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Scythianos – the Hidden Master

By Douglas Gabriel

The final monograph of our series entitled, Masters and Avatars was incomplete without addressing one of the most powerful masters of all – Scythianos. The reason he was left to the end was because so little is known about him. Rudolf Steiner gives us hints and indications, but the big questions remain and the shroud of mystery still hangs before the inner sanctuary. During the ensuing years, our research has taken us from the scythians_permafrost of Siberia to the green isles of Ireland, and beyond. We have had to study the origins of agriculture to find the annual plants that could sustain a constantly migrating culture. We needed to find the link between animal husbandry and the development of early sources of human foods. The amazing results of these seemingly disparate avenues of research eventually led to the Tarim Basin, Mongolia, and Serbia. The ancient cultures we were tracing indicated that in 10,500 BC, a group of migrants from beyond the Himalayan Mountains cultivated lands that became paradisical, but now are deserts and cold wastelands. To think of the Gobi Desert as a vast inland ocean filled with whales and ocean creatures that are now extinct is hard to believe. Rumors of hundreds of pyramid libraries under the Gobi sands, or mystical islands that reach up into the heavenly realms filled by hierarchies of spiritual beings who commune with Holy Rishis and Atlantean Manus.

There were great Manu beings of the past that were inspired by archangels, but there will also be Manu teachers in the future who have risen to that high rank of development from the human domain. Scythianos is one of the Manus of the future and is consider one of highest human initiates of all time. Scythianos was said to have studied directly with the ancient Manu who led the fifth migration off of Atlantis to the Central Asian mystery initiation center in Western China, near the Gobi Desert. The central Sun mystery initiation center of Manu and the seven Holy Rishis carried the wisdom of Atlantis to a place often referred to as, The City of Manu.

Rudolf Steiner tells us that Manu and Scythianos both were together in the Northern mystery stream near Ireland as the islands of Atlantis were sinking. Others before Steiner, revealed a great many details about the seven races and subraces of Atlantis and the numerous migrations from Atlantis to the east and west. These different versions of migrations, even by Anthroposophists, are quite confusing and Scythianos is the key to understanding the way the migrations happened and the specific types of cultural mixing that happened through the long migrations of Scythianos that spread from today’s Ireland, all the way to Eastern Siberia, Japan, and over the Baring Straights to the Americas. Then, once the eastern migrations had ended, Scythianos (Scythians) turned around and headed back to their original homes in the western islands that are referred to as “The North.” Through many incarnations, Scythianos led these people and created settlements amongst the existing races and cultures he encountered along the way.

Mani_of_Cao'an;_the_Buddha_of_LightScythianos is much like Zarathustra, who also was a student of Manu when they were together in the “Western islands”, near present-day Ireland. Zarathustra, through many incarnations as the leader of the ancient Persian people, took the wisdom of Manu and used it to develop settled agriculture and animal breeding and authored the Gathas. Zarathustra developed the original strains of perennial and annual plants that brought us our grains, fruits, and vegetables as well as the domesticated animals that we commonly eat. Scythianos, on the other hand, was constantly migrating and used hemp as an annual plant for animal and human needs.

Scythianos was involved in the breeding of horses and dogs, while Zarathustra bred pigs, sheep, goats and other domesticated animals for food. Both Zarathustra and Manu left a comprehensive oral and written tradition that later became the Vedas and the Gathas. On the other hand, there are few, if any written records from Scythianos, or even records concerning his migrations and cultural influence. Even language analysis does not tell the story of the Scythians (Slavs-Sacca-Druids-Celts). Some modern research is beginning to understand that numerous cultures that have been considered independent are, in fact, from the same source. The indications of Rudolf Steiner are proving to be true as DNA analysis merges with history and anthropology. The migrations of peoples determined by “science” agrees in great detail with the insights of Steiner. The details found in Steiner’s personal secretary’s book, The Evolution of Earth and Man, predicted the results of DNA research. Even the “Out of Africa” theory coincides with Steiner’s indications concerning early migrations and the first cultural centers in Africa.

Studying the indications of Rudolf Steiner concerning migrations often give a very high level, broad view of the vast sweep of time that goes beyond recorded history into pre-history. Just as we can read detailed views concerning Atlantis from Theosophists (see Appendix) and wonder how they have arrived at these details; the same questions can be asked about Rudolf Steiner’s indications about these ancient times. Both Steiner and some Theosophists had the ability to see into the past and “read” pre-history, even back to the beginning of Earth existence and beyond. This may be hard to believe, but it is often the case that unrelated spiritual scientists arrive at the same conclusions from their independent research. Comparing the works of Theosophists, who wrote before Steiner’s time, plus all that is derived from ancient traditions creates a picture of migration patterns that coincide with modern scientific DNA research. Eventually, the coincidences in these spiritual scientific writings become quite convincing.

Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture entitled, The Souls of Nations, which comprehensively describes these ancient times and the great migrations of people. He also gives a spiritual description of how the “soul of a nation” is connected to hierarchical beings who rise up to become the leading “Time Spirit” of an age. This cultural development aligns, to some degree, with prior views of Theosophists and others; but Steiner has filled in all the details and corrected the mistakes of others. But even after Steiner gave his indications on these cultural periods and the great Masters, Manus, and Avatars who led these developments, many Anthroposophists are still confused and cannot even defend Steiner’s “non-racist” views on historical and cultural development. Anyone who has truly read and studied Steiner’s views on these topics knows that racism, anti-Semitism, Aryanism, Ariosophism, and other fundamental, one-sided views are far from Steiner’s indications. One mission of the Scythians was to meld all cultures together to create a beautiful mix of every race and people.

Continue reading this 89-page e-book by Douglas. He had a burning desire to get this e-book out to all of you during the coronavirus lockdown. Finally, the definitive word on Scythianos….another mystery solved by the Anonymous Patriots. (wink)

Scythianos- The Hidden Master by Douglas Gabriel


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