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Y’all seen this scumbag in the news lately? The AFI miners did and refreshed our history with the latest news on Michael Pompeo.

Mike Pompeo Joins Board of Veon’s Ukraine Unit

This was our report in October 2020:


Here is an updated report:

The Story of “Five-Fingers” Michael Pompeo, the Pilgrims Society groom

1.    MICHAEL POMPEO just became a director of VEON Ltd. Headquartered in Amsterdam (via Bermuda (UK)

2.    VEON Ltd. Is a controlled subsidiary of BNY (NOMINEES) LIMITED (UK) Reg. No. 01970854

3.    BNY (NOMINEES) LIMITED (UK) is a controlled subsidiary of THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON (USA) (Remember, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III also held over $10 million in BNY Mellon Bermuda (UK) shares)


5.    Michael Pompeo works for the BRITISH PILGRIMS SOCIETY  THE CITY OF LONDON

Bank of New York Mellon Corp BK. (Filed Mar. 01, 2022). DEF 14A Proxy Statement. SEC Edgar. Source:

Beneficial Ownership, p. 95

VEON Ltd. (VEON). (Mar. 14, 2019). FORM 20-F, Annual Report – foreign issuer, FY ending Dec. 31, 2018, re. Michael Pompeo, new director, 2023. SEC Edgar. Source:

Bank of New York Mellon Corp BK. (Filed Mar. 01, 2022). DEF 14A Proxy Statement. SEC Edgar. Source:

Michael’s fellow board members and officers in VEON Ltd.

“Join us in a back alley… and we’ll serve you (for lunch), Bwahahahaha”

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Aquarius Skyclock@thompson_uk posts:
Is this, (Radiation has Spread from Ukraine) going to be part of the “excuse” used for the VAXXX fall out. – first 5 mins..

World Warning. Radiation has Spread from Ukraine Across Europe to the UK

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Turkish President Erdogan calls Israel a ‘terrorist state’ over its actions in Gaza

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Here’s their problem about censoring social media networking. They can’t have it both ways – they can‘t surveil us if they censor us, or as Nikki Haley demands that there is full transparency and they have your name, address, and social score before you can post on social media. @Non_MSM_News

If they go draconian and try to shut off the internet, they damage themselves, their commerce, and their online propaganda.

Measures like these will drive cats further underground in the internet where they can never find us…. Especially when we turn on our super secret cloaking device – also invented by the man who invented social media networking. Very soon we will have our own private way of communicating that all their best quantum computers working together can not break the lock, according to the experts who have examined the privacy app. Cats will be the first to use this new system; we will be distributing through the cattery who can then distribute to their networks and downlines.

BTW anyone with a .gov suffix in their email address gets automatically rejected by the system. The U. S. government has still not paid its outstanding invoice from the Miller Act Notice.

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I was getting a dental cleaning and the hygienist was raving about a new type of dental floss called Burst. “It is black and is made from charcoal,” she said, “and gets into tight teeth, yet is flexible and won’t break.” So I asked her if it was made from graphene oxide. She had no idea what graphene oxide is…so there’s that.

Later, I researched this dental floss and it doesn’t say what it is made from. It says “special charcoal-black coating removes pesky stains.” As I read more about the product, my opinion is that it is made of graphene oxide.

If you were an evil globalist and wanted to get graphene oxide in healthy people who resisted your fake foods and fake vaccines, you would target something that healthy people do – DENTAL FLOSS. You would incentivize dental practices to push the product. This product is being rubbed against your teeth and gums for direct entry into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

We need to warn people about this product and the company needs to tell us what this dental floss is made from. Spread the word – give this message a push.

Did y’all notice during her speech that her left eye was droopy and her face contorted. Has she been vax injured?


The Economist came out with this issue on December 22, 2012, a day after the Mayan calendar ended. In order for Satan to create this world, he had to tell us. This cartoon is the method of the revelation.

The image has been circulating in social media this week.

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The Gabriels knew what was going down in December 2012 and traveled to Alaska to be under the aurora borealis to call upon the super human beings from Mercury, Venus, and Vulcan and the nine ranks of hierarchical of beings – basically, any higher being that could hear us – to come and aid humanity. We tell that story here: