Letter Asks U.S. Senate to Probe Kamala Harris’s Eligibility


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Look who’s finally getting busted for being an ILLEGAL ALIEN!! She is a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT and FOREIGN agent.

Letter Asks U.S. Senate to Probe Kamala Harris’s Eligibility

“Documents obtained from the US national archives state that the parents of Kamala D. Harris were not ‘immigrants’ at the time of her October 20, 1964 birth. The parents of Kamala D. Harris were in fact ‘non-immigrants’ (per titles of the sworn documents they signed as part of their applications for Student Visas, which permitted their presence in the USA in 1964).”

According to federal law, legal immigrants must reside in the United States for five years, with certain exceptions, before they are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. Additional requirements include proficiency in English and passing a civics test, among others.

Referencing two active court cases which have not fully adjudicated the question of Harris’s eligibility, the letter contends that, “Factual and legal issues of this sort will require investigation” as well as raising a new question: “What are the legal implications, and potential liabilities, should members of the Electoral College act to certify an ineligible candidate for office?”

Folks, time to get your downline refreshed on the Kamala Harris fraud. Remind them about this FOREIGN INTERLOPER and ILLEGAL ALIEN. Here are a few of the pieces that we have written about this piece of globalist garbage.

Proof that Kamala Harris is not a U. S. citizen. She isn’t even eligible to hold her office as a United States Senator.

Kamala Harris is an illegal alien

Voters Sue that Kamala Harris is Not Eligible to Hold Office as President, Vice President, or U.S. Senator. She’s a fraud and an illegal alien.

Kamala Harris’ Horrible Skeletons in the Closet

U. S. Senator Kamala Harris is not a United States citizen. Demand her deportation immediately.


We are in the most precarious times in history. Listen to Douglas Gabriel explain how this is our “Crossing the Delaware 2.0.”



All of these actors are well-groomed imposters planted at their companies by the British Pilgrims Society and their bankers

They are the new Golden Horde working to take down the Christian American Republic

Their glowing resumes and bank accounts are all fake

They all “care for your safety” and want you to take the untested, permanent DNA-altering vaccine and keep wearing your masks like good little sheeple

Resistance is NOT futile.

Be bold. Have courage. Act now!

See you in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 05-06, 2020; We The People must seize back control of our Republic from these British-Chinese interlopers



  • American courts are controlled by the British Inns of Court and the Inner Temple
  • American banks are controlled by London Banks and a foreign-owned Federal Reserve, including Lord Rothschild
  • American government bureaucracies are controlled by the British Crown Agent surrogates in the Senior Executive Service (SES)
  • American pharma is controlled by the British Wellcome Trust including the founder of biotechnology, Lord Rothschild
  • American media is controlled by British Reuters and BBC propagandists via Pilgrims owners including J.P. Morgan and Lord Rothschild
  • American education and publishing are controlled by Anglophiles Carnegie, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations
  • American surveillance intelligence is controlled by British MI6, MI5 and GC
  • American telecommunications is controlled by British QintetiQ
  • American Patent OfficeFEMA regions (at least 2 & 9), Navy SPAWAR and 63 air traffic controllers are controlled by British SERCO
  • American Army global inventory system controlled by British QinetiQ… in Britain! Read more


Lin Wood tweets: “Wow! Mike Pence @VP@Mike_Pence announces on New Year’s Eve that he no longer plans to pursue career in politics!”


Mike Pence asks judge to toss Gohmert’s lawsuit that seeks to overturn election results


“Dan Scavino Jr. is alerting those with eyes to see of the storm that has begun and can be seen approaching from the distance. The red line has been drawn and appears it may have been crossed.” Read more in this blockbuster Marshall Report.


COVID ‘vaccines’ are a medical experiment on humanity

Yet, here we have President Trump in his New Years Eve message talking up the vaccines. Folks, the President is surrounded by enemies who are engaged in an information war to deceive him and the American people. Whether President Trump is executing a high-level deception on our enemy or is being poorly advised by his staff, we recommend that you stay away from putting anything “foreign” in your bloodstream.

Please educate your downline about the truth of vaccines. Patriots can REJECT vaccines and still support the President’s other actions.

COVID “Mutation” Stories Show That The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever


VIDEO body cam footage of the moment of explosion in Nashville


This technology will be used for good or evil. It will depend on the morality of the human controlling the levers. Will they be helpful aids in manufacturing, agriculture, and service industries or be unforgiving war machines turned against the citizenry? Boston Dynamics’ amazing robots Atlas and Handle

The tweet

Don’t hold your breath for DUMBASS Secretary of State to reveal the British-American Pilgrims Society’s attempt to overthrow the President, destroy America, and install Joe Biden. Drop into his Twitter and let him know that you aren’t listening to his globalist bullsh*t anymore.



So Long Common Sense (March 10, 2021. Production note. YouTube Big Brother doesn’t want you to view this important information, so they have censored this video.)

Ronna Romney—an incompetent reprobate—did absolutely nothing while the DNC completely changed the electoral process all summer. Not a single competent lawsuit was filed to challenge these illegal changes. RNC is pathetic. 

