The British Privy Council has used the British and American Pilgrims Societies for over 100 years to subvert America


This, Patriots, is the EVIL CABAL that has been running America secretly for the British Empire. Time to name the enemy of the Republic – PILGRIMS SOCIETY.

And guess who their secret army is in Washington?


pilgrims afi 1.JPGpilgrims society members

The British Privy Council and its Peers have used the interchangeable British and American Pilgrims Societies for over 100 years to subvert American history, seize control of US banks, corporations, government, education and media propaganda

The Pilgrims are overrun with Privy Council-led British peers including Viscounts, Dukes, Barons, Knights and Lords.

A Pilgrim named Robert L. Schuettinger helped Jimmy Carter organize the Senior Executive Services (SES). Page 2010. See SES expose.

A Pilgrim named Thomas Warren Childs helped FDR organize the theft of over 50,000 patents held by citizens of the Axis powers and occupied lands (Anglo-American Patent Committee, 1940-45). Page 410. See NOW patent theft ring

Pilgrims dominate activity in the CIA, MI6, NSA, FBI, GCHQ, etc.

Pilgrims dominate American media including CBS, PBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, New York Times BBC, the Economist, etc.

Pilgrims run the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Le Cercle, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, NATO, and in the past The Milner Group, Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table, Skull & Bones, Ford Foundation, Zionism, Knights of Malta, Aspen Institute, Soros, Hoover Institution, Atlantic Council, etc.

The Pilgrims are dominated by a small group of families including Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothschilds, Rhodes, Milner, Woolsey (self-styled “British and American Aristocracy” modeled on Cecil Rhodes’ British-American federation dream

The Pilgrims created British-Israel Zionism to maintain a British foothold in the Middle East after WWII

The Pilgrims are smothered with Ivy League and Oxbridge self-styled elitist pontificating narcissists

The Pilgrims promote eugenics as a religion.

See full list including self-search capability of 2,548 pages of Pilgrims Society membership lists, starting from the early 20th Century to the current time. This is a huge ‘find’ for the community so make sure to  save this PDF for your records. Let’s make sure that this secret society is never hidden from humanity again.

Click here to review and search the list.


trump google.JPG

President Donald Trump promised supporters Tuesday he was keeping an eye on Google, despite CEO Sundar Pichai’s reassurances they were not trying to stop him winning re-election in 2020. Read more.



Donald Trump Blames Shooting Violence on ‘Fake News’ Media


Cloudflare…. Robert Mueller’s revenge

Cloudflare Blacklists 8Chan Following El Paso Shooting

Connect the dots from Cloudfare to Robert Mueller from an article we posted earlier this year. These false flags give the perfect excuse to shut down 8chan, home of Q and other information warriors. It’s the same play they made in Christchurch.

Robert Mueller Muscling Hillary Clinton for Encryption Keys

The Pilgrims Society (finally a “formal” name for the evil cabal) needs to shut down patriot speech on the internet. We are waking people up faster than they thought possible. Patriots around the world are threatening their very existence. They are failing the Cecil Rhodes’ plan to take over the world. Rhodes’ plan called for a slow 200-year plan, careful nudging and slowly putting the masses to sleep over the course of two centuries.

But the current roster of Pilgrims were greedy. They wanted it all. Now. In their lifetimes.

When the U.S. Government, actually controlled by Pilgrims Society operatives, stole Leader Technologies’ scalibility trade secrets through the IBM Eclipse Foundation, they thought they could put their plan into hyper-drive and get it done in just over 100 years.

But AIM Cats came along and spoiled their plans.



There is no threat to your gold and silver ownership remotely as severe as that presented by the Pilgrims Society of the United States, based in New York City!

pilgrims society awareness.jpgWe wanted to know about Edwin Pauley and his relationship to the Pilgrims Society because of his involvement in precious metals during WWII so we turned to our expert in these matters, AIM Patriot and Conclave member Condor who replied:

In this article below, an in-depth history is made concerning the Pilgrims Society—which includes the key players from the first generation of founders.

Pilgrims the Silver Stealers – An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens

Condor continues his comments in this post:

How the Pilgrims Society Steals Our Silver Wealth


Fox News and Twitter Push Shooting Hoax


Our Human History

For those of you sick and tired of the Pilgrims Society force feeding fake history in public school and university indoctrination centers through their revisionist history books, you might want to save this history timeline for yourself and your family. We put it in a convenient PDF form so that you could save a copy off-line.


