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This is worth reading fully. It is hauntingly contemporary, writes Michael McKibben:

Cherry on this Cheesecake: Note the discussion of Moloch… looks like our buddy Rudyard Kipling was the propagandist source later borrowed for Bohemian Grove.

I confirmed Collman’s 1915 sources. They’re all legit and contained in this PDF. This was written after the British War Propaganda Bureau (Wellington House) had been in operation for one year. This discusses the bayonetting of children propaganda/pretext in an articulate, yet appalled manner.

Also include The Bryce Report which the major pretext for war, later declared a total lie about alleged Belgian atrocities.

Charles A. Collman et al. (Nov. 5, 1915). Why the Money Trust Wants War;  Moloch and Mr. Kipling, Vol. 52, No. 44. New Ulm Post (MN). Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.


The Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

By Douglas Gabriel


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Just a messenger, adding analysis Fr: B. Fulford. Trump Controlled?

Note – AIM discounts Flynn. BF supports Flynn over Trump.

Note 2 – Food for thought. In chess, why do you sacrifice a key piece? What pieces did Trump sacrifice? Are Trump decisions based on Art of War, was he chosen to be the bait or DID HE CAVE as BF suggests?

If true, are you saying Trump took the assignment, but was too dumb to see the trap ahead, got blackmailed because he was operating purely from Trump Ego?

Mr. Fulford:

You’ve mentioned the Trump connection to the Rothschilds in your articles.

In your report, you are concerned that Trump was offered a chance to act by the Military and he turned it down.

You’ve heard the argument that if he had used the military then, nothing would have changed. Trump would be in office but the Deep State would still be in power. Worse still, it would look like a coup. All the Biden supporters would have believed the effort was indeed a coup . Instead he’s shown Biden’s supporters what life would be like under a totalitarian regime.

As for the vaccines, he was between a rock and a hard place. If he hadn’t pushed a vaccine we’d still be under a lockdown. The fact that he’s still endorsing the idea tells me he may know more about the vaccine than we do. As you say, this is war. He may believe he’d lose less people from the Vaccine than the lockdown.

General Flynn has said Trump is only one man. He can’t do it all. He can take care of the Federal level. However, we have to work from the ground up and change the local, and state political landscape. Trump may be trying to avoid a kinetic war.

Thank You,


Hi Jeff,

“Much as I wanted to believe in Trump, It is a matter of public record that Donald Trump was bailed out multiple times by the Rothschild’s during his business career.

My understanding is that he was offered protection from blackmail if he agreed to go along with a military move against Hillary Rockefeller Clinton.

At first he seemed to be “draining the swamp” but something happened. My understanding is that he was unable to stop the US default on international payments that took place on February 16th 2020.

After that the Rockefeller’s offered ASEAN, Japan, Australia and New Zealand to China in exchange for money to keep the USA Corporation afloat.

What Trump should have done is formally declare bankruptcy and negotiate a restructuring of debt. He did not do that. Now the US is a dystopian failed state controlled by Satanic gangsters.

The US military offered Trump the chance to overturn the stolen election. He failed to do that. He also strongly pushed vaccines for a disease that does not even exist.

That is why the military needs to stand behind someone like general Mike Flynn who does not have skeletons in his closet.” – Benjamin Fulford


Note to Mr. Fulford from AIMCats: We certainly DO NOT stand with Flim Flam Flynn. Don’t let the cabal push this grifter on you. He has lots of explaining to do about his involvement with Sir Richard Dearlove and the Trump coup.


AIMCat Simon writes:

Great to see the CAT reports are back. Keep up the great work! I’m a BIG FAN! Just want to send you a gift of my new book. It’s a good one for truth seekers.

Kind regards



AIMCat Linda discovers:

Just found out MAGA is the 5th degree of satanists. Watched for more info

Trump as you said, may be the Antichrist. Thank you for all of your very hard work.

Just sharing more info. Very sad to realize he is not as he said he is. God and Jesus is our only hope.


AIMCat @KazimirRules brought this video selection to us. VIBRATIONAL EXPRESSION OF THE NEW EARTH

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(Video) Why Do Some Vaccinated People Have Horrible Side Effects, but Others Do Not

This is why the BOOSTER will be pushed hard on us. They didn’t count on so many people waking up to their biological-psychological war against humanity so soon… they need you to step up and get another killshot so they can exterminate you. DON’T DO IT!!


We see more people posting about Charles Lieber and they are using our amazing research. THANK YOU!! Make sure to educate your downline about where the vaccine nanotechnology came from – HARVARD.





Those who will be riding out TRIBULATION with us, time to suit up and put your Armor of God on.

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