The Invisible Enemy

women of britain

Americans fought two world wars to protect our allies – which included Great Britain –  from Nazi Germany. Our soldiers spilled their blood on European shores as they gave their lives for freedom and liberty. We were taught in our history books and through the media that the United Kingdom, the British, was our ally, our special friends.

Those of you that have been in the AIM School of Truth for awhile know that we didn’t win the American Revolutionary War the way it was taught in the history books. With 2020 vision, we see clearly how we have been played by the bankers, brokers, and monarch. We are human fodder for their war and money machine. It started with the Venetian Bankers and it is still going on today.

Thanks to the marvelous invention of Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies, citizens around the world are now waking up all-together, real-time. We are demanding full disclosure.

At the American Intelligence Media, we started re-examining history by gathering facts, documents, and evidence. We said “let the evidence speak for itself.” We collect our facts, then stand back and see what the bigger picture shows us –  like a huge mind map that Homeland Carrie Mathison might have on her wall. We clear our minds from as much brainwashing and propaganda as possible and just look at the evidence. What does the evidence say? What is the picture that all those facts put together show us?

carrie homelandNo, this isn’t Betsy and Thomas, but it could be. Kind of looks like the note wall in the Conclave. But our story is much more interesting and TRUE!

Imagine our shock to learn that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated under command of Queen Elizabeth II and her Privy Council through CIA Allen Dulles. We were equally alarmed when we found proof that the Queen’s top spy Arvinder Sambei worked directly with Robert Mueller on the 9-11 cover-up operation; then later she/he would work with Mueller to run the Russia Collusion false flag. In the last few years, we discovered British operatives running domestic operations to overthrow President Trump. This was also done under command of the Queen. This is where we find nefarious actors like Alison Sanders, Joseph Mifsud, Boris Johnson, Robert Hannigan, Nigel Farage, Christopher Steele, Richard Dearlove, Geoffrey Pattie, Mark Malloch-Brown, Nick Clegg, Elizabeth Manningham-Buller, Jonathan Richard Symonds, Alexander Downer, Andrew Wood, Stephan Roh, and others.

On the U.S. side of the “war”, the enemy shows up as Senior Executive Services operatives, to name a few: Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Strzok, James Baker, Jeff Sessions, John Kerry, Christopher Wray, Gina Haspel, Robert Mueller, frankly – all the criminals we see from Crossfire Hurricane to the Russia Collusion Coup, and now the COVID-19 power grab.

sambei mueller arvinder

The uppity British lords and ladies don’t have the cojones to fight like real soldiers, so they sneak around with their invisible bioweapons and their media propaganda machine to terrorize the world with germs and fear, as the Queen keeps Julian Assange as her political prisoner and Boris Johnson keeps the British people locked inside their homes “for years” he predicts.

Let’s be clear about how this works. You need to be able to explain this to everyone who will listen. So simple a fourth grader can understand it:

The controlling shares of Pirbright Institute are owned by the Queen.

Pirbright agents released coronavirus into China. Xi Jinping is too stupid to know.

The Queen is liable for the damages her company has brought on to the world. (Xi Jinping should be suing the Queen, but he is too stupid to know.)

The Queen and the British Imperial Empire must be destroyed, its wealth disgorged, and the Monarch and its progeny dethroned forever.

Holy Batman! The British are not our friends! They are the INVISIBLE ENEMY!

Do you think your social network will hear about this on main stream media today? Not a chance. The Pilgrims Society, in league with the Queen, controls all corporate media in the world. It is called propaganda. This is why it is important to educate yourself here at the AIM School of Truth, then go out and educate and enlighten others. Use your talents, skills, and resources to speak the truth in a voice that resonates with your audience. Tell them to do the same thing. Light the global grassroots on fire with truth.

trump batman
Badass patriot BATS!

Y’all remember when we told you about this really important meeting that took place back in 1909? This was when the British Empire created the “media” and the spying networks. They are both “birthed” from the same meeting. That is why it is important to know history. Read under the headline link below. President Trump told you that it was important to know the origin of the coup. Well here it is; now giddy up:



Did you read it? Are you shocked that none of your history books told you about the origins of spying and lying (Five Eyes and the MSM)? Well, of course they didn’t.It was Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner’s 200-year plan to take over the world. Key in this warfare was putting humanity ‘to sleep.’ It is far easy to defeat your enemy when it isn’t fully aware of the battlefield. If you don’t know you have an enemy, why would you think of defeating it? …blaa blaa blaa. “We have a special relationship with the British,” we’ve always been told, so why would we even consider that the British might be our enemy?

You have been told your whole life that the British are our friends, Five Eyes is an ally, the Queen is a lovely lady, and the Pope is Christian.

Tavistock mind control 1

Yep, we were all brainwashed with Tavistock programming and deceitful history books published by members of the Pilgrims Society who own all the major publishers, including the Common ‘Crap’ Curriculum program that public school indoctrination centers use to dumb down and “soften” American students. The rest of the world has also been put to sleep by the Evil Empire. From India to South Africa, America to China, the British have kept their imperial power by keeping their nefarious role hidden from the history books and the modern media.

BTW, least you think we don’t know the full scope of the battlefield. We know who has been hiding under the monarchs’ robes for centuries. Remove the old crown biddy and we will expose the invisible enemy behind the invisible enemy without ever uttering anything about ‘religion’……gotcha!

Here we are today with all of our pesky facts, evidence, and documents. We have shown you that the Queen not only commanded the OVERTHROW of Donald Trump, using crown agents on U.S. soil called the Senior Executive Services, she also ordered the release of coronavirus to the world. She is an enemy of humanity.

coronavirus masks queen trump

As you watch this video, think about all of the veterans who fought alongside Sargent Lambert on D-Day to protect the British.

In the end, the Queen gave American veterans a big F*CK YOU.



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