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Side note to AIMCats – Is Jane a dude? We always see this severe frontal baldness and in this day and age of men posing as women, we have to ask. Were the adoption of the two Irish children because Jane is a dude under the pants she wears in the Roberts family? Has anyone seen her in person and can enlighten us? Does anyone know what happened to their two adopted children? They would be adults by now. The only thing I have seen are spurious and conspiratorial posts in the internet that the Roberts had to sacrifice the children to Moloch … or something like that.

Robert’s wife JANE SULLIVAN ROBERTS had Cooley Godward LLP, Gibson Dunn LLP, White & Case LLP, Fenwick & West LLP, Latham Watkins LLP, Blank Rome LLP, Linklaters LLP, DLA Piper LLPC, Perkins Coie LLP, King & Spalding LLP, Kramer Levin, LLP, Skadden Arps LLP, Weil Gotshal LLP., Wilmer Hale LLP. (This information was removed from the Supreme Court docket, but available here—THIS is fraud on the court..)

All these law firms were compromised or complicit in JOHN ROBERTS’ FRAUD ON THE COURT and failure to disclose his conflicts of interest and recuse himself.

AFI. (Jun. 10, 2013). Justice Roberts held Facebook stock during the Leader v. Facebook case. Americans for Innovation.

“Major, Lindsey & Africa [JANE ROBERTS firm]  has been exclusively retained by Fidelity Investments Inc. (“Fidelity”) [THE LARGEST MUTUAL FUND INVESTOR IN FACEBOOK HISTORICALLY]  to conduct a search for a Head of Corporate Tax to be located in Boston, MA.”

Another Roberts interlocking relationships analysis done in June 29, 2015

AFI (Jun. 29, 2015). Justice Roberts failed to disclose substantial Obamacare and Eclipse holdings. Americans For InnovationPDF.

AFI. (Jun. 11, 2013). Justice Roberts Mentors Facebook Attorney Thomas G. Hungar, Gibson Dunn LLP. Americans for Innovation.

Have you missed the TRUTH HISTORY NEWS about Scumbag John Roberts? If your favorite alt media producer is not discussing TREASON at the highest court in America at length with the audience, you might be inside a limited hangout. Giddy up.

Justice John Roberts recuses himself for conflicts of interest with Knights of Malta

What does this Roberts’ recusal mean for you?

Anyone or company can use this argument, now available in the public domain, to PUT DOWN Scumbag Roberts. He is a FOREIGN AGENT and is unfit to hear any case that comes before him, including one that you may be involved with.

Furthermore, if you have had a case before this SCUMBAG TRAITOR and were not pleased with the results, make some legal noise at the Supreme Court. (Share sentiment from Gab post here.)

See story here:


“The doctrine of adverse domination allows the statute of limitations on a claim for breach of fiduciary duty against directors and officers of a corporation to be tolled until the corporation is no longer controlled by the alleged wrongdoers. This doctrine, available for the benefit of the corporation, aims at preventing corrupt officers to hold off on initiating actions or investigations that could expose their wrongdoing on behalf of the corporation.”

Why is this legal term relevant to the recent finding that John Roberts is an outright agent of foreign powers, yet holds the position as head kahuna on the Supreme Court? Any person, company, or entity that received adverse rulings from the court, like how the Leader v Facebook case was not heard by the Court due to Roberts‘ role as a foreign agent and shareholder of Facebook stock, is not subject to statue of limitations.

The very judicial body that MCKIBBEN and Leader were seeking relief from Facebook’s theft of their patent was being DOMINATED by the ENEMY – John Roberts, an agent of the Knights of Malta, the Queen, and the Pilgrims Society. Michael, like many who have come before Roberts, would never find relief. Instead, they became casualties in a war of the Pilgrims Society v America.

Note that the quote on the MEME was never spoken by Michael McKibben.

Blackmail Forces a Person to do something Illegal

Whitemail Forces a person to do something Legal.

We call it WHITEMAIL – because we are exposing the TRUTH to force criminals and traitors to do what is LEGAL. We include hundreds of facts, evidence, documents to prove our case. John Roberts, piece of shit that he is, provides nothing but treasonous rulings against Americans (remember Obamacare?), inventors (Michael McKibben and many others), and other petitioners. With Robert’s recusal on this case, anyone can use these documents in their court filings to put this scumbag British loyalist in his place. We demand much more than his resignation.

We demand that all cases that he ruled on since he has been on the Supreme Court be re-examined for fraud, starting with the Leader v Facebook case that Roberts, who held FB stock, would not permit on the court docket.

We demand Roberts’ ARREST for treason. Then, a public execution for the verdict. Next, every SCOTUS justice with foreign allegiances, including Jumanji Brown the Boston Brahmin, needs to be removed and executed for treason, if found to be guilty.

We will then rename Capitol Hill to Golgatha Hill.

Ketanji Jackson Ancestral Corruption

The British monarch plot to undermine the property grants claimed by the Plymouth Pilgrims

The Masked Boston Brahmin Elitist

Espionage at the highest level! Will Neil and Louise Gorsuch Sell Out America to the Brits?

Give American wives British peerage and all the la-dee-da dressings of royalty, and the men give away America to our enemy – the British Imperial Empire. Lillian Scot Troy told us in 1912 about this technique the Pilgrims Society uses to absorb America back into the British Empire. Looks like Neil Gorsuch and the little wifey-poo have taken the bait.

Here is a story below that Alex Jones and his Infowars team are totally not interested in. They won’t interview Michael McKibben because they are all cowards. Big men – Big talkers – Yet they won’t cover the story that lil ole Betsy has been hammering for years. They are covering their sorry asses rather than speaking truth to their audiences.

Proof the US government has run Facebook from inception.

FIG. 4— U.S. DEPT. OF STATE, FACEBOOK PART 1: GETTING STARTED WITH FACEBOOK, 12/26/2012. Page 8 of the “field guide” distributed to “missions, posts and IRCs.” Proof that the State Department encouraged use of insecure email addresses for Department business. Also shows a symbiotic relationships among the State Department, Facebook and Google. Ref. United States. Department of State. Facebook Part 1: Getting Started with Facebook – A field guide for missions, posts and IRCs. International Information Programs, Office of Innovative Engagement, Dec. 26, 2012, page 8.

Don’t expect Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones to cover the biggest story of the day – that JOHN ROBERTS OF THE SUPREME COURT is a foreign agent. Both bloviators are controlled by the same folks that yank Roberts by the short hairs.

THESE MEN ARE COWARDS. Controlled oppo, traitors to America. Instead of using their media platforms to educate their audiences about the enemy – PILGRIMS SOCIETY – and its puppets like Scumbag Roberts, they prefer to strut and preen in front of the cameras, while distracting you with irrelevant information.

Demand that these COWARDS reveal the truth that AIMCats have known for years.

Here’s another traitor to the United States – Big Con Don, Father of Vaccines, and Judas Goat of the brainwashed Republicans.

Donald Trump Traitor to America

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