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Are you paying homage to the King?

Former British Soldier EXPOSES King Charles

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AIMCat Kristen sent us this email after reading our research on the Scofield propaganda Bible:

“I just got off an hour call with a friend who is one of the foremost authoritative historians of fact based, real history in our country today.

He wanted to verbally walk me through new research he just finished writing that was sparked by something I sent him earlier this week on the relevance of this Scofield character in America today because it ties in directly with what the world is currently dealing with. (Reports linked at the end of this email.)

We walked through the historical record going back to King Solomon, the gold from Africa (Ophir), Solomon’s pagan wives, and how it all Biblically and historically links to the same pagan Babylonian Radhanite merchant-banker network that we’re dealing with today in the banking world controlling the FED and Western Banking Alliance.

As a side note, it appears that King Soloman worked with the Phoenician King of Hiram who ruled the Tyre region to help bring this gold back from Africa. That gold was central to the Radhanite banker-merchant system perpetuating to this very day.

And as an example of their influence today, this same Babylonian Radhanite network is controlling high profile world leader operatives in Arizona who have been directing our state’s business, political, technology and medical agenda for the past 20+ years. Even the Rothschild banking family is a Trustee and on the Board of the ASU McCain Institute Sedona Forum, a clear Globalist front with the likes of Biden, Clinton, world leaders and Deep State operatives in every sector.

These same individuals are behind the current COVID “Great Reset” agenda in all facets, including gain-of-function biowarfare, AI Synthetic Biology, and next generation AI gene-editing/CRISPR genomic biotech “precision based RX medicine”. They publicly document everything they do and plan to do; nothing is hidden if you merely look. 

We discussed the historical record that clearly details how Scofield was a key operative and intentionally a national influencer who altered the Evangelical Christians’ understanding of the Bible, just as the Babylonian Radhanites did with the Hebrews adding their Babylonian Talmud commentary (oral tradition) alongside the authoritative Hebrew Torah. Same playbook. 

Infiltration, perversion, theft and destruction of God’s people worldwide can be laid at the doorstep of this same Babylonian network.

It was all part of a long-con to use stealth operative networks infiltrating all levers of power/influence and government in order to install their usury debt, slave/trafficking fiat banking system on a global level. 

The Babylonian Radhanite usury banking system was exactly what the Bible prophets also warned against.

The same handlers that managed the (swindler operative) Scofield who was at Columbia University, home of the “Pilgrim Society”/CIA/MI5/MI6) and perpetuated the Scofield “Rapture” Concordance commentary for it to be pushed out to the Evangelical Christians in America and worldwide, are the very same network of Babylonian Radhanite “Pilgrim Society” handlers at Columbia University that groomed Michael Crow, the 20+ year CIA In-Q-Tel (“Big Tech”) Founder and Chairman who runs ASU “Sun Devils” .

ASU President Michael Crow was to be an instrumental international figure tasked with helping to implement their CBDC DIGITAL 5G IoT Smart Region’s Bio-Economy using the Phoenix Metro (“Phoenicians”) as an central launching pad and coordination hub.

It’s all one big (Biblical Babylonian Merchant-Banking) story and demonic agenda of world domination and subjugation.

It all makes perfect sense now when you simply look backwards into history and the Bible. 

Again, links below detail the Scofield and related history more specifically so read it all when you have time to think through it all, and follow the embedded links. Feel free to ask questions if you’re not following some of the key historical elements or characters.

Big Picture: These very same Babylonian Radhanite merchant-banker pagans ultimately formed the modern banking system in the City of London after intermarriage along the Silk Road (China to England) and thus controlled Great Britain and the Bank of England. 

Evangelical support for the modern state of Israel via the 1917 Balfour Declaration (directed and founded by the Babylonian Radhanite merchant-bankers pagans who were controlling Great Britain then and now) can largely be credited to the Scofield Concordance and its dispensationalist fabrication. 

The ultimate goal in America was the Babylonian Radhanite  inspired Pilgrim Society 24 step Corporatist Imperial Federation strategy to return America to British rule, and in essence annex America into the Babylonian Radhanite world system. 

Most aren’t even aware that one of the most Elite Globalist organizations in America is called the “Pilgrim Society”. 

It’s not particularly a secret society, considering the “Pilgrim Society” files 990 tax forms and world leaders like Kissinger and FED banker Paul Volker have been key leaders of this society. 

The PILGRIM SOCIETY has been centrally instrumental in controlling both foreign and monetary policy.

Paul Volker, if you’ll recall, bailed out the Babylonian Radhanite bankers in 2008.

The key point is that Biblical Judaism and Babylonian Radhanite (“Jews”) are diametrical opposites. 

The Radhanite merchant-banking clan are not even “Jews”. DNA scientists recently published genetic results that dispels that myth, further validating what the true historical record is also revealing. 

Calling themselves “Jews” serves their purpose, but it was a lie. The Babylonian Radhanites demean both Christianity and Biblical Judaism.

Much fraudulent history has been perpetuated as truth for obvious financial and control reasons.

The Radhanite “Pilgrim Society” operative Scofield pre-Tribulation rapture theology is still widely taught in seminary, and by nationally known authors and preachers.

The significance for Christians in churches today is that those who embrace the “pre-millennia rapture” have been trained to withdraw their moral influence from society from the standpoint of social, educational, political, and economic activity in order to prepare for the Rapture. 

What easy prey American Evangelical Christians now are! 

Schemes of the Devil for sure, and in Arizona we have the supreme “Sun Devil” network acting as foot soldiers for the Babylonian Radhanite “Pilgrim Society”merchant-bankers.”

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Recipe for Revolution?

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A post from @KazimirRules: “The British men who rig our elections will now have their employee, First Gentleman, #DirtyDoug , running the giggling imbecile who will be President. Hats off to The Conclave & The Miners! You called it!”

Our reply:

British puppet in the WH is Kamala Harris, the illegal alien, is managed by her Pilgrims Society hubby Doug Emhoff.

These British stooges are so predictable.

We told you. She does not have “her papers”. She is not a natural born citizen, if she is even a U.S. citizen at all.

Then… along came the AIM School of Truth and hundreds of years of Babylonian Radhanite indoctrination came undone. The EVIL History of our Education System (Documentary)

We are posting fast and furiously about the collapsing banks over on Gab @Gabriels_Horn. Check out our channel if you want to learn more.

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