Please take some time to read and watch these carefully selected pieces about mortgage securities. We all know what happened when residential mortgages were bundled together in these types of securities back in 2008. The problem never went away as these investment vehicles are still used including commercial properties like apartment buildings. As you read the article and watch the videos, keep in mind that we have had almost a year of rent and mortgage forbearance.

As the globalshits have run out of places to sock their ill-gotten gains, they have been investing in real assets so that when the GREAT RESET occurs, they will own everything and YOU will own nothing. We will become permanent “renters of everything” …and EVERYTHING, including you, will be digitized and run off the internet Borg-style in their New World Order.

We have an alternative idea that can generate great wealth for our country. First, we need YOU to understand how the system works right now and how the collapse as it is designed favors THEM, not US.

Who Holds the $1.65 Trillion of Apartment Building Debt amid Eviction Bans and Plunging Occupancy Rates at High Rises?


What is a CMBS – Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security.

What are Mortgage-Backed Securities?

A Nation of Renters? The Federal Reserve is rogue, now buying one-third of all Mortgage Backed Securities. How does this end, and what does it mean for society? Federal Reserve Owns One-Third of Mortgages – What Does it Mean for Society? The creator is a slow-starter so skip over to the 1:00 mark.

So you see, they f^ed up their end game. The Federal Reserve has no place to go and the system is going to collapse. The question will be – into whose hands will this collapse – the Pilgrims or the Patriots? Our recommendation is to have the U. S. Treasury come in and “catch” this collapsing housing and property fiasco. By TREASURY we do not mean the Federal Reserve or the IRS as these are rogue “agencies” in the government that financially support the Pilgrims.

Also, keep in mind, that there are huge funds like Blackrock and Blackstone that are teetering with the same kinds of systematic failures. We simply cannot have millions of Americans homeless and forever “renting” from the foreign actor Federal Reserve.

We recommend that the U.S. Treasury back all these loans, not for the benefit of the Pilgrims, but for the people’s benefit. Property owners would continue to pay their mortgages, but to the U. S. Treasury, not the loan servicer or the hedge fund that owns the mortgage. When these companies and mortgage securities collapse, their assets, which are the physical properties themselves and the revenue from future mortgage payments, need to fall into the control of the U. S. Treasury, at least for this transition period.

As mortgage holders pay down their homes, the revenue collected would go directly into the U. S. Treasury and create a massive revenue stream that could eliminate the need for INCOME TAXES. The government would receive trillions of dollars each year by using this revenue stream from property and land that the globalishits thought would be theirs in the Great Reset.

Imagine that…wipe out federal income taxes through this unique asset revenue stream and save the housing market. Of course, there are lots of details to be worked out, but we could still keep local banks healthy by having them do what they are doing already – processing loans and generating fees from the transactions. Just like the video explained:

We would recommend that usury (interest rates) of any type STOPPED. The U. S. Treasury would not charge interest rates; however, if the purchaser became delinquent, the property would roll back into the U. S. Treasury as an asset, which could be sold again to another lender – like how a land contract works in proeprty acquisitions. (Again, lots of details here – this is just a quick overview.)

To those that wouldn’t want to see the U. S. Treasury have that much control over the nation’s property assets, we recommend that State Land Banks be created in all 50 states. Once your property is paid in full, the U. S. Treasury (or its agency designee) provides you with a real WARRANTY DEED (not a MERS piece of digital crap) and you can “bank” its value in a state land bank which becomes your store of value and funds that you can use for your future, your retirement, etc. Imagine how reverse mortgagees work and you can imagine how land banks work.

Over time, property assets and their values go back to the states under local, not federal, control. The STATE LAND BANKS can loan out money for state infrastructure projects and eventually issue home loans, auto loans, etc. Property holders who own their properties outright without a mortgage would be immediately eligible to use State Land Banks in this way.

In the Betsy Ross Economic Plan to Save America (wink), we eliminate the evil middle-men and their real estate Ponzi scheme. We eliminate federal income taxes and the IRS. The Federal Reserve is dissolved because of its bankruptcy. Citizens would create wealth by investing in land and property in the U.S., which in turn becomes their personal “bank account” in a decentralized system of state land banks.

We also need state depositories for precious metals so that citizens have a safe, secure way to store their real money without worrying that it will be stolen from their safe deposit boxes at the commercial banks or pulled from their mattresses by thieves. We need at least 50 of these depositories in 50 states.

Here’s what UTAH has done: Welcome to the Utah Gold & Silver Depository. Texas also offers state-supported precious metal storage: https://texasdepository.com/

Depositors would pay a reasonable annual fee for storage. The asset holdings would have a digital or crypto type currency that could be used to draw against the holdings in the depository. So imagine that you would have a debit card against your gold and silver holdings that you could easily put in your wallet and use conveniently anywhere you shop. If you didn’t pay back your debit card each month, the state depository could claim a portion of your precious metals holdings as payment.

Happy New Year!