How Corporations Run the World



Excellent summary video below that explains how corporations run the world. Please share with your peeps. It is important that people understand the governance structure that was laid on top of sovereign nations everywhere while we were being indoctrinated with British-American Pilgrims ‘education’ and letting communists “win” elections with Mark Malloch-Brown rigged voting machines, from Venezuela to America, and your country, too.

Monopoly – Follow The Money


We have written several reports about multi-national interlocking directorships – which are exactly what they show themselves to be in their logo – PIRATES. The British Imperial Empire (aka the Queen and her entourage of pedophiles) rule the world and the sun still hasn’t set on the British Empire.

We the People vs. Them the Corporations

Corporate Transnational Warlord Pirates Are On the Run


Did you see our blockbuster reports on the election theft?

The British have taken over American Elections and the U.S. Military Stands Down!

If there are patriots in your downline that have access to routers from the election machines, make sure they get the list of IP addresses inside these boxes and compare them to the list we have inside the headline link. This is solid proof that the digital votes traveled through cyberspace from an election box sitting on American soil to foreign places where votes were manipulated, then sent back.

Every election official in the country should be sent these details. We did the research. We ask AIMCats to get the word out around the country and the world. MARK MALLOCH-BROWN, the Queen’s man in the Privy Council, is rigging elections to keep the Brits in control of the world.


The British Empire has controlled American elections since the 1940s. Our timeline shows you how the Pilgrims Society gained control over American intelligence and elections with WILD BILL DONOVAN until we see full British control over our elections today – by Moloch, Dominion (and other brands), Optech and Scytl.

‘Wild Bill Donovan’ and the Creation of the CIA and Five Eyes by the Pilgrims Society to Control America


How are you doing preparing your “ark” for the BIG SHIFT? We have no idea what to expect because these are uncharted ‘waters’. The financial system is in ruins with unlimited printing and no fiscal controls. Talking about out of control…did you see that Biden proposed an $80 billion increase to the IRS to beef up ENFORCEMENT (can we say shake-downs) of the little people.

We know that real unemployment is high and folks are surviving on stimmies and rent-free living, but rent-free living is about to come to an end and many people are going to be evicted. If they have also been vaccinated, this is going to be a double whammy – no place to live, plus being sick and/or dying. These victims of WWIII will literally be the walking dead in the streets.

In May and June we will start seeing the horrific effects of the bioweapon injections on citizens. These will be the days that you may want to bunker down in the safety of your personal biospheres until the zombie apocalypse has run its course.

The global jenga game is collapsing.

For all of these reasons, and more, we have been encouraging AIMCats everywhere to prepare their biospheres to ride out the WAR of All Against All. By now, most of you would have your silver stash, your pantries full, and your solar panels on order.

Make sure to check with local solar panel dealers for the amazing loans and tax credits for solar panels. Yeah, yeah – we know solar isn’t the best energy alternative we could be using. But for ordinary folks facing practical matters of keeping the food-loaded freezers cold and the house warm in the winter, solar is an option that can get your ark through the storm.

Also consider growing your own veggies and/or supporting local farmers. These days anyone can grow healthy, non-GMO and pesticide-free produce. You can grow in soil, pots, or Dutch buckets. You could garden with a local community farm or buy annual shares from one or more CSAs.

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture


Many years ago when I lived in a sun-deprived condo in Brookline, Massachusetts, I was inspired by the beautiful community gardens in Boston. It totally shattered my paradigm of how urban dwellers could grow their own produce. You might check your neighborhood to see where you can plant your patch of heavenly eats. In Canton, Michigan, we have this garden which may inspire you to find one in your area:

Gardeners Only (Canton, Michigan)


As life-long students of Rudolf Steiner, we always prefer biodynamic, over standard organic. To learn more, check out the Biodynamic Association.

Biodynamic Agriculture: Farming in Service of Life | Kiss the Ground



Biodynamic vs. Organic Farming Practices


So God Made a “Farmer”, by Paul Harvey



Douglas writes:

“We live in the post-truth age manipulated by false-hood politics and media untruthfulness. Without a strong sense of discernment for the truth, all of the lies, misrepresentations, subliminal programming, and propaganda constantly obfuscate, conflate, confabulate, and misguide the person who is not ‘as wise as a serpent.’ Whether it’s Lucifer, the father of lies, being cast down to the Earth by the Archangel Michael or the serpent whispering lies and falsehoods to Adam and Eve, we can find the battle between good and evil displayed throughout human history. Most wars are started with “false flag” events that are created to push a manipulating narrative to the public to distract from the evil we have known since the fall of the brightest angel from heaven.

This tendency to worship falsehoods and spurn the truth has been prevalent since 2000 B. C. when the patriarchal, war-dominated cultures of the past instituted the same prideful, egotistical, false claims that Lucifer made so long ago. “Evil” desires to the control human development and change the intentions of creation through lies, deceit, and untruthfulness that lead to gross materialism.

