Bill Barr Exposed as a Traitor to the United States

Betsy and Thomas, the Voices of America, with a revelation that makes us all sick to our stomach.


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Homework: We will be doing a report on Henry Kissinger where we will be throwing down some serious truth bombs on the old geezer. Get prepared for incoming truth bombs by reviewing this piece we wrote in 2017. Henry Kissinger- Public Enemy #1- and His Lawless Reign over America

To continue your citizen education, you might select a video or audio in our archive – at random, anywhere in our timeline to see how accurately we presented the swamp as you see it today. Be bold – go back even 2 years ago, like we did for you on this Henry Kissinger post, and see how accurate we were. AUDIO VIDEO HERE

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AIM Patriots are inviting all to participate in this event. We have posted about this previously, but had not seen Cahn’s video which is high-energy. Make sure your downline knows about this global prayer event. For details of the event go to THE RETURN


We are right over the target, folks. They do not want you to know that Kamala is an illegal alien. Look what was removed:


Rudy Giuliani tweeted on August 19, 2020: Tomorrow we will expose information that is vital to protect the proper functioning of our Republic.

Our response to this is that it better be real, Mr. Guiliani. It better be spectacular. It better not be a pile of lies and obfuscations….because AIM Cats now know the truth about the way our planet works, from the tippy top of the pyramid with the Pilgrims Society down to those Iranian agents Valerie Jarrett, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok. If Guiliani serves up a nothing burger, we will call him out just as we did on Sundance yesterday.

There are only two types of folks now here in America in the last stretch of the Great Information War leading up to the historic election of 2020. With the exception that a vast number of folks are just dopey covidiots, the two types are PATRIOTS and TRAITORS. Your actions, Mr. Guiliani, will tell us your allegiance – to Donald Trump and the American people or to the Queen and her SES crown agents.


To all of you that have offered suggestions on how to fix the WordPress issue, I have moved on from the problem with a work-around that I think will work just fine for us now. This audience is well-educated on political matters and it’s time to take our ‘instruction’ to a higher level of perception. Consider yourself GRADUATED from the First Class of the AIM School of Truth.

Now we move to Second Class, and, yes, this has been a homeschooling adventure for adults and older children. We have all learned more on this homeschooling adventure than we ever did in our school indoctrination centers. The Gabriels and Mr. McKibben have learned as much as you have. We are learning right alongside you.

As a graduate of the First Class of the AIM School of Truth, you are fully prepared to teach others.


The Rememberer. This artistic piece might resonate with you if you are feeling that you are alone on an island and everyone else exists in consciousnesses in some other realm.


Is Donald Trump Batman or Superman? Listen to this patriot’s conclusion 


“The crux of the (QAnon) theory is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Does that sound like something that you are behind?”

President Trump: “I haven’t heard that. Is that supposed to be a bad thing?” WATCH

In the video The Master Plan, featured below, the speaker is concerned about the company called Moderna. We featured a post on this topic. Moderna’s totally disqualifying RED FLAG “strategic” relationships to the Queen, Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates


AIM Cats always check Trump Tweets daily.



Detroit teachers authorize strike over in-person education concerns

Rutherford County Schools Tell Parents Not to Monitor Their Child’s Virtual Classrooms

MaddieKaddison writes: Last year, I talked my church into becoming a Homeschool Cover Program which doesn’t offer instruction, but helps parents meet our State’s Law so they can teach according to THEIR child’s needs. For the past two weeks, I have been OVERRUN. I’m fielding 10-15 inquiries a day ALL from public school parents who are desperate to escape. I live in one of the friendliest states in the country when it comes to homeschooling but I’m already seeing changes. Now’s the time to pull your children from the public school portal to hell before these states get tired of losing close to $10k per student per year. The window to homeschool your child is quickly closing. Don’t wait. Do it NOW! (Anyone with questions, feel free to reach out.)

ProtectFreedom writes: Record all your kids online classes. Let’s expose what these teachers are indoctrinating our kids with.

Her prediction. Our promise.


DNC 2020 – Day 1 Highlights

DNC 2020 – Day 2 Highlights


The school of unselfishness

A renewing of responsibility, a deepening of man’s moral life, can come only through a training in unselfishness, and under the conditions of the present age only those can go through this school who have won for themselves an understanding of real, all-pervading selflessness.

We can search through the entire evolution of the world without finding a deeper understanding of selflessness than that offered by Christ’s appearance upon earth. To know Christ is to go through the school of unselfishness. […]

Under the influence of materialism the natural unselfishness of mankind was lost to an extent that will be fully realized only in the distant future. But by contemplating the Mystery of Golgotha, by permeating our knowledge of it with all our feeling, we may acquire again, with our whole soul-being, an education in selflessness. We may say that what Christ did for earthly evolution was included in the fundamental impulse of selflessness, and what He may become for the conscious development of the human soul is the school of unselfishness.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 152 – The Four Sacrifices of Christ – Basel, June 1, 1914

Freedom vs. Force – The Individual and the State


Star Wars – Starring my cat OwlKitty

If you have been with us for awhile, you will know the backstory of how Douglas Gabriel inspired George and Marcia Lucas in the making of Star Wars. True story. Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration. He also assisted Kathleen Kennedy and Steve Spielberg on Poltergeist and Indian Jones. Does your audience know how Douglas Gabriel inspired these global block buster hits or do they still believe the Hollywood lie?

Congratulations AIM Patriot Thomas McGregor for creating a YT channel to start telling TRUE American history. Note to Thomas and to all AIM Patriots creating digital pieces: To get immediate attention of your material, please post in our comment boxes. Make a statement about what you are posting and then post videos in a separate line for a thumbnail picture of your video. Your articles can be hyperlinked with a url, but we encourage you to pull out a compelling sample of your material as well.

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AIM Patriot Carol writes: Is Charlie Ward a patriot? His videos are filled with information regarding our economy, politics, children, trafficking, JFK Jr, reset of the world economy, and so much more that will be changing life as we know it. His videos are hypnotic, as he seems to have all of the answers and he is good. My truth meter says a lot of what he says is true, he has a fairly large following, I would appreciate your thoughts and feelings.

Our reply: From time to time we find material of his that is interesting, but he is never with the leading pack. Always a bit behind and not quite accurate on some of the research, at least that which we have seen. We have been doing deep research on the internet with the alternative media players for several years and know who runs with whom and where the disinfo and distractor cliques are. As new media creators arise, we sit back and watch them for awhile. If they don’t discuss the leading topics that our AIM network is well aware of, we put them in the categories of entertainment, disinformation, or state-sponsored propaganda.