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I live in France, in the city of Orleans. I tell you my opinion about the situation here. I am more and more convinced that we are facing another false flag, with orchestrated and organized revolts with clear objectives (most likely: more restrictions on freedom, such as curfews, more “security” in the streets, the army walking on the streets, the imposition of certain laws that abolishes or reduce freedom,…).

The media propagate images and scenes that evoke fear and hate, meanwhile the government consciously leads the country into chaos, faster than ever. The first measures are beginning to be taken: festivals, concerts and other scheduled summer activities are cancelled…everything as usual, they tell us that it’s for our safety…

How opportune to have the video right where the police shoot the teenager in the car… It is also curious to see how in many of the videos where people are seen vandalizing everything, there is no police presence. In other demonstrations that I attended in the past in this country, the police presence was well before the protesters and well armed and prepared.

Also, how do people organize spontaneously from one day to the next so that there are so many acts of vandalism in different cities? Many questions that are not answered and that many people don’t ask because they have forgotten how to think and get carried away by the sensationalism and sentimentality promoted by the media. With the feeling of anger and fear going straight to the gut they are more vulnerable to manipulation.

Those Babylonian Radhanites who love chaos and destruction, are adding fuel to the great problem that France has already with immigration and Islamism.
France is burning! (Source)

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We have noticed for several years now that ‘express hotels’ (which look like dormitories, frankly) are being built at lots of major intersections of the highway and just beyond.

My unvetted, unresearched hunch is that they will be used to house illegal alien mercenaries who can attack us in the Homeland. They might also be converted to NEIGHBORHOOD PRISONS for WtP. The hotel owners (BlackRock, et al) probably know what is going down and that they will be paid handsomely for renting these “barracks” or “prisons” when the time comes.

All cats should be alert to these hotels and what could be coming to your neighborhood. If you are able to arm yourself, do it.

Hi Tyla

You are absolutely correct about the Holiday Inn Express. This last January I went to Murray KY  ( rural western part of the state population about 20k) to pick up an off-grid teardrop camper I had ordered from Cedar Ridge Campers. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express there on a Sunday night. I arrived around 7 pm when it was already dark. About 90 minutes later I heard all kinds of noise as though there were sports teams at the hotel. However, this was a Sunday night and kids’ teams don’t play on Mondays.

The next morning I went down to get my “ free” breakfast at around 6:15am and the food was already gone. Within the prior 15 minutes about 120 illegals had scarfed through the buffets like army ants. I looked around and there was a black couple with their twelve year old son looking as astonished as myself. I motioned them to come with me to talk to the manager. I demanded that we get our free breakfast as we all PAID and these people didn’t. They fixed us some omelets on the side.

I headed back to my room and started talking with one of the “ migrants” in the elevator.  (I speak Spanish). He was 32 and from Venezuela. He said that he had been working in a department store when the “agents” came around and asked him if he wanted to go to the Estados Unidos. He told me that most everyone else in the group there was from Honduras. I asked him where they are going and he told me that he did not know. He said they just ride in the buses during the day and stay in hotels at night. ( I saw the buses. They looked like they might have been tourist buses in the past but that they had been painted over and looked “beige”). He also said they all got cell phones but it sounded to me that the phones were locked in some way so that they just couldn’t call all their friends and family in their native country. He also told me that they got a backpack and two sets of clothes.

I am about 5’9” tall and most of the illegals were about my height or even taller. They are not typical Hondurans that are about 5’4”. I would say that it was 90% male, no children, and even the women were on the tall side and appeared fit. 

These are the invaders.


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