China’s Path to World Domination



The Red-Green Menace

In this Climate Discussion Nexus “Backgrounder”, Dr. John Robson warns of a weird convergence between the Green movement’s “Net Zero” plan and the Chinese Communist Party’s “Hundred Year Marathon” plan, both of which would leave the West crippled by rejection of fossil fuels by 2050 while China became globally dominant by exploiting them.


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The massive movement of silver on the weekend of January 29 – 31 occurred before WallStreetSilver had started its Reddit thread. Although, BIG SHOUT OUT to these silver apes for doing such an amazing job keeping everyone around the planet energized about buying and holding silver.



AIMCats Fire Silver Truth Bullets

The influential community of the American Intelligence Media knew OPPORTUNITY had met PREPAREDNESS; they were armed with information and truth from years of study and knew just what to do. It was a precision hit – with a silver bullet.

We Are Organized!


Did you miss the last Cat Nips? If so, click here.

Here is the latest Cat Report on Neoanthroposophy.


Make sure to defend Kash Patel who knows the deep criminality in the swamp as researched here on AIM. Patel is a warrior for truth. However, if he doesn’t use these truth bombs to defend himself, there isn’t much we can do for him other than get the word out that he is being politically persecuted.

DOJ Targeting Ex-Trump Official For Debunking Russia Hoax

“Patel is widely credited for exposing the Russia Hoax due to his relentless efforts to uncover details surrounding the counterintelligence investigation against the 2016 Trump campaign.

While working on Capitol Hill, Patel played a central role in the investigation that uncovered details about the infamous Steele dossier, as well as the FBI’s use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.”



Look what Rudolf Steiner had to say about ‘memes’ in 1916.

The Karma of Untruthfulness, Volume I,  Rudolf Steiner

Lecture Nine, December 24, 1916, Dornach.

“In certain communities these things have to be learned, namely, how to describe things in pictures, how to use images, bring about intensifications, and employ comparisons. This is a special art which is diligently practiced in the grey brotherhoods. But there is no need to belong to a grey brotherhood in order to practice such an art. One can be dependent in one way or another on the grey brotherhoods, perhaps without even knowing how dependent one is, and then one can use these methods.”

We saw the power of memes as a way to antidote the information war being waged on indoctrinated, brainwashed citizens. Memes, carefully selected and launched, can be powerful weapons to counter the enemy’s propaganda.


An AIMCat wrote McKibben and asked him if this is true:


Mike answered and thought all of you might like to see his email reply:

In general, I have always found Charles Savoie accurate, factually and instinctively. His research on the Pilgrims was really helpful as we took our deep dive. In the process, we uncovered the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 and its organizing role in modern propaganda, surveillance, banking and biowarfare—Charles still does not use that data for some reason.

He discusses its consequences and players, but doesn’t finger the Conference, which is odd. To be fair, the information was heavily suppressed by the censors since WWI. The Trumps have certainly swam in these filthy waters in NY real estate. I have been told from people close to him that he had a conversion experience on the campaign trail in 2015. That said, he put way too many Pilgrims in his cabinet for my taste, but I don’t have the facts that he has, so I have been praying for his wisdom. It would take somebody that knows this world to defeat it, seems to me, like an Apostle Paul.

Charles also packages his evidence frustratingly poorly! He generally skips proper citations, so the evidence cannot be used as judicially-recognizable. It’s sloppy, lazy packaging! That is very frustrating because he has some great, tantalizing stuff. But I get it, his objective is promoting silver.

For example, below is a huge piece of evidence, but useless as a citation without the source document:

Allen W. Dulles was one of the organizers for the British OSS (future CIA, director, Kennedy assassinator) of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland during the war. He organized the laundering of the stolen Japanese and Nazi gold. This screen capture is USELESS as evidence. Grrrr.

My words almost verbatim (below):

p. 34


If we judge Trump by his associations, he is most certainly a Pilgrim. However, many of his actions and decisions as President upset/slowed down/thwarted the Pilgrims new world order agenda…

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits — Matthew 7:15-20

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Charlie is speculating about Trump. I get it. I am tempted as well except for the evident fruit of his actions as President. I do fault him for not cleaning house of the SES staffing. Having loyal people around him could have made a huge difference. There I think he missed the ball completely.

