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The video description reads: “A new networking scheme has been introduced that is not reliant on the Internet. It is called Bluetooth Mesh Networking and allows inter-device connectivity via radio only. This video will explain the technology which uses Bluetooth Low Energy as its foundation.

This networking technology is touted as a great innovation. But is it in fact an enabler of a surveillance platform that cannot possibly be evaded. The idea of this network topology is to flood the environment with so many sensors that every square inch will be tracked.In addition, the whole concept of Bluetooth Mesh Networking is to behave differently based on the identity of the user. So this whole thing is tied to having some sort of identity device. In other words some kind of chip.

This is a kind of technology that once enabled, cannot be undone.” Watch the Bitchute video here: Bluetooth (IoB) Skynet Mesh Network for the Vaxed. Bluetooth: We Want to Chip You (

The job of a USAF AFCS sensor operator

Vigilant posts this comment under a recent Cat Report: “Already knew about wetware years earlier, but I was searching wetware yet again to see if there was any new info out there when I ran across a Douglas and Lionel video on wetware. What a blessing to me! (I had never heard of Lionel Nation or Douglas Gabriel before.)

It led me to start reading the Citizen Intelligence Reports, or whatever the CAT Reports were called at the time. [They started as “Truth News Headlines” then bcame the C.A.T. reports.] One “scene” from one of their videos still stands out in my mind. Douglas says something to the effect of, and you are a Jesuit too Lionel, as am I. Lionel’s reaction was priceless! I got a good chuckle out of that one.

I have appreciated the Interview with an Exorcist series, which I have found to be quite helpful. Also, Sabrina’s videos connected the dots so much better for me, and they tell us how they are doing what some of us already knew that they were doing, or are planning on doing, to us all.

When Brian Kofron came forward, I took in what he said about tapping into DNA resonance, but I was still waiting for confirmation. Now we have it. Thank you Tyla & Douglas for all that you do to share truth.

When we first started blogging, we practiced for a full year and called the online citizen intelligence report “Truth News Headlines”. Betsy and Thomas were ferocious vloggers, unearthing the corruption in the “Deep State” right along with you. Once we had a better VISION OF OUR MISSION, we refined our reports. We brought on Michael McKibben as a chief researcher and began to develop our own WIRELESS COMMUNICATION NETWORK that is connected in the ethers through nodes of truth and integrity.

Certificateless Remote Anonymous Authentication Schemes for Wireless Body Area Networks (2014) – YOU’RE ASS HOOKED TO THE CLOUD!


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Here’s how the NWO pyroterrorists actually started and spread the MAUI firestorms

“For those who doubt that OPERATION TORCH MAUI was a meticulously planned and highly organized Gladio-style, false flag, black operation perpetrated by the U.S. Intelligence Community in collusion with the U.S. Military, please check out these 4 exposés and their accompanying photo-documentaries to grasp the patently obvious MO.”


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Minneapolis Arts Center Slammed For Encouraging ‘Family Friendly’ DEMON SUMMONING

“After designing your trap, Lilit the Empathic Demon will come from the dark side of the moon to lead you in locating your feelings using ancient Babylonian techniques,” the description further claims, adding “This collective and playful demon summoning session will conclude with a somatic movement meditation, designed to help you befriend your shadows.”

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Everyone is welcome to join us in this game of consciousness. We have spent over a decade populating the internet with articles and videos that can help you in your process of spiritual ascension. There is no “one way” to play the game. Each of you will resonate with material at different stages of your journey. But know this… the Glass Bead Game leads to Christ… Sophia … and YOU!

Come, Play the Glass Bead Game with us

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This Is Not Verbalized Religious Garbage!

One of our favorite contributors on Gab is @notadoc. He wrote about his conversion to Christianity; it had so many positive responses, we wanted to give it a permanent url for sharing and posting.

“Your Third Eye is Being Blocked”