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Unreported Damages to School Children from Face Mask Use During COVID-19

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As mentioned in the video below about Andrew Torba, we are opposed to the term that Torba uses frequently – CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM. Even before we could get this video loaded up to Brighteon, AIMCat John sent an excellent article about the subject and how it is being used to create Christian domestic terrorists. Natch. Because a country run by Satan would, indeed, see Christians as its enemies (aka domestic terrorists).

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Oxymoronic “Christian Nationalism” Is Intended to Corral and Neutralize Opposition to White Genocide

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Is your favorite alternative media news and opinion source discussing this conspiracy in depth or are they avoiding the topic to protect their paymasters or outright ignorance of these historical facts.


AIMCats reject this model of organization of our NEW WORLD ORDER. Instead, we are calling for DECENTRALIZATION – a type of postmodern world that is full of diversity of cultures, communities, languages, education, and expression. For a few years, expect disruptions as we attune ourselves to this new way of living. This is why we have been encouraging you to fortify your bioark as it may take a few years to find our balance and harmony.

As we set out to re-organize our communities, be careful of Pilgrims Society operations that are more than willing to fund your project, as long as they keep control.

AIMCat Bernadette comments in an email, the map above looks a lot like Andrew Torba’s Jesusland.

Homeowners are being stretched to the limit with increase costs in electricity, gas, groceries. We hear from the insurance industry that residential and commercial insurance is getting ready to explode in pricing. Expect the same with auto and medical insurance.

We have no choice but to eliminate predatory banking. At this point it is them vs. us. They have pushed humanity into total desolation.


After we listened to Dr. Buttar describe how the Marburg pathogen will be released from the injected (Charles Lieber) nanotubes by a particular frequency coming from 5G towers, we were glad that we know about sauerkraut – SUPERFOOD that keeps your immune system (the microbiome) super healthy. If Marburg has been engineered to be “contagious”, then you will want superfood for super protection

Superfood Alert: Why We Love Sauerkraut and Why You Should Too

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If you haven’t purchased the supplies you need to make colloidal silver water, please consider doing this now. We are hearing of reports all around the country that over-the-counter cold medicines are getting short on supply. Colloidal silver has so many great uses; every homesteader should be making it. Make sure to pick up extra batteries for the long haul.


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Are you being pressured to get vaxxed to keep your job?

Put your employer on notice.

Have a lawyer furnish your employer a letter informing your employer that they’re on notice for trying to COERCE you into enrolling in a clinical study.

Have your lawyer cite Code of Federal Regulations Title 45: Public Welfare CFR 46.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still in clinical trials until their estimated completion in 2023 and 2022, respectively.

According to the Code of Federal Regulations Title 45: Public Welfare CFR 46: Protection of Human Subjects:

It’s illegal to force, mandate, coerce or incentivize participation in an ongoing clinical trial.

The risk to the test subject both physically and psychologically must be no greater than what the subject would normally encounter in daily life.

Informed consent by the subject must describe in detail the research and foreseeable risks and benefits.

Subjects must also be told that their participation is voluntary and that they have the right to discontinue participation at any time.


Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Human Research Protections. 45 CFR 46 Regulations.

Additional Protections for Children Involved as Subjects in Research.

Office for the Protection of Research Subjects. “History of Research Ethics. University of Nevada Las Vegas.

None of us can write or speak what we really want to say. The enemy’s algorithms pick up words that we write and speak, then shadow ban us or eliminate our channels altogether. This is why we started creating our own geospeak terminology, like Cat Report, AIMCats, pusillanimous globohomos, and now….when we want to describe what needs to be done to these traitors – GOLGOTHA THEM. It’s what the Romans did to their enemies, Christ included.

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What’s next for the miners? Many of you have asked us to look into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. So we shall and so will you be duly informed of our findings. For now the image below is just a meme we found on the internet.

Because the predator class is never arrested, never jailed, and never found guilty of their crimes. They are all in one big club – the PILGRIMS SOCIETY – and we aren’t in it.

If you can, grow more than you need. Take the overflow to a local church, soup kitchen, or food bank. This way you can share your bounty without putting a target on your back of being a household that has fresh produce.

Douglas Gabriel gives a lecture at the Rudolf Steiner House in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Transhumanism on September 24, 2019. This video is now posted on our new Rumble channel –