Rudolf Steiner on British Imperialism

By Douglas Gabriel

The British Empire’s unquenchable imperialistic, hegemonic desires and lust for world dominance bred the fascism of Germany, Italy, Russian, Spain and many other countries. By controlling the imaginary goal of world peace, which is the lie of the United Nations, Britain has been able to implant their version of the Venetian banking model into world politics using sophisticated propaganda to cover their depopulation schemes of war, death, and the end of national sovereignty. Through wars of bullets, bombs, newspapers, radio, television, vaccines, bioweapons, and nation-fleecing, the monarchy of Britain has ruthlessly manipulated trade, empire building, politics, international relations, diseases, resource theft, underhanded corporate deals, and the drive towards a one world government, which will be controlled by them.

Throughout all the lies, platitudes, and political maneuvering, the British always come out “smelling like a rose.”

The British Empire’s murderous imperialism is based upon the lies of the “Divine Right of Kings” and the outdated idea that their present “Queen” is divinely inspired and leads the English people and the English Church — the Queen is also the “pope” of the Church of England in a strange way. Of course, most British will tell you that the monarchy is simply for show, a charming old tradition they have yet to let go of.

This is nonsense.

queen and privy council

The Queen owns the “golden shares” (veto power over all policies and operations) for the biggest corporations on the earth and her off-shore accounts range into the trillions of dollars – all of it fleeced from the 54 Commonwealth Nations and others. Many of the Queen’s personal holdings are in America, like Lockheed Martin, SERCO, QinetiQ, Crown Agents, Urenco, and hundreds of other corporations. The Monarchy of England humbly states they are “symbolic” and have nothing to do with the laws of parliament or corporate business. More lies. The Queen’s current Privy Council is comprised of the most powerful and wealthy people in the world who control endless corporations for the Queen, and; “whose personal business may not be looked into.” The Queen rules the Bank of England and has her own Crown Court to protect her in case her “business” is “looked into” by anyone.

The Queen is not divinely inspired, either as a monarch or as the head of the English Church. Moreover, she is a poor representative of divine spiritual virtues. She is a crook, a thief, a liar, a warmonger, a murderer, genocidist, eugenicist, and the owner of more deadly patents for bioweapons than one can count. The monarchy of England is responsible for as many deaths as their teachers, the Venetian bankers and the Vatican.

The Queen uses the subversive and undermining methods of the Jesuits, who plan for the demise of their enemies, generations ahead of time. The 200-year plan for world hegemony of Cecil Rhodes has been carried out perfectly by the British Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Milner Round Table, the Pilgrim’s Society, the Fabian Society, the Tavistock Institute, the Empire Press Union, Burroughs Wellcome, Wellcome Trust, The Pirbright Institute, Merial Animal Health Institute, QinetiQ, the Privy Council, and the other perfectly proper British thugs who have created a dynastic corporatocracy of the British aristocracy and elite.

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This enormous lie, that monarchs are somehow “above” other humans, is the basis for this insidious British control of the world, and especially America. The connection to the spirit by rulers/monarchs was a reality in ancient history. To carry that forward into modern times is improper and breads evil and the insanity of rulers – monarchs, fascist leaders, dictators, socialists, communists, Bolsheviks, Marxists, Leninists, and the other “British-created” political movements that have plagued modern times with death and destruction through improper, brutal control of nations.

The lie of virtue signaling in our times is a pandemic of stupidity that no one truly believes. Due to political correctness in all spheres of public life, we have created “snow flakes” who have zero tolerance for anyone but themselves and their beliefs – sounds like a personal “Monarchy of One.” Social standards have devolved to the lowest common denominator as political correctness and virtual signaling have become the empty platitudes of our day. No intelligent person believes any of the devolved political stances that must be tolerated by the “progressive” socialist party lines. This phenomena has created what is now called “false-hood politics,” which allows for both sides to “lie like crazy.” Telling lies is now a prerequisite for political banter.

We have entered the “post-truth age” where lies are rewarded, not punished. (A good lie makes lots of money.) But without discernment in the “post-truth age”, the normal citizen will not know which story to believe and eventually reject all information they are told and remain confused. This is the legacy of accepting the lie that our leaders (monarchy) are somehow more connected to higher insight than the common citizen or that politicians “represent” a higher moral force.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), even in his time, saw the British as the imperialists that they were. He pointed out the degradation of the Divine Right of Kings that turned into the modern “empire building” of the British globalist who believe they are divinely chosen to rule the world and the lesser races.

British imperialism is completely racist and is the definition of white-supremacy.

Steiner was well aware of all of this evil that British/American secret societies used to drive the British Empire’s imperialism (which included America through Woodrow Wilson and his “Inquiry” group of advisors). The platitudes of these groups were simply the lies and propaganda of a monarchy that had rotted on the vine and grown evil. Steiner’s insights are as helpful and profound today as they were in his day because the same war with “secret societies” is still going on as we live under the thumb of the United Nations and the British system. That is why we have worked so hard to research these societies and bring them to the attention of our subscribers.

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Below is a summary of three lectures Rudolf Steiner gave on the topic of imperialism. The three stages of imperialism are described by Steiner and you may find them to be quite clearly playing out in our time through international relations with Britain and the world. Steiner’s spiritual insights often seem to be timeless. Through his clear thinking, that outlines the progression of imperialism, you may discover the foundations of the evil that has all of us in its grip to this very day.

The History and Actuality of Imperialism, by Rudolf Steiner, 3 Lectures in Dornach, Switzerland, February 20, 1920.

What is most effective today and what will show itself to be an even more effective imperialism in the future will be its bearer – the Anglo-American people. As far as its name is concerned, it has shown itself to be something new: economic imperialism. Woodrow Wilson has been glorified by the English who call the new imperialism the “Imperial Federation League.”

Throughout history, we find imperialistic empires in Asia, Egypt, Persia, Assyria, and China.

The ruler of the oriental empire was God – in those rulers, lived a divine soul, a God. These kings had real divine power and dignity in Oriental Imperialism. If we go back to the oldest form of imperialism, we find it based on the king being God who really physically appeared on earth, the son of heaven who physically appeared on earth, who was even the father of heaven. When a territory was conquered and the inhabitants became subjects, then they had to worship the conqueror as their god.

That was the first form in which imperialism appeared. The second form was when the ruler, the one who was to play a leading role, wasn’t the god himself, but the god’s envoy, or inspired by the god, interpenetrated with divinity. When an oriental ruler of ancient times appeared before his people, it was in all his splendor, because as a god he was entitled to wear such clothes. It was the clothing of a god. That’s what a god looked like.

Then came the time, when the ruler and his paladins appeared as God’s envoys, as interpenetrated with divinity, as representatives. So above we have the heavenly hierarchy and below it’s mirror image, the worldly hierarchy. The first phase was characterized by realities, the second phase was characterized by signs, by symbols.

Coronation of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna May 14, 1896

With the advancement of imperialism, a real division occurred. On one hand there were the leaders tending more towards being divine representatives, priestly, where the priests were kings; on the other hand, the tendency towards the secular, two forms: the churches and the empires.

That system held until the year 1806, but more as a shadow, retained in kings and paladins as God’s representatives. The Roman Catholic Church’s propagation tended more towards the priestly but was most strongly maintained in the imperial Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation.

Therefore in the second phase of imperialism we no longer merely have the Church’s anointed imperialism, but we have the tangled web of the divine and the secular anointed in the empires. The emperors of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation went to Rome in order for the Pope to crown them. The anointment, and therefore the power, was bestowed on the world’s rulers by the clergy.

In the Orient, men controlled imperial empires who were themselves “gods” but now the empire is merely a sum of symbols, of signs, and one must find the spirit in the symbols and signs and seek the way to find god within – the “Holy Grail” that had been lost, but now was found in the individual human spirit.

If the principle of Protestantism had rigorously penetrated, no prince could have been crowned “by the Grace of God” again. The local German princes were the outer appearances; they only had meaning in those ancient times when they were symbols for an inspirational kingdom of heaven.

In England, during the third phase of imperialism, the Monarch, who earlier had been God, then an anointed one, became a kind of mere shadow – one cannot say a decoration exactly, but rather something more tolerated than taken seriously. The English-speaking peoples brought other preconditions to what we may call the people’s will through the voting system. Little by little this became what the elected parliaments decided, and thus the third form of imperialism developed.


This royal piece of human garbage tried to OVERTHROW Donald J. Trump in a failed coup attempt run by her crown agents and the Senior Executive Service (SES). Then her companies Pirbright Institute, Wellcome Trust nd QinetiQ released the deadly bioweapon “Coronavirus” on to the world. They want to depopulate the planet and YOU are in the way.

The first imperialism had realities: One person was the God for the mentality of the other people. His paladins were the gods who surrounded him, sub-gods. The second form of imperialism: What was on the earth was the sign, the symbol. God acted within men. Third form of imperialism: Just as the previous evolution was from realities to signs and symbols, now the development is from symbols to empty platitudes. So the psychological path is this: from reality to symbol and then to platitudes – to words which have been squeezed out, dried out, empty words, and nobody imagines that they are divine. From majority decisions nothing real results, only dominant empty platitudes.

Colonization played an important role in the development of this third imperialism. The essence of imperialism is that in an imperialistic community something that was felt to be part of a mission – not necessarily justified – later continued on automatically.

