IG Report On FBI Spying Exposes “Scandal Of Historic Magnitude” For US Media


NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels


ScienceCasts: Solar Minimum is Coming



democrat traitor impeach

Donald Trump Jr. Has Had Enough

So have we. Enjoy our extensive collection of impeachment memes (below) and stock up your meme arsenal. Tweet them through your social network and to the Democrats listed in Don’s report. We hear their phone mailboxes are full….

….so tweet or email some of your favorite impeachment memes and educate your district’s Democrat. Let them know that it is OK to become a Republican. Let them know that we are making big changes in the two-party system.

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We are sorting out the new teams in their proper fashion. All lefties, Marxists, Communists, and AOC squad-types stay on the Democrat side. All NeverTrumpers, RATs, RINOs, and ROMNEYs in the Republican Party switch to the Democrat Party.

Patriots, in all colors, sizes, and former party affiliations, are on the new Republican team.

globalist patriot parties

Did you know that Trump met with freshman Democrat Jeff Van Drew on Friday “as part of a courting strategy. Were Van Drew to flip, he would be certain to receive Trump’s endorsement if he sought reelection as a Republican. Such an endorsement is made all the more likely as the top Republican already vying for the seat has ties to the Bidens and has criticized Trump in the past.” Read more

New Jersey Democrat Congressman, Jeff Van Drew, Will Switch Parties Over Impeachment Fraud


We are living through historic times, folks. Our imaginations can set us free. It’s OK to make changes in the two-party system in the United States. It’s OK to welcome former Democrats, even elected ones, into the big tent of the Republican PATRIOT party.

It’s OK to tell the nevertrumpers to get out of the Republican Party. The RNC is filled with globalist puppets, Chamber of Commerce sycophants, and Soros boot-lickers. We don’t want ’em. The Democrat Party can have them!

democrats for trump 2


MN Democrat Collin Peterson says he won’t vote for impeachment ‘unless they come up with something’


ali watkins presstitutes.JPG


fbi bias.JPG

long noose.

IG Report On FBI Spying Exposes “Scandal Of Historic Magnitude” For US Media


Obama Era Political Surveillance, and The Dual Purpose of Fusion GPS


Don’t let Senior Executive Service lawyers at the DOJ spin their crimes into being nothing more than sloppy work, mishandling documents, and oopsie daisies. This was a PLANNED OVERTHROW of the United States and its President. Thankfully, they have been caught with evidence that is a permanent record of their sedition and treason. They will need to face trail and, if convicted, be given the harshest penalties allowed by law.

We can never have this happen again in U.S. history, even though it means that folks like Lisa Page will be permanently separated from her children. Start doing your boo-hoos now for these losers. Lisa Page certainly didn’t care about OUR CHILDREN’s future when she was texting Peter plans to overthrow a president.

branco trump russia.jpg


John Comnenus posts:

When is Roberts going to be impeached? He has had the Collier report for years and he has done nothing about it. Now Horowitz has more hard evidence that his courts are being abused and he is doing nothing about it. Roberts is a disgrace who has presided over the total collapse of confidence in US Courts. And he doesn’t seem to care.


patriots take action

PATRIOT TROOPS ON THE GROUND!! Time to get in their faces, patriots. Make sure your neck of the woods has ample coverage of patriots attending Democrat events. Don’t wait on others to do it. GET OUT THERE AND SAVE OUR NATION FROM DEMONRATS. Record a video and let us scale your actions globally.

Adam Schiff Protested By Trump Supporters: Protesters yell “liar, liar, liar”


tt cnn fox news.JPG


brad parscale.JPG
Watch the video and share the tweet



Keep in mind that Axios is a propaganda internet site…so for them to report this has to be soooo painful. And the great news is that this campaign looks to be headed by Kushner and Parscale and not that Romney operative at the head of the RNC.

Press gulps as Team Trump unleashes a full-sail 2020 re-election plan

Axios had a good list of “takeaways” from the briefing, which apparently the Trumpsters, led by Jared Kushner and Brad Parscale, were confident enough to let reporters hear about, which included the smart move to purge state organizations of NeverTrump clowns in leadership positions (who’d want to volunteer for Trump in states under such leadership?), a focus on “tiny” counties in the flyover disdained by leftists, which includes a plan to win Minnesota this time, a plan to encourage voters who sat home in the midterms because Trump’s name wasn’t on the ballot, a plan to win the black and Latino vote, a savvy use of impeachment to sell campaign merchandise and motivate voters, a plan to use tech techniques to capture data from rallies, and another plan to turn every Trump rally into “a four or five day event” in the locations where they happen.

Both reports said the Trump campaign was swimming in money, nearly a hundred million dollars, most of it from those low-dollar donors Democrats otherwise claim they “own.”


join forces with Betsy Ross

AIM Patriot ezduzit63 left this note under a Cat Report. We are bringing it to the top of the page so everyone can see it:

There were a couple Bike Riders stop by the local Tavern last night..1 was a short little guy the other a very large muscular guy with a cut on that said Armed Forces…they stopped, made a pass through the place then came outside where I was smoking…the large man walked up to me..bummed a cigarette…as he did..I saw another patch on his vest that made me proud…it was the Betsy Ross flag…we are not alone.

Our reply:  Our freedom community is global and grassroots. They don’t see us coming. Y’all remember that we put Rush Limbaugh in charge of team uniforms. Get your Betsy gear at http://www.rushlimbaugh.com.

Betsy Ross Redpills Rush Limbaugh



trump rudy guiliani.JPG

Douglas had some things to say about this meme, but not in time for today’s Cat Report. So when we have recorded the next ‘Betsy & Thomas’, you can find the upload at https://vimeo.com/tylagabriel.



What is the secret of Hillary Clinton’s strangely plumped-up-cheeks?

LordReekrus looks at Hillary and writes: “It’s like some star wars game where the more evil you partake in the uglier your appearance becomes. The further you slip into the dark side the more it manifests on your face.”

hillary cheeks 1.JPG


..like seeing more and more of the man inside Michelle becoming more obvious the older he gets? Check out the very large Adam’s Apple protruding from our last First “Lady’s” neck.

michelle obama 2020


Here is Rep. Josh Hawley (R-MO). Y’all remember him – the representative that put forth a bill to mildly hand-slap Facebook for being such an ogre…but the bill never went anywhere which was, as we suspected, just smoke and mirrors from Hawley’s globalists handlers who don’t want you to look at the THEFT OF SOCIAL MEDIA from Leader Technologies.

Now the globalist puppet hiding as a conservative has concluded that the FBI interfered with the election. DUH!! How long did it take all of those brain cells in your head, Josh, to figure this out? AIM Patriots have known this for over two years!

GOP Sen. Hawley: The FBI Interfered in the 2016 Election

What’s really going on here? Hawley and his globalist handlers are getting nervous that patriots around the world are finding out the ORIGINS OF THE COUP…. and they want you to stop looking now and just look at the FBI.

It’s called information containment. The Pilgrims Society will need to throw the FBI under the bus in order to keep us from looking deeper into the origins of the coup and their man Josh Hawley, not the brightest bulb in Congress, will be there to make sure you look no further.

Contact Rep. Hawley and educate him, especially if you are from Missouri: https://www.hawley.senate.gov/contact-senator-hawley

Make sure Missouri knows the ORIGINS OF THE COUP.

If your elected officials, wherever you live in the world, are as far behind in truth narrative as Missouri’s Rep. Josh Hawley, make sure to get them up to speed. This is a global matter.

Contact your U.S. Congressperson here. 



Keep in mind that the video below is produced by PBS (are those NPC heads in their logo?) and they are notorious for pushing globalist propaganda. ALWAYS be discerning when listening to Public Broadcasting Sh*t. However, there are some great graphics inside this one.

Viewer Bill Hart noted after watching the video: Completely missed here is the many things Molten Salt Reactors can do besides generating electricity, most importantly they can and should be used to decommission existing nuclear reactors because they can use the “spent” fuel present at almost every existing commercial power plant and extract more than 90% of the remaining energy while simultaneously reducing the mass and volume of the actual nuclear waste by 90% and the half-lives to about 300 years.

They are also small enough to be sited on the already secure reactor sites, and easily tie into the electrical grid at these locations. Next, since many existing reactors are sited near sea-water, they can be used for desalination using their high-temperature to more efficiently remove the salt from sea-water rather than RO membranes that are high cost, maintenance, and energy-intensive. They are also quite scalable.

Seaborg 100 MWe Molten Salt Reactor would fit on a regular truck and burn nuclear waste


Thorium and the Future of Nuclear Energy


Let’s educate and enlighten folks about the coming mini-ice age as well as the new energy technologies that are available. We do not need to fearmonger. But we do need to have our networks understand that the Pilgrims Society and its subgroups want to suppress this technology from us. Some have even suggested that the Pilgrims plan on using this natural event as a way to “cull the human herd” – killing off unprepared populations.

Patriots around the world must demand that their countries be free to use any and all energy sources in preparation for the coming climate change – which is going to be colder than normal and will need energy resources for abundant heat in greenhouses, homes, offices, and everywhere. We have the technology. The greedy elite hoarders are keeping it from the people of the planet.

Remember when actor John Wayne tried to warn us about the Pilgrims?


plastic garbage.jpg

Newly invented bacteria eats plastic

Morgan Vague, a biology student at Reed College in Oregon, may have found a solution to one of the most urgent environmental crises in the world. She discovered a breeding bacteria that can “eat” plastic and break it down into by-products that are harmless.

Ms. Vague stated that the process that will be done by the plastic “eating” bacteria could have a big part in solving the world’s plastic problem. Every year, billions of tonnes are dumped in oceans and landfills. Around 300 million tonnes of plastic are thrown away every year, and 10% of it are recycled.


mind control schools


Don’t Let Schools Propagandize Your Kids




huffman hand signs.JPG


joe biden hand sign.JPG




We say A.O.K, Boomers!

We love our Boomers here in the Conclave where we are all Boomers and some are even older. We are harnessing our love of country, our extensive knowledge of history and world events, and our skills in social media to point the way to a planet that can be filled with peace and prosperity for future generations.

So when you hear the term “ok, Boomer” and see the OK sign flashed, rest assured that the American Intelligence Media Conclave has your back and everything is going to be A. OK.


Thanks to the Conclave Boomers, the AIM community knew that Obama was wiretapping Trump Tower, and Dmitri Alperovitch at Crowdstrike was up to no good at the time the picture below was taken!

The dim-witted Rep. Josh Hawley is just now figuring this out. Wait until he finds out that the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump goes back to Richard Dearlove, Arvinder Sambei, and the Queen’s Privy Council.

obama trump.JPG


What is the Privy Council? Here is how they describe themselves (which couldn’t possibly be filled with disinformation – wink)


trump biden pushup garrison.JPG


TYPOS: Yes, this blog will occasionally have typos. Do you realize how fast we have to move to get out great content to you each day? We always go back and review our Cat Reports after they are pushed out and correct the most obvious typos, errors, omissions. However, this will not correct your emailed version of the blog. So all you nit-pickers out there, get over yourselves. The world of citizen blogging does not include a team of staff editors before material is pushed out. We know folks in our community are very smart and can figure out when Betsy has made these errors. What really matters…. CONTENT.

That having been said, we appreciate corrections that are significant like the one that AIM Patriot James pointed out. He writes:

“I believe I have discovered a significant and obvious error likely a typo in the linked piece … Czar Nicholas II and his family were murdered July in 1918 not as written July 1917 according to the Wikipedia article below … though the Pilgrims Society sponsored Bolsheviks obscured their brutal murder of the defenseless Romanovs for many years. I am a big fan of AIM and AFI work and look forward to all of your CAT reports, articles and videos!”


Here is a Wikipedia articles showing the year is 1918.


Our reply to James: We sent your note to the miners at AFI. Since they prepared the piece, it is they who need to verify the correction. Who knows…those amazing miners may have found out that Wikipedia was incorrect.


end the fed.png

The Federal Reserve is responsible for the growth of government, the loss of liberty, the rise in income inequality, and the boom-and-bust economic cycle. All those who support liberty, peace, and prosperity should join the effort to audit and end the Fed. Learn more


Ahhh…the meme weaponry that can be made from this joker’s face.

hillary cheeks 2.jpg


AIM Patriot and artist Mark sends us a little glass bead with a note: “A siren I got in Barcelona 1998 and a beautiful sculpture found on the beach in Palermo Sicilia a year later. In person, the “ancient” statue looks like a mother feeding a child…. imagination is my best friend in seeing.”



The heart as central sense organ of the physical and spiritual worlds transforming earthly substance into cosmic food that nourishes self-development.

Etherization of the Blood by Douglas Gabriel


AIM Patriot Nancy wrote:

Comment: Maybe it is just my computer but…when I open you web page, it is completely white with black border. I chk’d 2 days later, same thing-My cursor showed the “hand” and I clicked and low and behold I was in your website. Your opening page does not have a presentation and I found the interior articles only by clicking on the cursor “hand” indicator.


Gongyo & Daimoku Morning (lyrics)


AIM Patriot Don was reflecting on a Steiner quote we posted and writes:

We Buddhists (Soka Gakkai International, SGI) dwell on the fact that life on earth is riddled with disappointments and challenges and our objective is to actually leave this material world for a seat alongside Buddha (great details are written of Buddhas heaven).
We believe in chanting to our mandella (Gohonzon) to improve our life on earth but we prepare for death because at the moment we may be recycled back into this painful earth existence or if we have secured our spirit to stage of enlightenment then we escape the horrors of this life on earth – so I have spent my past 25 yrs looking forward to dying as I practice my Buddhism to attain enlightenment in one life time..,,
The below recitation is called Gongyo, this is the actual words written by Buddha that we recite in between passages of a mediative chant called Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, a sacred verse that when vocalized will draw the attraction of Buddhas in the universe to support your mornings and evenings, it works!
Thank you for the educational material, your good nature shows through your work, XieXie


The below gongyo is in Japanese language because 13 century Japanese Buddhist Priest created a “canned” quick path to enlightenment in one lifetime, it works, google SGI in your city, likely have an SGI temple closeby should you wish to dig deeper! ENJOY




Myo ho ren ge kyo.

Hoben-pon.  Dai ni.

Niji seson.  Ju sanmai.

Anjo ni ki.Go shari-hotsu.

Sho-but chi-e. Jinjin muryo.

Go chi-e mon. Nange nannyu.

Issai shomon.Hyaku-shi-butsu.

Sho fu no chi. Sho-i sha ga.

Butsu zo shingon. Hyaku sen man noku.

Mushu sho butsu. Jin gyo sho-butsu.

Muryo doho. Yumyo shojin.

Myosho fu mon. Joju jinjin.

Mi-zo-u ho. Zui gi sho setsu.

Ishu nange.  Shari-hotsu.

Go ju jo-butsu irai.  Shuju innen.

Shuju hiyu. Ko en gonkyo.

Mu shu hoben.  Indo shujo.

Ryo ri sho jaku.  Sho-i sha ga.

Nyorai hoben. Chi-ken hara-mitsu.

Kai i gu-soku.  Shari-hotsu.

Nyorai chi-ken. Kodai jinnon.

Muryo muge. Riki.  Mu-sho-i.  Zenjo.

Gedas.  Sanmai. Jin nyu musai.

Joju issai. Mi-zo-u ho.

Shari-hotsu. Nyorai no.

Shuju fun-betsu. Gyo ses sho ho.

Gon-ji nyunan. Ekka shushin.

Shari-hotsu.  Shu yo gon shi.

Muryo muhen. Mi-zo-u ho.

Bus shitsu joju. Shi shari-hotsu.

Fu shu bu setsu. Sho-i sha ga.

Bus sho joju. Dai ichi ke-u.

Nange shi ho. Yui butsu yo butsu.

Nai no kujin. Shoho jisso.

Sho-i shoho. Nyo ze so.

Nyo ze sho. Nyo ze tai.

Nyo ze riki. Nyo ze sa.

Nyo ze in. Nyo ze en.

Nyo ze ka. Nyo ze ho.

Nyo ze honmak mkukyo to.


Myo ho ren ge kyo.

Nyorai ju-ryo-hon.  Dai ju-roku.

Ji ga toku bu rai.  Sho kyo sho kosshu.

Muryo hyaku sen man.  Oku sai asogi.

Jo seppo kyoke.  Mushu oku shujo.

Ryo nyu o butsu-do.  Nirai muryo ko.

I do shujo ko.  Hoben gen nehan.

Ni jitsu fu metsu-do.  Jo ju shi seppo.

Ga jo ju o shi.  I sho jin-zu-riki.

Ryo tendo shujo. Sui gon ni fu ken.

Shu ken ga metsu-do.  Ko kuyo shari.

Gen kai e renbo., Ni sho katsu-go shin.

Shujo ki shin-bukui.  Shichi-jiki i nyunan.

Isshin yok ken butsu.  Fu ji shaku shinmyo.

Ji go gyo shuso. Ku shutsu ryojusen.

Ga ji go shujo.  Jo zai shi fu-metsu.

I ho-ben-rik ko.  Gen u metsu fu-metsu.

Yo-koku u shujo.  Kugyo shingyo sha.

Ga bu o hi chu.  I setsu mujo ho.

Nyoto fu mon shi.  Tan ni ga metsu-do.

Ga ken sho shujo.  Motsu-zai o kukai.

Ko fu I gen shin. Ryo go sho katsu-go.

In go shin renbo.  Nai shutsu I seppo.

Jin-zu-riki nyo ze.  O asogi ko.

Jo zai ryojusen.  Gyu yo sho jusho.

Shujo ken ko jin.  Dai ka sho sho ji.

Ga shi do annon.  Tennin jo juman.

Onrin sho do-kaku.  Shuju ho shogon.

Hoju ta keka.  Shujo sho yu-raku.

Shoten gyaku tenku.  Jo sas shu gi-gaku.

U mandara ke.  San butsu gyu daishu.

Ga jodo fu ki.  Ni shu ken sho jin.

Ufu sho kuno. Nyo ze shitsu juman.

Ze sho zai shujo.  I aku-go innen.

Ka asogi ko. Fu mon sanbo myo.

Sho u shu ku-doku.  Nyuwa shichi-jiki sha.

Sokkai ken gashin.  Zai shi ni seppo.

Waku-ji-i shi shu.  Setsu butsu-ju muryo.

Ku nai ken bussha.  I setsu butsu nan chi.

Ga chi-riki nyo ze.  Eko sho muryo.

Jumyo mushu ko.  Ku shugo sho toku.

Nyoto u chi sha.  Mot to shi sho gi.

To dan ryo yo jin.  Butsu-go jip puko.

Nyo I zen hoben.  I ji o shi ko.

Jitsu zai ni gon shi.  Mu no sek komo.

Ga yaku I se bu.  Ku sho kugen sha.

I bonbu tendo.  Jitsu zai ni gon metsu.

I joken go ko.  Ni sho kyoshi shin.

Ho-itsu jaku go-yoku.  Da o aku-do chu.

Ga jo chi shujo.  Gyo do fu gyo do.

Zui o sho ka do. I ses shuju ho.

Mai ji sa ze nen.  I ga ryo shujo.

Toku nyu mu-jo do.  Soku joju busshin.




Appreciation for the Gohonzon

With deepest respect, I offer my profound gratitude and appreciation to the Gohonzon, which embodies Nam myoho renge-kyo,the essence of the Lotus Sutra.

With deepest respect, I offer my profound gratitude and appreciation to Nichrin Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law.

With deepest respect, I offer my profound gratitude and appreciation to Nikko Shonin.

Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo three times.


Appreciation for the Three Founding Presidents

I offer my profound gratitude and appreciation for the three founding presidents of the Soka Gakkai-Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Josei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda-for their noble example of selfless dedication to propagation of the Law, honouring them as the eternal mentors of kosen-rufu.

Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo three times.


Prayers for Worldwide Kosen-rufu and for the deceased

I pray that the great vow for the worldwide kosen-rufu be fulfilled and that the Soka Gakkai International will  develop in this endeavour for countless generations to come.

I pray to accomplish my own human revolution, change my karma and fulfil all my wishes (Offer additional prayers here)

I pray for my deceased relatives and all those who have passed away, particularly for these

individuals: (Sound the bell continuously while offering prayers.)

Chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo three times.

I pray for peace throughout the world and the happiness of all living beings.

Sound the bell and chant 

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo three times to conclude.

human revolution.jpeg


Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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