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Scumbag Justice Roberts recuses himself for conflicts of interest with Knights of Malta

Scumbag Roberts has serious conflicts ruling many cases at the Supreme Court. Like that time Leader’s case against Facebook was dismissed by Roberts who was holding, along with other Supreme Court justices at the time, FACEBOOK stock and Leader’s case would threaten the FB stock prices.

Because SCOTUS justices had to hide their conflicts of interest and their allegiances to foreign entities, Leader’s technology was STOLEN by the Highlands Forum, DARPA, and the IBM Eclipse Foundation to WEAPONIZE social media networking. The piece of shit pictured below lined his filthy, Knights of Malta pockets, while the American people suffer from prolific propaganda and censorship and United States sovereignty is severely compromised.

Roberts had to recuse himself from the Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, Petition for Rehearing because his TREASON IS SHOWING.

Details inside.

Get to know Lillian Scott Troy, a brave woman from the UK and US, who tried to warn people about the treachery of the Pilgrims Society in the early 1900s. Her history has been scrubbed from the internet. We are resurrecting these truths so that she will not be forgotten.

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Lillian Scott Troy was an AIMCat!

Editor. (Dec. 27, 1913). Women Oppose [Lillian Scott Troy] Criticism Of Ambassador. The San Francisco Call and Post.

British Annexation of the U.S. facilitated by Andrew Carnegie and the British Pilgrims Society confirmed in 1913 by Lillian Scott Troy

I.L. Snider of Ottumwa, Iowa.  (Sep. 23, 1913). WOMEN OBJECT TO AMBASSADOR PAGE, incl. Lillian Scott Troy re. British annexation of the U.S.A. The Muscatine Journal (Muscantine, Iowa).

Editor. (May 31, 1913). CARNEGIE OFFERED A DUKEDOM, [King] Edward VI’s Proposition to the Hero of Homestead, ANNEXATION OF THE U.S.A., Extraordinary Facts Unearthed by An American Lady [Lillian Scott Troy]. Daily Herald (London).

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We heard a video that mentioned the Alfalfa Club. Looks like a Pilgrims dinner party group.

Remember that time in June 2020 when we suggested that these monuments be eliminated?

Yeah, Baby! This is the way.

Or THis ONe?

AIMCat John points out another one that was taken out by the HAND OF GOD.

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Public Pensions: An Economic Time Bomb

The Pension Crisis – What happens when the authorities give up? 

If you have a Twitter profile, please drop this big red pill into your timeline.

Wes Finalle @wfinalle57, compiler. (Aug. 19, 2020). New Research Posts put out by Americans for Innovation, 68 pgs. Twitter.

“When is the zombie apocalypse? No one knows for sure, but it is always better to be prepared. Moreover, a new polling by Finder has shown that only 46% of Canadians are more or less ready for different types of catastrophes, or unpredicted survival scenarios. Only about 1\3 of the population (or even less) can be considered completely ready.” READ MORE


AIMCat Cheryl sends an email note: “Interested in finding people in the Gainesville, FL, area who are educated and awake (not woke) enough to help this city turn from liberal to conservative. We are having a mayoral race soon so too late there, but I feel alone in this city as far as making a difference. Everyone has given up because the only people who vote much for local elections are liberal. They have controlled the city and the county for so very long. I am trying to also reach Sheriff Mack.”

If you are in the Gainesville area and want to join Cheryl, leave a comment below or email me at and I will connect you to Cheryl.

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Picking winners at Wimbleton.

Thank goodness I used a junk e-mail account (several years ago) for Donald Trump updates. His obnoxious emails are sent out several times a day and there is no way to unsubscribe. And if it isn’t him and his “Trump Team”, it’s one of his family members like the irrelevant and not-so-bright Junior.

Why is he even raising money? He has not announced his candidacy for anything. Seriously, are there that many brainwashed Trump cultists out there that they still throw money at these grifters or is the “Trump Team” that desperate for funding?

The Herbalist’s Bookshelf

Don’t forget to keep colloidal silver water on hand. Easy to make and many applications. Recipe starting on page 9: