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We received this comment below; to answer we created Cat Report of links to material on a few alt media and political distractors and spinmeisters. Hope this helps, Motown.

Shills, shills everywhere. You can easily spot them as they spin around and around, never disclosing the real truth of how America has been captured by the Senior Executive Services, Pilgrims Society, and the Babylonian Radhanites. You can also spot them for their refusal to interview the most relevant entrepreneur and discuss the most consequential patent theft of our time – the theft of social media networking from Michael McKibben and Leader Technologies by the Pilgrims and their US military operations. These shills stay silent because to expose this THEFT is to expose the enemy, to whom they are all beholden.

And, yes, I realize the newbies that have joined the Cat Report are shocked by our statements. But it’s true. Below, Boroson gives readers new to AIM some pro-tips:

Shills in Alternative Media Protect the Pilgrims Society

Ever wonder why so many alternative media platforms and personalities don’t report on the theft of social media, the Pilgrims, Senior Executive Service, Pirbright, and the origins of coronavirus?

Who are the current alternative media shills?

Lies, Propaganda, Snakes, and Shills

Del Bigtree Exposed

TruNews and Violation of Florida Deceptive Trade Practices

TruNews Can’t Handle the Truth

Clif and CAF are shilly alt media personalities. They refuse to discuss Senior Executive Services, the Pilgrims Society, crown agents and operations like SERCO and Qinetiq.
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Why we are not interested in Anna von Reitz

Read more about Lionel, the Shill:

Andrew Torba’s Problem of Gab’s Stolen Technology

Andrew Torba and Gab Are interlocked with Anthony Fauci, World Economic Forum, Bain Capital and nanotech biowarfare globalists


Here’s a low information shill:

Marie Claire Publication Shills for Kamala Harris

kamala harris afi

Read all about this former bounty hunter/rapper:
Globalist Sacha Stone controls this network of alt media distractors:

Douglas is headed to a conference this weekend which is filled with Sacha Stone shills. He explains in the video below:

All vaccines are poison. Period.

View on Brighteon:
Another group of shills that spin and distract. Share teh Gab post:

The latest shill to make our list is Brendon McConnell. Check out his post below. Don’t expect this shill to report on the Pilgrims, much less the Babylonian Radhanites. And if he is such a hot shot, why hasn’t he invited Michael McKibben to his show?

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There is another level of shills in the political and bureaucrat classes….hundreds of enemies.

Check out this political shill – Candace Owens, whose loyalty is with the British Pilgrims Society: Grooming Candace Owens for the Presidency