Justice John Roberts recuses himself for conflicts of interest with Knights of Malta

Scumbag Roberts has serious conflicts ruling many cases at the Supreme Court. Like that time Leader’s case against Facebook was dismissed by Roberts who was holding, along with other Supreme Court justices at the time, FACEBOOK stock and Leader’s case would threaten the FB stock prices.

Because SCOTUS justices had to hide their conflicts of interest and their allegiances to foreign entities, Leader’s technology was STOLEN by the Highlands Forum, DARPA, and the IBM Eclipse Foundation to WEAPONIZE social media networking. The piece of shit pictured below lined his filthy, Knights of Malta pockets, while the American people suffer from prolific propaganda and censorship and United States sovereignty is severely compromised because JOHN ROBERTS IS A FOREIGN AGENT who rules on behalf of the Pilgrims Society, Privy Council, and Knights of Malta, not the American people.

Roberts had to recuse himself from the Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, Petition for Rehearing because his TREASON IS SHOWING.

DOCKET. (Accessed Jul. 12, 2022). Dr. Lakshmi Arunachalam, PETITION FOR REHEARING with APPENDIX, Arunachalam v. Lyft Inc., Case No. 19-8029, filed May 20, 2020 (U.S. Supreme Court).

Did you notice that the SCOTUS official file was scrubbed on page 20? This would have occurred at the Supreme Court end because the original filing had a devastating appendix.

Why would SCOTUS Clerks hide this Scathing evidence?

This is the Supreme Court’s version and on page 20 it states:

Below is the full filing with the missing pages. Shame, shame on the Supreme Court for hiding this evidence from the public.

This is the WHORE OF BABYLON who with the Pilgrims Society is out to steal the planet from humanity. The lizard creature loves to show off her Knights of Malta cross on expensive, one-of-a-kind garments.

What else do we know about SCUMBAG ROBERTS?

Justice John Roberts Screws Inventors. His Ugly Wife Screws Everyone.

John Roberts Destroys American Court System for the Queen

Brett Kavanaugh Is a Pilgrims Society Operative out to Destroy America and the Constitution. Neil Gorsuch, too.

SCOTUS John Roberts is Queen Elizabeth’s Right Hand Man

Wonder why YouTube CENSORED this video? In fact, they took down our entire channel of over 700 videos because they don’t want you to know the TRUTH about our enemy – the PILGRIMS SOCIETY.

We have the facts. John Roberts is controlled by the Queen’s Privy Council and the Pilgrims Society.

What about those adoptions from Ireland? What ever happened to these children who would be adults now?

What does this Roberts’ recusal mean for you?

Anyone or company can use this argument, now available in the public domain, to PUT DOWN Scumbag Roberts. He is a FOREIGN AGENT and is unfit to hear any case that comes before him, including one that you may be involved with.

Furthermore, if you have had a case before this SCUMBAG TRAITOR and were not pleased with the results, make some legal noise at the Supreme Court.