pandemic exercise


How Did Gay ‘Wedding’ Flowers Lead to a Supreme Court Battle Over Creativity?


AIM Patriot Steve writes:

I’m listening a video yesterday about the Spanish flu epidemic , interesting enough it’s presented that DuPont employees traveling back to Philadelphia and Baltimore on the the train were dying before they got back. I find this highly suspicious and connection between DuPont and flu to troubling to ignore. Leads me to contend Burroughs Wellcome and other companies aside from DuPont had the contagion and were instrumental in spreading it.

Our reply: Maybe the DuPont employees were like “crisis actors” and faked it. Helps get the narrative pushed out into the population.

Patriot friends, we know it is difficult to digest all the evil in our world. But the sooner we get with the ‘clean-up program’ and see the world for what it has become, filled with Pilgrims Society evil, the sooner we can get this planet back on track to becoming the Greatest Planet in the Universe!

We chose to incarnate in these times….to face this evil…to resurrect the nations of the Earth. How will you tell your story to your descendants?

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democrat party


Still as true today as when Carpe Donktum posted it two years ago. Together let’s make this the greatest planet in the universe. Calling on all sleeper FREEDOM CELLS to activate. Each of you has talents, skills, resources…something you can use to help save Planet Earth from the evil British Empire (which of course includes your Pilgrims, Vatican, Jesuits, bankers, Privy Council, Five Eye) You know the bad guys that want to destroy your nation. Go get ’em, team!



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Congratulations, Lou. When you retire from Fake Fox News there is a place for you in the AIM Conclave. Patriots, if you have to watch propaganda media channels because that is all you get on your cable plan, switch to Lou. He doesn’t go too deep, but he is honest, fair, and objective.

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AIM Patriot Suzanne writes:

I want you all to know I am SO incredibly thankful for the information you shared in this article (mainly the recipe links etc.) I appreciate 100% all of your work, but really love to go deeper and deeper into my knowledge of health, nutrition, and herbs. I am constantly studying and looking for more information and you all always seem to have something more. I am filled with gratitude toward you and the work you do. I am happy to fill myself up with the loving knowledge you share.

Our reply: It’s what we do….. we can’t help it. We teach. We have always been teachers. Then the scalability came along (thank you, Leader Technologies and Michael McKibben) and we saw that we could teach the world on a blackboard with endless virtual chalk.  And patriots in our community saw that learning never stops!


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The Jay Sekulow Band Performing Boston’s Long Time




AIM Patriot Charlie says:

Love the whole AIM Team.

You cover so much with incredible research depth. I am still struggling through your move off uTube, but still trying to keep up with you all.

Also can’t thank you enough for the info you shared on Rick Simpson’s work. I am down from 16 to 24 ibuprofen daily to a couple once or twice in a month without any detrimental aspects or side effects. Sessions and others need to reevaluate medical treatments and the research machines supporting continued Pharma ownership of our health. THANK YOU!

Our Reply: That’s great news, Charlie! We like including helpful information like this on our Cat Reports. We want our AIM patriots to be feeling fine, ready to engage in the Great Information War. And it isn’t just info about the politics of the swamp. The Pilgrims Society has suppressed all kinds of info from humanity – shall we say THORIUM and free and abundant energy, for one?


Washington Democrats Push Mandatory LGBTQ-Focused Sex Ed for Kindergartners


The video you see here is NOT an AIM cat. Thanks, AIM patriot snoezepoes for the chuckle.


How can we help AIM Patriot Laura who writes:

Seeking any help and information that will help in:

1) Alabama Senatorial primary to defeat Jeff Sessions, because we feel that he is in some way compromised by the Deep State and therefore not above to vote independently.

2) Tennessee Senatorial primary to defeat Haggerty. He has long ties RINOs including Corker, Romney, and John McCain.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.




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