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David Jensen: Silver Shortage Could End Paper Pricing

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OPERATION HOPIUM: NWO Globalist Cabal Cunningly Cons the Right via Ongoing PsyOp

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‘Paid To Stay Home’?! COVID Bill Pays Federal Employees With Kids Out Of School Up To $21K

If GameStop hits 800 before 2/26 we will trigger the Mother of All Short Squeezes

Deagel’s Forecast Of Massive Depopulation By 2025


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This time IS different. What made the Squeeze possible, how and when it will go down.

Internment camps now in Canada

It Now Only Costs $350 To 3D-Print An Entire Gun

College: The Profitable Business of Enslaving Students

France considers slowing vaccine rollout for hospital staff, with many unable to work following jab

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Yellen Signals Interest in Backing Digital-Dollar Research

SCOTUS Refuses To Hear Pa. Election Lawsuits

Supreme Court Clears Path for New York Grand Jury to Receive President Trump Tax Returns

House Congressional Committee Organizes ‘Ministry of Truth’, Asks Cable Media to Begin Censoring Unapproved Speech

World’s Largest Hedge Fund Manager Warns Emerging Tech Stocks In “Extreme Bubble”

Supreme Court Hands Trump Monday Losses On Tax Returns, PA Election Challenge

Kansas Bill Will Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender In The State

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Mike and Doug are back! Listen to their newest research from the mines. ASTONISHING!

Canada To Follow Australia’s Lead In Charging Facebook For Links

The Gene Code Injection! An Experiment on Humanity!

Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Techs Are Booming at the Cost of Your Privacy

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