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In case you want to know who is running the upper echelon of the PILGRIMS SOCIETY, see below. There are many levels of control between them and us. We have already told you about crown agents and Senior Executive Services, the hidden bureaucracy in many governments that push the globalist Pilgrims agenda and destroy your national borders.

What’s up with Alex Jones? Is he Low-IQ or controlled oppo that he hasn’t exposed the PILGRIMS SOCIETY for crimes against humanity?

Why is Alex Jones mum about the BRITISH MONARCH enemy, Senior Executive Service, SERCO, Qinetiq, and Pirbright? Is he really as stupid as he appears? Or does he have poor researchers on his staff or does Arnon Milchan keeps him on a short bitch leash?

Why doesn’t he tell you the SECRET of all these secret societies, like Skull and Bones and St. Elmo Hall? We did. Alex Jones is controlling the narrative for the Pilgrims.

STRANGE that Alex Jones (and anyone else in alt media too chicken shit to tell the real truth) is not even interested in discussing these topics on his show. STRANGE that Jones hasn’t asked Michael McKibben to come on his show and discuss the THEFT of social media networking and the details of the PILGRIMS. Basically, Jones is a part of the GLOBAL GENOCIDE operation as he fails to use his media platform to reveal the enemy of humanity, while pretending to bring his audience “breaking news”.

When did you ever hear Alex Jones discuss this topic at length on his controlled oppo network?

Read all about it:

Did you ever hear Jones or any of the internet shills from Catherine Austin Fitts to Del Bigtree describe the Boston Brahmins and its relationship to the British Pilgrims?

Don’t be as DUMB as JONES. Learn Truth History:

The Pilgrims have controlled traditional media for centuries, having totally taken over alternative media in the last decade.

The 200-year Information War: The UK-U.S. Pilgrims Society controls the Press

Shills in Alternative Media Protect the Pilgrims Society

The housing crisis has been strategically planned by the upper echelons of the PILGRIMS SOCIETY, something that alt media people like Alex Jones will not tell their audiences. Sure am glad that we don’t go to Jones for primary info or we would not realize that this is a strategy to displace millions of Americans…. all courtesy of the PILGRIMS, which are filled with the (((bankster))) predatory class.

All part of the Pilgrims global genocide operation. Make folks homeless and helpless.

Prepare For A Tidal Wave Of Evictions


The good news is that the Pilgrims Society minions and puppeticians have lost the narrative with WTP and they are scurrying like rats to try and pick up where they think we left off – but we are way, way beyond their lies and propaganda. Time to call back QAnon since the globalist pigs have nothing else to bait us with.

QAnon Creator ‘Q’ Returns After Nearly Two-Year Hiatus

A reader asked: “So you think the Torba family, or at least Andrew, are grey men?  I suppose all things are possible.  It is odd how quickly Gab and Torba were getting boosted by Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, and dozens of other e-celebrities.  How can we prove something like that?  I would love to find evidence that proves Torba is cooperating with the feds, as we all suspect.”

Our reply: It is possible. The FedEx longevity is not natural, seems to me. Low IQ is always possible, but does not explain the longevity to me.

Just had a thought:

Robert was paid for 17 months after leaving the Navy.

He left on October 15, 1945

Robert Torba, Jr.

He was paid for 17 months AFTER separation.

Oct. 15, 1945 + 17 mo. = Mar. 15, 1947

What else was happening then?

Part 1 of the hearings on The National Security Act of 1947 (Pub.L. 80-253, 61 Stat. 495, enacted July 26, 1947)

TORBA may have started to be paid by the C.I.A. within months. This would be the case since they would be transitioning the OSS into the C.I.A.

Are you getting your bioarks in tip-top shape? Soon the collapse will be all around us and the safest place to be will be inside the ark that you have been preparing over the last few years.

The shut down of fossil fuels will have repercussions all throughout our daily lives. The Pilgrims Society is shutting down much more than petroleum use in trucks and cars in order to EXTERMINATE humanity.

144 Products Made From Petroleum And 4 That May Shock You

Such a great story inside these two videos below. Junior and Senior of Sin City Outdoors have been reporting on the dropping water levels in Lake Mead. They happened to find this boater who was stranded; their YouTube audience went into action to help.

It didn’t pass us unnoticed that this boat with its American flag was a metaphor for our collapsing country. We just hope that brave men like this will similarly step up to save America.

Good News!!! We’re Getting Him Out! Stranded at Lake Mead

Lake Mead Is Dropping FAST- Emergency Houseboat Recovery Before It’s Too Late

AIMCats, if you live in the area, you need to plan your exit. The government has known for years about what will happen when the Hoover Dam can no longer produce electricity or stream water. This is why the FEMA camps have been built in this area; the Jade Helms were exercises to address this huge population displacement.

Expect communications to go down (cell phones will be jammed), martial law, borders to other states closed, confiscation of guns. No air conditioning, food, water, plus the zombie side effects of the vaccinations. Dislocated people will be sent ONE WAY to FEMA camps. The situation will hasten global genocide.

Sin City meets judgement day.

Lake Mead is less than 150 feet away from becoming a “dead pool,” making much of the Southwestern U.S. uninhabitable