Cat Report

When lies and propaganda meet truth, you have

COGNITIVE DISSONANCE (for the individual)

NARRATIVE PARALYSIS (for the politicians and media)

WAR (for the bankers who just want to blow everything up like their quadrillion in derivatives)

Will the UN support Israel or Palestine? If the UN is comprised of compliant puppets for the Babylonian Radhanites, they will support Israel and condone its war crimes against Palestine… but then the entire world will see that the UN is a warmongering terrorist organization. However, if the UN supports Palestine, it aligns itself with Iran.

Israel-Hamas War Latest: Israeli Troops Amass At Border As Iran Warns It Will Intervene If Ground Offensive Launched

Netanyahu’s action has placed all globalists from local politicians to Congress to corporations (all operatives for the Babylonian Radhanites) into a terrible position in the INFORMATION WAR. Everyone must now show their team colors.

Do you stand with Christ Or Satan?

The globalists are between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Make them squirm.

Thanks to David DeLong for this glass bead:

The Star of Remphan – Synagogue of Satan

Acts 7:42-43

42 Then God turned, and gave them up to worship the host of heaven; as it is written in the book of the prophets, O ye house of Israel, have ye offered to me slain beasts and sacrifices by the space of forty years in the wilderness?

43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

It’s all a part of the MERCHANT-BANKERS depopulation strategy. Death, pestilence, famine, war are the top 4 population busters. Now if they could only push enough propaganda to get troops from as many countries as possible, herd them into a slaughterhouse called the Middle East, spend trillions of dollars with Vanguard-BlackRock-State Street weapons manufacturers and maybe…just maybe… no one will find out about their massive derivative exposure which is causing the collapse of everything.

PROTIP: Stay on the down low (not the homosexual kind), fluff your pantries, and get ready for an economic collapse that will take decades for recovery. The reason you are prepping NOW is so the transition will not be as hard on you as it will be for the clueless. Chill out on the Middle East stuff. Your karma isn’t there; it’s with us survivors who will rebuild a new world after the collapse.

War (What is it good for?) 

Mike McKibben was answering an email and wrote: “I presume you received this expose piece on Scofield that we published in May. Scofield was a scofflaw and a huckster.”

Anonymous Patriots. (May 01, 2023). Without the Scofield Bible, Zionist Israel would never have happened.

This email note from an AIMCat who says she was formerly Jewish:

“Hey Tyla. Nice to hear from you.

I couldn’t agree more about wanting more Jewish people to know they have been duped. I have a working theory.

Today’s Jewish people have been cultivated over millennia to feel like outsiders. This psychologically primes us to want to replace a society in which we are not a part with one in which we are central. The Radhanites have so skillfully manipulated us to feel like we don’t belong that we have become willing and unwilling servants in the destruction. 

Here in the United States that means tearing down Christian society in order to replace it with the God of materialism. Think Huval Harari.  Removing Christ is the first and necessary step to their real goal of bringing their gods out of the shadows and into the open to be worshiped by their new vassal class. 

I’m still unpacking a lifetime of lies, and feeling optimistic at the same time.

Thank you, Douglas, Michael and the Team for being the lighthouse in a storm.”

The October 14 eclipse was photographed by an AIMCat in the Yucatan.

Israeli protesters in Tel Aviv chant ‘Bibi is a murderer’

Watch on Bitchute:

If we don’t pay attention, CONGRESS will be waging another never-ending war with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of casualties. Let’s keep a tight leash on these congressional demons so that another VIETNAM is not waged for the benefit of the MERCHANT BANKERS (Babylonian Radhanites). Remember that the GULF OF TONKIN that sparked the Vietnam war was a false flag. Vietnam tribute to those who served

Annie Lotto@Non_MSM_New posts:

Without firing a shot British cities and boroughs have been conquered!

In London, armies of Muslims take to the streets to show their support for Jihadis who slaughtered Israelis and are hunting Jews.

Their future is an Islamic one…the total population is listed on the left, with the Islamic percentage in parentheses:

Birmingham, population 1,149,000: (29.9%)
Leeds, 792,000: (7.8%)
Sheffield: 584,000: (10.3%)
Bradford: 536,000 (30.5%)
Manchester: 553,000 (22.3%)
Bristol: 467,000 (6.7%)
Cardiff: 357,000 (9.3%)
Leicester: 357,000 (23.5%)
Nottingham: 331,000 (12.2%)
Newcastle: 315,000 (10.3%)
Blackburn with Darwen: 148,000 (35%)
Fenland: 101,000 (12.2 %)
Luton: 218,000 (32.9%)
Slough: 164,000 (29.4% )
Watford: 96,000 (13%)
Pendle: 91,000 (26%)
Oldham: 237,000 (24.3%)
Rochdale: 211,000 (18.8%)
Kirklees: 438,000 (19%)
Barking and Dagenham: 211,000 (24.4%)
Brent: 331,000 (21.4%)
Newham: 352,000 (34.8%)
Redbridge: 303,000 (31.3%)
Tower Hamlets: 319,000 (39.9%)
Westminster: 261,000 (20%)

And now let us imagine these cities in 10, 20, 30 years.

Video & source:

Watch this hilarious video:

Junior had no trouble proclaiming who he supports. He’s with TEAM SATAN.

From the post:
Did you read the last Cat Report?

The memes and images of Judas 30 Pence keep flowing in, getting more poignant and visceral. I wonder if he or his staff know how detested he is.

Pence is on TEAM SATAN.

Trump vs Biden Speeches

From the video description” “Did you know that the nucleotide sequence of DNA can be converted into music? In 1986, the Japanese geneticist Susumu Ohno discovered DNA music by converting the nucleotide bases G, T, C, and A to the musical notes A, C, G, and D, respectively. This intriguing revelation led to the question: If DNA can be translated into music, can music, in turn, affect or change our DNA? Sound, as we now know, possesses mass and has the ability to move matter. By delving into the study of cymatics and exploring the potential effects of music on DNA, we can begin to uncover the possibility of utilizing music as a healing tool.”

The Study No One Talks About

Ron Spence posts: “Being baptized at birth, which I now view as purely a materialistic symbolistic created event to belittle its importance. I was then again baptized at 29 into Church of LDS. At that time the event was a statement accepting Christ as my Savior. However up until I started studying Spiritual Sciences I never really understood the importance and significance of baptism, now I work every day on my baptism if I may be so bold to say so. Linked below is an audio where more information about Baptism is defined.”

The Baptism with Water and the Baptism with Fire and Spirit By Rudolf Steiner