The answer to this dilemma of drowning in deliberately created falsehoods and lies is quite simple for those willing to awaken and take control of ferreting out truth from lies and then filling those truths with beauty through good deeds and loving actions. The Greeks had the answer: Seek until you find Truth, Beauty, and the Goodness!

In today’s world we might say: Find the spiritual truth in your thinking, the beauty of the world in your heart, and add to them good deeds freely accomplished with love. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, according to the Greeks, will grant you wings to fly into the higher realms of the archetypes where truth resides, pure and un-defiled.”

Read the full post here.


This year I am preparing a basement room to be an indoor salad garden for the Michigan cold weather months and a jump start to spring plantings. Once the room is finished, I will share a picture with you. I am using racks and waterbeds, free-standing Kratky pots, and a garden tower or two. You can be creative where you place your salad bar growing racks – think out of the box!

But keep in mind, much of the hardware is made overseas so you will want to order now before supply chains become too thin and long.


Vertical hydroponic units are a versatile way to grow in tight spaces, but it need lots of light – natural or grow light.


Douglas highly recommends Wayne Weiseman’s classes in permaculture gardening and farming. Wayne also consults on projects if you need professional assistance to get your permaculture garden designed.

The Permaculture Project


We like to get our seeds from Turtle Tree Seed which offers 385+ varieties of open-pollinated, Demeter certified Biodynamic ®, and organic vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

For Asian long beans, bok choi, and other Asian greens, we order from Kitazawa Seed Company. For microgreen seeds and specialties like rapini (broccoli rabe), we order from Everwilde Farms. If you have favorite seed farms or gardening methods, we would love to hear from you in the comments.



Don’t forget to shop at the FARMERS’ MARKET in your town. Mark your calendar for the days that it operates and head out each week to buy local produce. You can pick up other items that you may not be growing yourself, plus there may be vendors for eggs, fish, meat, cheese, bread, and local crafts and clothing.

Farmers Markets




Don’t forget that we have a special “diet” to help you ASCEND into a higher vibration of life force. It is the ASCENSION DIET and it pairs beautifully with all of these gardening tips.


Happy gardens for cats: your guide to creating a cat-friendly garden


Keep us on your radar as we post DAILY on GAB with breaking news and items of interest.

Gab with the Gabriels


Ice Age Farmer tells the Health Ranger “engineered food scarcity” will devastate humankind VIDEO


AIMCat Peter sent us these pixs and notes after we published this post:

Starting on the left Mexican tarragon and tomato plant, rainbow chard, speckled lettuce (slow bolting), just up peppers, cherry tomatoes, and eggplant, pole beans, arugula, and red okra.  This is my summer garden.  In the back of the garden are two moringa trees that I cut back each fall.  They will get 25 feet tall, and the leaves are harvested as a

Tomato, chard, speckled lettuce, peppers, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, pole beans, arugula, and red okra – moringa in background

Peter is a biodynamic gardener and offers these tips:

First installment of practical gardening tips:  I consider these the basics and most important. Acquire granite dust or glacial till. A five gallon bucket is good for a three foot wide row, forty feet long. This is important for the paramagnetic value and trace minerals. It sets up the soil to receive intention. Intention can best be described as a field generated by the gardener using voice, music, and in my case a Sitar.

Get Biologicals. These are beneficial soil microbes that will help balance the soil chemistry. Small amounts go a long way, which is basically what Rudolph Steiner was up to. Two commercial brands that I have used are Inocucor and EM-1.  EM-l is the best because it includes anaerobic and aerobic soil bacteria that are compatible with each other. This is excellent to add to your compost pile.

Azomite is the most widely recognized base for these soil microbes. I personally use a cheaper brand called dinoSoil, which is a Leonardite clay filled with trace minerals and really good for the soil microbes to multiply.

For optimum seed germination, I use a 2% dilute Willard water seen on 60 Minutes.  I think it is still up. It really increases seed germination.  Plant on the waxing moon for leafy greens, and waning moon for root crops.  Weed in the dark of the moon.

Always get heirloom seeds local to your area. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Baker Creek are two that I like. Alan Kapuler was the chief scientist for Seeds of Change. His children took over the business. It is called Peace Seeds out of Corvallis, Oregon.

Your goal is to develop nutrient dense high quality produce that is beyond organic.  If you have access to lab facilities, there is a technique called High Performance Liquid Chromatography. You want to test for free amino acids in your produce for maximun nutrition. Insects are attracted to unhealthy plants.  They see in the infrared.  Planting companion plants and border weeds to attract beneficial insects will help control this problem. Mulching and composting are important, but I will save this information for another time.

Jo Robinson has a great book called ‘Eating on the Wild Side’, that gives many practical tips on how to get the most out of your vegetables when preparing them to eat.

You are welcome to use the picture sent separately of my summer garden that is transitioning from my Spring garden here in Tallahassee, Florida. 

Final tip. Moringa is high in zeaxanthin. Goji berries are high in lutein. I have them in our community garden, and have been taking them for over three years. At age 71, my macula are those of a thirty year old. I attribute this not only to good genetics, but regular ingestion of goji berries and moringa.