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While the British Pilgrims Society is distracting us with the Trump political reality show, humanity is being “wired” for its enslavement.

Pay attention and get the info out to your downline.

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As one cat wrote: “They are turning humans into 5G-6G-7G antennas and servers/routers with each jab. This is the 2030 Agenda ultimate goal: to be able to track & trace down to the cellular level and transmit data through our DNA in real time to control nano-robotics inside of us… I.E:

A.I. Personal “Healthcare”/ “Precision Healthcare” done in your smart home with Biosensors all around you and inside of you!

How are they using our DNA as a computer Through 5G-6G and the (WBAN) With CRISPR Technology? 


Nearly a Fourth of States Introducing Biometric Digital IDs — and More than Half are Republican ‘Red’ States

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Technology & Society: Implantable Technology – Turning the Body Into a Wire IEEE Spectrum – W.H.O. Human Gene Editing Advisory Committee – Global One Health – Biodigital Convergence – Human A.I. Machine Learning (WBAN)

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Magnetic Pole Shift | Observations & Advice

What happens when you die?

Networking cat Patricia writes us:

Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTF) 

The American Broadband Act of 2023 (H.R. 3557) and H.R. 4141 threaten to eliminate state and local control over the zoning and placement of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

(WTF)HR-3557 and HR-4141 are proposed federal telecommunications bills that would eliminate nearly all state and local control over Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTF) and would enable the construction of a Digital Prison for Americans.H.R. 3557:

“We must oppose this bill. This is the worst bill I have seen in my entire life with respect to telecommunications. You have to understand how bad this is…THIS is the Digital Prison right here.THIS is the bill you cannot let them pass!”

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For cats that have been asking about Ed Dowd, a resident of Maui, he is posting on Gettr

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This is the community foundation in Maui. They have been around for awhile, have audited financials, and know the local community. You can also contact them for other places like churches and community groups that will get assistance to locals.

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