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Thanks to @lalionnecourageuse for this glass bead. The cat wrote: “This was published the day after “the world ended” on 12/21/2012.”

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Note that there is no source link for the video below so we don‘t know when and where this burial took place or if it was staged. That having been said, let’s keep the truth narrative as simple as we can for folks that may be confused about Israel at this time.

The Israeli government and country are a construct of the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY (see the Balfour Declaration). The Pilgrims Society is a front for the 4,000 year old death and usury cult known as the Babylonian Radhanites (low info people call them the Khazarian Jews or mafia). In Christ’s day this cult was known as the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. (Rev. 2:9, 3:9). Even Jesus knew that they hide behind the Jews to wage their satanic evil on the world.

Still, many people are unaware of this and throw their anger at “the Jews”. Please correct them as you can. British Israel and Netanyahu, not its Hebrew people, are a front and operative for Satan.

When you hear politicians throw their support and our money and troops to Israel (or Ukraine), they stand with SATAN. They are literally doing the will of Satan on earth. Correct them if they will listen, but if not – it is your choice to follow Satan or Christ.

Gaza: Palestinians buried in mass grave


The British Pilgrims Society is behind this and other global events to depopulate the earth so King Charles the Turd and a small group of billionaire demons can control humanity in digital slavery. Each and every politician, here in the United States and the UK, is guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and will need to be executed, if found guilty.

Prime Minister warned of intention to prosecute UK government officials for complicity in war crimes in Gaza

“London 14 October 2023- The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP) has issued Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with a stark warning that UK government officials could be individually liable for their role in aiding and abetting Israeli war crimes. Sunak has been issued with the notice of intention to prosecute UK government officials, for their role in providing military, economic and political support to Israel, which has aided Israel’s perpetration of war crimes.”

Like we didn‘t know… the ADL stands with Israel. The ADL is on TEAM SATAN.

For those just tuning in to TRUTH HISTORY: Israel, a construct created by the British Pilgrims Society, aka the Babylonian Radhanites, aka Synagogue of Satan is enemy of humanity. Jesus told us about Satan’s merchant-bankers in Rev. 2:9, and 3:9. They are not Jews, but hide themselves as Jews.

The ADL is a PROTECTION RACKET for the Babylonian Radhanites. By keeping people from talking about “the Jews” they think they are protecting the Babylonian Radhanites from being discovered. But cats…being cats…found the rats anyway.

Satan or Christ? Make your choice known to those you influence so that they might have courage to do the same.

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The Babylonian Radhanites – aka the British Pilgrims Society – are the enemies of humanity. Learn truth history and put a stake in the heart of the enemy.

What Max fails to mention is that the Bolsheviks are a creation of the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY. So we circle back again to the primary enemy of the planet – the Pilgrims Society (a front for the Babylonian Radhanites) whose head is Charles the Turd. KNOW TRUTH HISTORY!

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Was this Planed? Ammo Manufacturer Plant Explosion Leaves Many Worried

Hornady is a leading ammo cartridges, components, and handloading equipment manufacturer and government contractor for military ammunition.

150,000 Square Foot Warehouse that produces BULLETS blew up in Nebraska

The programming is wearing off.

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