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Will Hildabeast get rid of Kamala and Nancy and ascend to the American presidency? The cards seem to be stacked in her favor.

Greetings, AIMCats. The material below on Kamala Harris was updated by the AFI miners from our original reporting in July 2019. Y’all get the word out through your downlines that she is NOT eligible to hold the office of vice president, much less president.

You might ask who vetted Kamala for her position on the Democrat presidential ticket – Well, folks that would have been NANCY PELOSI. She vetted Kamala and could see as clear as we do that Kamala is not eligible, and she may not even be a U. S. citizen. This would be fantastic blackmail to hold over Kamala, but for Nancy, the info is even sweeter because at any time she can strong-arm Kamala out of the her position which then becomes Nancy’s as Speaker of the House would be next in line for a vacancy in the presidency.

But WAIT WAIT… what will Hildabeast do if Nancy gets into the White House before she does?

Afterall, Hildabeast was the original Obama birther; if the tactic worked once, why wouldn’t she use it again when she saw Kamala’s birth status?

Updated to replace the video interviews that were censored by YouTube.

AFI. (Jul. 19, 2019). Kamala Harris’ Jamaican descendants led the British-Jamaican slave trade before the U.S. Civil War. Americans for Innovation. (PDF)

Next time you hear Kamala Harris talk about REPARATIONS, demand that she get her checkbook out. Her kinfolk were slave traders for white Irish, creoles, and black Africans. If anyone owes REPARATIONS to SLAVES, it’s Kamala Harris.

Certified Slave Ownership Register of Hamilton Brown just discovered.

Hamilton Brown was Kamala Harris’ great great great grandfather

Hamilton Brown Slave Ownership Registers. (Sep. 22, 1829). Former British Colonial Dependencies, Slave Registers, 1813-1834, Jamaica, St. Ann Parish. The National Archives of the UK.

Now we move to the Frogman – Andrew Torba. We have said that we oppose his term “Christian Nationalism” as it is a narrative to push folks into accepting the concept and then, in time, to substitute the word Christian with “white” so that it becomes White Nationalism so that whites can be identified with domestic terrorism, making it easier for the British Pilgrims, especially under the British presidency of Kamala Harris, to round up white Christians into concentration and death camps.

If you are not white, don’t think you will be spared in the Pilgrims’ global genocide operation. Once white Christians are eliminated, your racial and religious group can be more easily picked off.

Yesterday, Torba posted:

Read his Gab post:

We immediately alerted AIMCats who are on Gab that Torba was rolling out the theology that we had reported on in June 2022.

We posted: “We reject Torba‘s JESUSLAND crusade. We are Christians who know that America is a melting pot of many religions and faiths. Torba wants something called JESUSLAND.

We did the research and found out his agenda.” Read about it here:


The map tells you everything. Torba has been put in place to round up American Christians into some kind of Christian Nationalism fervor that will split the United States into a Canadian United States (can we say BRITISH PILGRIMS?) and the ‘Christian’ United States.

See how the British are surrounding us geopolitically for the big squeeze where America will be chipped away at the edges and then collapsed from the north, east and west?

Torba is in place to divide us into these two camps. He has written a book to con you into the Christian Nationalism scheme. (Share the Gab post.)

ALERT your downline to this strategy and issue countermeasures.

Add your comment to the Gab post:

Andrew Torba must be getting pushback on his theology so he needs to stand his ground. He just posted the following:

“I want to make very clear that I do not work for the Mastriano campaign. I am not their consultant. The campaign paid Gab as a business for advertising during the primary. The campaign posts on Gab, as do 50+ other campaigns from around the country. That’s the extent of the relationship.

My words are my own. My ideas are my own. They are not representative of Doug or Doug’s campaign. I stand by everything I have said about Christian Nationalism as a movement being an explicitly Christian. This should be obvious by the name. Others are certainly welcome to support the movement and enjoy the fruits of Christian leadership and culture, but we need candidates, leaders, thinkers, influencers, culture warriors, and builders who believe in and follow Jesus Christ. Otherwise it wouldn’t be Christian Nationalism.

I stand with my brothers and sisters in Christ from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. If you are ethnically Jewish and call Jesus your Savior then you are my brother or sister. This isn’t a racial issue. It’s about defining the baseline for the social, political, and cultural movement of Christian Nationalism. We must be grounded in Biblical Truth and led by people who call Christ their King. When others see the fruit that yields, we pray that they too will come to know Jesus as their Savior. Either way, the path forward against secular liberal “democracy” and culture needs to be rooted in Christ and His followers.” (See the Gab post. Leave him a comment. He will probably not read it, but others reading the thread will.)

What is TOrba really pushing? MORE DIVISION.

Keeping us divided is a successful war strategy used by the Pilgrims Society for hundreds of years to keep us from organizing and targeting them. Now we are uniting all over the world, following truth and seeing our enemy clearly.

Thanks @Dr_Delong for catching this late night post:

This is tooooo funny. They are calling Michael, Douglas, and Tyla Mossad agents and “dumb inbred Jew mobsters” which are disparaging remarks to distract the audience from the enemy – the PILGRIMS SOCIETY. Little do they know, we have been educating folks for years and years…

We AIM 4 Truth.


Are you getting the feeling that you are being played again by Donald Trump? Lots of hype around him that he will run again in 2024, but pay attention 1) he has not officially announced his candidacy for 2024, and 2) the people pushing this narrative have not pointed to any facts of #1.

Reminds me of a time I saw a live Tina Turner performance when she was quite old. Pay attention. She doesn’t do the dancing, but is surrounded by young dancers who jump around wriggling their young half-naked bodies, giving the illusion that the geriatric Tina is also moving vibrantly around the stage.

Tina Turner – 50th Anniversary – Live Holland (2009)

It’s an illusion, folks, that Trump has announced his candidacy. Pay attention and don’t be distracted by the dancers around him.

Here is Nigel Farage dancing for Trump. Farage reacts as Trump runs again. AIMCats, where does Trump announce anything?

Someone asked me this week (can’t find the post now) why I trash Gab and Andrew Torba, yet still post on Gab. (BTW – I don’t trash. I point out inconvenient truths.) My answer was that this is war and the best place to defeat the enemy is on its own turf. What good would it do for us to post on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. when no one who matters to us is posting there? Gab is where we are until the Frogman deletes our account – but then you can find us here at so we will not be separated for long.

Why do you think we stayed in the Trump camp so long? How many of you found us because of our Trump decodes or edgy memes during the 2016 and 2020 elections? Would you have resonated with us back then if we were exposing Trump like we are today? Perhaps there was wisdom in gathering AIM info warriors from Trump supporters so that influential cats in our community could help others see with clear 20/20 vision beyond 2020.

This is war. It is the Great Information War. We AIM for TRUTH and are flying through the social media networks that Michael McKibben invented with the ferocity of the Kalki Avatar, slicing and dicing the heads of the ignorant.

AIMCats, this is a good example (video below) of how our decentralized info network is working. We have been using the term (((s)))elections for a few months now. You have also been using this term in your own posts. Now, it is becoming a term the next level of media is using.

This is how we move the Overton window in the discussion of election rigging. You can use this opportunity to explain to your downline just WHO is running these rigged (((s)))election machines. Search these words in the site’s search bar for Optech, Dominion, Mark Malloch-Brown.

This is an example to show you that our cat network is kicking globalist ass. And they have no idea where the source of these info attacks are coming because cats can not be herded.

“S”ELECTION CODE: “These People Are Being Selected, Not Elected”

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