All true about Volcker, Kissinger and Rockefellers (being Pilgrims)


See the ACTUAL TAX RETURNS identifying Kissinger and Volcker becoming Pilgrims Vice Presidents before and during the “boondoggle, sorry, insider trading, sorry, bank bailout” (See Fig. 9)… WE DUG THEM UP—real evidence! (CHARLIE ONLY SCREEN CAPTURED A PIECE—tantalizing hearsay).

Bottom line, I cannot fault a single Charlie fact. He needs to layer in the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 and that will further tighten his conclusions.

But, I just said it the other day in an interview. We must stop talking about the amorphous “deep state” and give it a name: The British Pilgrims Society.


TRUMP & THE GREAT RESET – THE BEST IS YET TO COME (This is mis-titled – no Charlie Ward in the video. Probably using his British Loyalist name for click bait, but the video is a nice compilation that your downline might enjoy.)


China is the British Pilgrims’ latest communist front man


Who is in this picture and why are they together:





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AIMCat Jay from Michigan writes: “Just got back from a weekend conference sponsored by Michigan Conservative Union entitled, “Save Our State” in which many of the real fighters in our state and elsewhere came to speak at the “masks optional” event. Lots of energy! Matt DePerno, Phill Kline, Pat Colbeck, Tami Carlone, Marian Sheridan, Matt Braynerd, Rob Steele, Lt. Col. Dave Agema, Dave Dudenhoefer, Autry Pruitt and others spoke. Great event!”


AIMCat Carolyn wants to know why the UK Parliament has an office in Chicago.

Our reply: So that they can participate in the rigging of silver in the commodities market.


.Please upload to your video platform:


This video is on YouTube, but will probably be taken down. Please do your part to preserve Dundas’ speech on your own video platform with this raw file:


Clif High, who is now on Bitchute posts this video with a note: This is a very depressing subject. Be advised. Will make you consider long range thinking & our species survival.





Some nuggets in from the AFI miners:

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (Smartmatic) has family-business ties to Anthony Fauci-ABYS and WEF Klaus Schwab with Credit Suisse, Swiss Life and Swiss Re

Anthony Fauci’s great great uncle Raget ABYS, the Swiss War Commissioner, sponsored that Alfred Escher who set up Swiss Life, Swiss Re, Credit Suisse, Federal Institute of Technology ETH where Klaus Schwab attended and assisted in the construction of a nuclear reactor under the school using his father, Eugen Schwab’s nuclear technologies from Escher-Wyss.

Fauci’s Abys mining family caused a 1618 Plurs, Switzerland avalanche that killed all 2,500 souls in their town—a 9/11 scale event. Fauci’s Abys business collaborator Alfred Escher formed the Swiss Re insurance company that profited from the willful destruction of the World Trade Centers on 9/11. Coincidence?

See AFI. (Apr. 09, 2021). Anthony Fauci: chief globalist snake oil pitchman, leader of biological and germ warfare. Americans for Innovation.

AFI. (Mar. 15, 2021). Klaus Schwab is the Great Barker of the Fourth Reich. Americans for Innovation.



AIMCat Ramola sends a note:

Just wanted to send you this — I have been covering the mRNA vaccines a bit lately and was blown away by recent finds as well as Dr. Bhakdi’s analyses, and put them together here–do read when you have some time:

ALSO, I would suggest, pl. do a deep-dive of the kind you do on key figures on this ex-DARPA/now Gates Foundation guy Dan Wittendorf, he’s behind these gene-based vaccines–his background is in gene and cancer research but I wonder about the eugenics links–he and Regina Dugan and the entire DARPA crew during Obama’s reign seem to have created the mRNA vaccine idea:

Pfizer’s Military Connections, and Moderna’s Too–mRNA Vaccines Come from DARPA and Seem to Be Operating as Neuro-Bioweapons, as per Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s Description

Our recent indy media panel discusses the media deception ongoing–(linked in the Related section below the article).

PS: Thank you for the incredible Fauci, Schwab coverage! — I will promote and highlight this info going forward.

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