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Overthrowing America in Twelve Steps

The hundred-year attack on America has been accomplished in 12 steps that spell out the demise of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights. Each step is explained in detail and adds another picture to the puzzle of the apparent “regime change” that George Soros and his “bought and paid for” activists groups are conducting against Trump. The 12th step in the overthrow of America was to be the election of Hillary Clinton and the continuation of the Bush/Clinton/Obama CIA White House. Trump’s victory is the wrecking ball that is tearing down the walls that surround DC political corruption and the sell-out of American liberties.

The Second American Revolution is a new battle to take back American freedom from warlord bankers who have economically imprisoned Americans in continual war debt that must be paid to the same Transnational Warlords who Americans fought against in the First American Revolution.  

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Is an American Coup d’etat in Progress?

After watching the fleecing of the world by the Bush Oil Cartel and the “Unquestioned Supreme Rule” of King Obama, Hillary and Wild Bill got sloppy and thought they could grab what they wanted and the warlord banker controlled legacy media would ignore their crimes and cover their tracks. Unfortunate for them, patriotic Americans noticed and called out the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome and wrote books and articles, made movies and videos exposing their crimes.

Obama’s unsealed records will more than likely show that Obama is not who he says he is.  Obama’s true father was an Indonesian Muslim extremist and Barry Soetoro’s mother was working as a CIA agent trying to penetrate Islamic terrorism both in Kenya and Indonesia.
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How WWIII Was Averted in a Remote Place Called Astana

Astana is the Bush Oil Cartel’s (rogue Bush CIA) beautiful new home, equipped with a Palace of Peace that is focused on creating a new global theocracy with Kazakhstan’s corrupt president, Nursultan Nazarbayev leading the UN sponsored movement. All of these bad actors were just waiting for their gal Hillary Clinton to become president so they could collapse it all and roll up the world in a New World Order, headquarters located in Astana.

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Citizen Intelligence Report to Citizens of the World

AIM gives you better intelligence than the President and his Cabinet get from the CIA and all associated intelligence agencies. We ask you to disseminate this CITIZEN INTELLIGENCE REPORT to everyone in the world. Feel free to make videos, repost any article—whole or in part. Please do anything you can to educate your audience, friends and colleagues, and family about this evil. God bless America and all of the citizens and nations on Earth who join together in our united effort to bring Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All.

REBEL ALLIANCE UNITE! We ask that citizens around the world call on their inner Hans, Luke, and Leia. The story of Star Wars is more than a science fiction movie. The characters and plot are deeply embedded memes that actually point to the truth about forces in the world that wish to destroy humanity.
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DARPA Vader and the Evil Intel Empire Inside Uncovering the DoD Sith Lords that Control Your Laptop

DARPA Vader and the Evil Emperor are in open warfare with the rebellion that has hi-jacked the microprocessing industry and the infiltrated the Imperial Command. The word Intel was used for this DARPA product because it is collecting personal INTELLIGENCE from YOU that can be used against YOU anytime the Evil Empire decides it is to be done.

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Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, Luke Skywalker (the archetypal human) finds his life embroiled, if not consumed, by machines. Luke is the master of those machines, because he has consciousness and, therefore, is pulled by the left and right. He is an orphan, as all modern humans find themselves, and knows that something great lives inside of him. He has hope in a hopeless world.

Luke’s father has fallen prey to the evil right-hand path of machines that has transformed him into a part-man – part machine abomination who wars against his own spirit and wishes to dominate the world, even if it means killing his son.The left-hand path of personal black magic lives in the Evil Emperor who also wishes to kill all Jedi and, most especially, the son of Darth Vader.