Article 13.JPG

The Missing 13th Amendment:
No Lawyers Allowed In Public Office

Covert Plot That Altered The U.S. Constitution Exposed, Conspiracy To Subvert The American Republic Uncovered

This is Pilgrims Society Awareness Month. We circle back to the missing Thirteenth Amendment. Christopher Strunk recommends this article to the community. If you can’t read it today, please do it in the next few weeks. Many of you have long known about this missing amendment.

Chris has agreed do an audio with Douglas later in the month to explain why the Pilgrims made sure to hide this important amendment from us and why it is critical that we get it back in place and get rid of all members of the BAR in Congress.


pitch fork torches


AIM Patriot Jim notifies us:

I’m being banned from Republican Facebook sites in WA state. Most of my posts are about self-governance being overturned by the deep state; including calls to action to bring the criminals to justice. These truths are being conflated with suggestions to violence which is being used to justify banning. I always frame such suggestions with the rule of law and due process. However, in today’s world, this is not enough, as any call to action to promote justice is being conflated with violence to shutdown patriotism. Soon, there will be no method or channel for patriotic voices accept word of mouth, which will be ineffective compared to the co-opted fake news media.


gun control


China Allows Currency to Drop – President Trump Responds – Devaluation Lowers Consumer Import Prices


We haven’t shopped Whole Foods since Bezos-Amazon bought it. Now there is another reason to avoid this market

‘One Million Moms’ Boycotts Whole Foods Market for Sponsoring Drag Queen Hour


Gender Insanity, the Activist Mommy


CHICAGO: 15 Shot in 2 Incidents; Why Aren’t Those Called ‘Mass Shootings?’


Judicial Watch Sues over California Law Requiring Presidential Candidates Appearing on Primary Ballot to Disclose Tax Returns


elijah cummings 2.png


What a great solution!



Has it come to this? Comrades vs Patriots

Comic Relief: Democratic Socialists in Action


Michelle Obama: There Is “Zero Chance” I’ll Run For President


AIM Patriot Tim S. says:

I’m locked out of Twitter again.
I’m relying on “Thomas & Betsy” to read Trump tweets to me.

Donald Trump on fire.

Our Reply: Tim, Trump posts faster on Twitter than we have time to read and respond. He is an INFORMATION WARRIOR on fire. He is showing all of us how to win the Great Information War.


Even big dogs are terrified of AIM CATS.


AIM Patriot Donna suggests:

Could you possibly consider a series with Michael McKibben drawing the inference ALL that is at stake in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights is predicated on the “perception” of what is called morality?

Michael McKibben’s quest for reparation of his stolen patent is a case in point.

Every day, as I retrieve your efforts to “enlighten” through your reports and videos, I see the question of what is immoral and moral before us … as a choice made by each of us, whether we perceive good or evil, as such, and, therefore, ultimately, what is the “Supreme” powder attributed to what we know as God.


betsy ross catBetsy bellows into the Conclave: “Hey, guys can you give me a post on morality and perception, with some enlightenment on the side?

Actually, Donna, Douglas is working on this subject right now so you are totally “in tune” with where we are headed next in our journey to truth. He buried himself in the research about a week ago and, WOWZER, his early findings are so delicious to the soul. We asked him to give us a sneak peek:

Douglas writes:

Perception is directly connected to the morality of the one perceiving. Perception is a cognitive process that is determined by the level of spiritual development of the beholder. A saint sees heaven all around, whereas a sinner sees the pathways of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The beholder is more responsible for the perception of the outer world than even the outer world is. “What is one man’s meat is another man’s poison” is literally true. If you are focused on angels, you will eventually perceive one. Perception is individualized and no two people see the world the same. Thus, when we can cognize the nature and function of perception through the heart, the central sense organ, we can change the world into a moral and spiritual place through our own control of what we “believe” we perceive in the outside world. We become what we speak, feel and do. We are responsible for creating our perception of the world.

Betsy notes that Oshana and the Asheville North Carolina Paradigm Shift Group will totally understand this reply. They are already surfing the Great Shift and had a first-hand experience of amazing synchronicity the other day, one that even surprised the Gabriels.

paradigm shift.JPG

For those ready to get some relief from the drama of the geopolitical world stage, we invite you to “cross the bridge” into our other sites and see the amazing spiritual landscape we prepared for you, full of exciting posts, videos, books, and free stuff from our hearts to yours. It is our digital Hagia Sophia, a temple for the goddess of Wisdom.

Let your heart be your compass as you explore this spiritual landscape that was created to reflect the amazing human being you have become. As each of us chooses morality over immorality, from an individual place in the heart, not by coercion or law, our world will change. The Great Shift begins with the shift in you.

Our Spirit


Gospel of Sophia

Eternal Curriculum


Human Spirit and Machines


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