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Over the last 7 years, we have learned, right along with you, who the enemy are. We have identified the top of the pyramid with the Babylonian Radhanites and all the way through their rat lines including SES, all MSM, Pilgrims, SERCO, Qinetiq, the British Empire…deep into the internet alt media shills of Bannon, Beck, Sacha Stone and his entourage, Sarah Westall, James Corbett, SGT Report, Vandershill, Stew Peters,and more! Remember, it’s as important to know the ENEMY SHILLS as it is to know their LIES, DEFLECTIONS, half-truths, limitations, and PROPAGANDA.

Reclaim America by enforcing the U.S. Constitution based on these 13 steps:

1. Orchestrate freedom of the press; we have never had it since Alexander Hamilton set America’s first four banks under British, The City of London, control

2.  Fund the Miller Act Notice and Leader Technologies will fund a plurality of POVs to create real competition for real news and analysis; Leader will assign license for social networking and get everyone legal

3.  Authorize only interest-free lending; abolish fractional banking; Abolish fiat currency and the bank’s authority to loan itself or each other money—recognize a Year of Jubilee every seven years

4.  Restore Glass-Steagall immediately; cancel all covered accounts (bankers being brokers)

5.  Abolish Britons or any aliens, subjects of the Crown, from working in U.S. government, bureaucracy or holding US government contracts, even as subsidiaries; Stop dual citizenship

6.  Prevent lawyers from being politicians or bureaucrats; prohibit career bureaucrats as well as politicians; abolish all lobbyists

7.  Hire a majority of civil engineers to operate the federal government and fire career bureaucrats, including everyone in the 10,000 executive free loaders in the Senior Executive Service (SES)

8. Limit judgeships to six years, then prohibit their subsequent work in law, politics or government for six years; judges should be subject to recall and impeachment by 5-year limited term civilian panels

9.  End “Five Eyes,” SERCO, QinetiQ and all government outsourcing to foreign associations; end electronic voting machines, return to paper ballots, valid ID, purple inked thumbs, bipartisan unbroken chain of custody, one-day voting (stop rolling vote counts)

10. End offshore accounts and corporate tax dodging through those accounts; abolish NGOs and “public-private partnerships” created by stolen money

11. End associations with United Nations: World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, UNESCO; World Bank, IMF, World Trade Organization, close all foreign aid insider grifting programs; end pharma depopulation

12.  End theft of the U.S. Federal Reserve and its control of the U.S. Treasury

13. Anyone who takes an oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution and betrays it must be hanged from the Tree of Liberty

Cats know that AIM hasn’t spent time reporting on this J6 lame FBI false flag with all of its lies and propaganda. Looks like the lie can no longer be hidden as MSM, even the alt media shill Stew Peters, are showing the raw footage inside the Capitol. We called it out on January 7, 2020 as a false flag and described the fake “shooting” of Ashli Babbitt, the guards permitting folks inside the Capitol, and all the other blatant lies that have been spun by the British Five Eyes controlled FBI.

Stew Peters is years behind the truth of the false flag. He has still not reported on the “Deep State” by name – the Senior Executive Service. He never identifies the enemy – the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY. He still hasn’t interviewed the most relevant entrepreneur of our time – Michael McKibben – because to do so would expose the theft of social media by DARPA, DoD, Pilgrims, et al who then weaponized it against humanity.

Aunt Betts isn’t interested in listening to stale spin from a washed up bounty hunter/rapper. She is not impressed with his guests, either. And Tucker? Not even worth mentioning he is soooo far behind the forward edge of truth. Maybe they both should read the AIM TRUTH HISTORY PAGE and get schooled on the real truth of our world.

Cats have been preparing for this for a few years. Food shortages, higher food prices…. then finally food ration digital IDs for the vaccinated. Get those pantries fluffed and gardens growing.


Not only can a garden sustain you nutritionally, it can also be a quiet place to retreat during the war of all against all. I plan on spending LOTS of time in my garden this season. What about you?

The AIM memesters loved Sir Gordon’s head dress. British Qinetiq Controls U.S. Army Assets

I have heard from a few cats lately that they would like to start making meme weaponry and would like to know how to get started. I suggest that you private message @coachiscool and @thompson_uk on Gab and ask for pro-tips. We have had some amazing memesters in our network – like @March_Chalks who specializes in blackboard art and Giorgio (don’t know where he went) who posted brilliant memes, like these classics below:

Posted in March 2021
Posted September 2020

Mo A remarked: “This video is worth watching over-n-over. I “favorited” it to go back as a reference – lots of good stuff which goes to the source like a sliver of light in the fog of night. Thanks.”

CARTEL BABYLON Part 3 Mammon Prison Planet – YouAreFreeTV

Inside this Max Egan video (The Great Reset Will Fail) are several clips from other creators that are worth viewing.

View video on Bitchute:
View on Bitchute:

AIMCat Rebecca had a few more additions to yesterday’s list of names for Ron DeSantis. She suggests these:

Ron DeSecretSociety

Ron DeSaintElmos

Ron DeStroyer

Ron DeStructive

Ron DeSertion

Ron DeSignedly

Ron DeSecrated

Ron DeSpoiler

Ron DeSiezer

Ron DeStealer

Ron DeMonstrous

We will be resuming Douglas’ video memoirs in another month or so. In the meantime, you can catch up with his remarkable backstory on his YT playlist at: Interviews with an Exorcist.

During this break, he and John Barnwell have been discussing the Holy Grail.

Rudolf Steiner and the Holy Grail Pt. 3 – John Barnwell & Douglas Gabriel

Today, John and Doug livestreamed this video:

Rudolf Steiner and the Holy Grail Pt. 4 – John Barnwell & Douglas Gabriel