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Each day we scan hundreds of headlines, read dozens of articles, and watch hours of video in order to offer you an intelligent picture of the world from an American citizen point of view. We use the research from our Anonymous Patriots intelligence reports as a guide on what we should be uncovering “next” as we take down the Deep State Titans. As “Odin and Frigg,” we use conscious clairvoyance, a form of reading the Akashic Record, to see the future or to find historical truths that are being hidden from us. We use both capacities–intellect and intuition–to compose each Truth News Headline post.

Our readers are an interesting and eclectic group. Some are intelligence agents and geo-political strategists in countries worldwide who find that our citizens intelligence reports hold vital information for them in resisting the Deep State Titans and provide a clear picture of criminal enterprises both in the United States and in other parts of the world. Other readers are spiritual scientists that have a longer view of the war of good and evil and see the day’s events as symptoms of a greater unfolding happening in the evolution of humanity as we ascend into a higher vibration. We also welcome the casual readers who surf in and out, selecting the nuggets that are of interest to them and moving on to their next site.

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Archangel Michael vs LuciferMax Igan on Giving Life to Lucifer

We begin with an interesting audio regarding Lucifer, 5G, evil, usury, hidden networks, CERN, and sigils. Max does a good job tying all of these concepts together and presenting an esoteric picture of today’s world events. Before reading the article links below, we recommend that you take time to listen to the lecture. For readers that want to go know more about 5G, Max references 5G – The Elephant in Your Living Room


Max discusses CERN in the audio above. Below are articles that we have written about CERN that can give you a deeper understanding of this project. 

CERN: Biggest Science Scam in History False Flag of All Time


Is CERN a False Flag Operation?


Why CERN’s Big Bang Research is a Big Fraud


QubeAlso discussed in Max’s audio, is the concept of sigils. We recently posted an article about the Qube and sigils that we invented in order to “antidote” the detrimental energies of lower vibration sigils.

An important esoteric concept in grappling with evil is that one is more successful in “taking it on” from a higher dimension. It is through the path of spiritual consciousness that we will defeat evil and redeem Lucifer in the physical world.

man demons steiner.

Occult Significance of the Great Truth Revelations we are now witnessing



This is what our sigil looks like.


Why is evil in the world? 

This is a question that we hear frequently – especially as the greatest crimes of humanity continue to be revealed with more and more horror each day – global pedophilia, human trafficking, organ and blood harvesting, satanic cults, and religions that have turned to serve this evil. In the audio below, a selection from the writings of Tyla and Douglas Gabriel is read and may bring you comfort in hearing that evil can be used to awaken us.


The Story of Lucifer

The esoteric story of Lucifer is a grand one, indeed. Douglas Gabriel, who worked with Marcia Lucas in developing the characters and plot of Star Wars and Kathleen Kennedy with Indiana Jones, has often said that a far greater tale lies in the story of Lucifer. If you are not familiar with the anthroposophic foundations of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, you might be surprised at how far and deep great spiritual truths have been disseminated in popular culture. We just need to AWAKEN THE FORCE that has already been implanted in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration


The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones


Michael and LuciferLucifer’s Grail


Are you one of the 48 called upon to lift the consciousness of humanity?

All humanity is engaged in the battle that Max Igan describes so well in his audio. We want to “arm” as many of you as possible to fight these forces at higher dimensions. Rudolf Steiner says that it takes 48 of us to do so. If these words resonate with you, then you are one of the 48 who have been called upon to lift the consciousness of humanity by keeping your own consciousness above the mortal battlefield.

Sometimes it takes only a few dedicated people or “warriors” to turn the tide and win the day. The brave soldier who lifts up the fallen flag and leads forward may bring the rest of the army along with him. Often, history is changed by one single person following her inner truth. Even when insurmountable odds may stand in the way, a truth seeker may become the David that slew Goliath with a single stone. How much more encouraged we can be when four groups of twelve gather together, virtually, physically, or spiritually, to “hold the light” for humanity and focus on truth, goodness, and beauty.

These 48 fully awake and conscious individuals are a homeopathic remedy for the world’s ills and can be the pillars that hold up the edifice of the temple that houses wisdom and integrity as a stronghold against the onslaught of evil from Lucifer, Ahriman, the Ausuras and even the Sun-Demon himself – Sorath.

Evil is good that has been turned against the work of the progressive spiritual beings. Those beings, including Christ and Sophia, stand ready to assist any spiritual aspirant to overcome the stumbling blocks on the path of self-development. As these spiritual helpers aid us in our work, so, too, the efforts of spiritual groups working together are a help to the rest of the world.

It only takes one single quartz crystal to transform an entire vat of amorphous quartz into perfect crystals. Sometimes, just being the first one to jump into the mix creates a revolution. We should never underestimate the power of a single individual who sticks to the agenda of good to topple the plans of evil.

For those of you willing to be vigilant souls, please see the following articles to keep your consciousness focused on helping our brothers and sisters find the way to ascension.

Noah ArkSurviving the Apocalypse: How to Create an Ark for the Future

Ahriman: Occult Annihilation of the Soul


Bridge to HeavenPerception as a Bridge to the Spiritual World

Christian Rosenkreutz is Calling His Pupils. Are You One?


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