Is the United States a Sovereign Nation?

All we saw in the news today was spin... Spin is so boring. It is a type of propaganda that keeps you from moving forward in information warfare. Whenever I think of Bill O’Reilly, I think about all the nights he kept Fox News viewers in a spin zone. But that’s before we found out that all of corporate media, especially Fox News, is propaganda to keep the Pilgrims Society and its globalist operators protected, out of sight, and in control.

We have been working in the mines this week and have found some golden nuggets for you….some are so explosive that even Hillary Clinton will not survive the truth we found.

In the meantime, John Barnwell and Douglas Gabriel had a chat this afternoon.

What is Sovereignty? Pt. 1 – A Conversation with John Barnwell & Douglas Gabriel

Douglas and John referred to content in these articles. Click the headline and the link opens to the article.

W.H.O Controls the World with Bio-Terrorism. Congress must IMMEDIATELY RESCIND the Legislation That Ceded U. S. Sovereignty to a Global Entity.


Eustace Mullins and the One World Order


Rockefeller Foundation Is A Criminal Enterprise Trying to Destroy the United States and President Trump


To access the Gabriel bookshelf and download free copies of their books: CLICK HERE.


We’ll be back tomorrow with BLOCKBUSTER reports and a few audios to explain our findings.