Precisely because everything old has now become platitudes, a space has come into being in which the spiritual empire can enter and something completely new must enter, which can only propagate as a world of the spirit. Only then can there be a kingdom of Christ on earth. For in that empire a reality must exist: “My Kingdom is not of this world.” In the kingdom of this world, in which the Kingdom of Christ will propagate, there will exist much that has not become empty platitude. In the West, in the Anglo-American world, all human tradition will become platitudes. Therefore the responsibility exists to fill the empty vessel with spirit.

In the western countries, the secret societies are most active, trying to insert the second phase of imperialism into the third. For in the Anglo-American people you have two imperialisms pushed together, the economic one and the symbolic imperialism of the secret societies, which play a very effective role, but which are kept secret from the people.

In order to be human we need a spiritual reality in addition to the physical reality of the economy. Human evolution cannot advance further without this moment of truth dawning.

Prince philip on depopulation
Here’s another British Imperialist excited about population control.

The peoples of the West have the greatest talent for this truth. All the prerequisites for the dawning of such truth is present in the peoples of the West, whereas the other European peoples have little disposition for such a truth to dawn on them with the necessary intensity.

This phenomenon is particularly obvious if you study the content of the secret societies which possess great power in the English-speaking countries, a power unsuspected by the general public. If you look back to England in 1720, you will find very few members of these secret societies. But if we look at the statistics today, we find 488 Masonic lodges in London. Such lodges are excellent tools in the hands of the secret societies. In Great Britain there are 1,354 lodges, in the colonies and overseas 486, and then 836 lodges in the world of the so-called Royal Arch Chapter, which keeps even the external Masonic rituals secret.

The real content of these lodges goes back to the far past. They go so far back that we can say that the time they started was during the first stage of imperialism when the god walked around in human form. At that time the things spoken and especially the things shown in these lodges made sense. Then they became symbolic. The sense is long gone. One can say that what goes on in the lodges today has almost no content. Only the symbols remain.

The symbols continued into the stage of platitudes, so that we have, especially in the English-speaking areas and the other areas dependent upon them, two layers of cultural fermentation side by side: the external, exoteric platitudes of public life, and in the secret societies the symbols, which are only kept as tradition without any attempt to reach back to their original meanings. Thereby the symbols have become platitudes in symbolic form.

You have therefore the external exoteric platitudes of public life, expressed in normal human language and which are extensively used in parliaments and congresses. Then you have the use of symbols in the secret societies, whose members usually don’t understand them – platitudes in symbolic form. It is important that alongside the external purely literal platitudes we also have the cultural ceremonial platitudes. For these ceremonial platitudes at least contain spiritual elements. And in the secret societies which possess a real ceremonial form, meaning those which go back to the original practices, it can happen certain talented people do get to the bottom of the symbols. Unfortunately, what is especially important for these societies is power, not insight.

played by queen thumbnail

The Whore of England thinks she rules the United States of America. But patriots everywhere are exposing her international crimes and demand that she be dethroned and the Monarch and Privy Council’s wealth disgorged to pay for the extreme financial losses of the American people due to her willful action of releasing a deadly virus on to the world.

Workers are not accepted in most lodges, only lords and others who are amenable to them. Those who are within are totally united under the slogan: We are all brothers. In our society people are divided firstly according to religion, whereas in the lodges the religions play no role. And secondly no one would claim that in the external social order men are all brothers. They are not brothers. In the lodges, however, those who belong to them are brothers. Thus, a community can only be powerful when it attaches no importance to individual beliefs and accepts all as brothers.

The third stage of platitudes is the one in which the inner substance has also disappeared from discussion and therefore everyone can be right, or at least think that they are right, when it can’t be proved that they are wrong, because basically within the world of platitudes everything can be affirmed. Nevertheless, previous stages are always retained within the next stages. Therefore the inner impulse to imperialism still exists.

In the age of the platitudes, understanding of what is necessary for rights in society is completely lost: that the spiritual kingdom shines through into the physical kingdom. The Catholic Church harkens back to the first stage of imperialism claiming spiritual connections through its priesthood. It contains something like a sham or a shadow of the first stage of human evolution, which sometimes solidifies into a kind of spiritual imperialism. This clearly shows that the institution of the Catholic Church is a relic, a shadow-image of what existed in the very first imperialism. You know that a great enmity existed between the Catholic Church and the secret societies which used Freemasonry in the West.

Now we have arrived at the third stage, which shows itself to be economic imperialism, especially in the west. This economic imperialism is connected to a background culture of secret societies, which are filled with empty symbols. But while it has become clear that the social constitution of the Church is a shadow-image of what once existed and no longer has meaning, it is still not understood that in the second stage the statesmen of the west still suffer under a great illusion. The state only had the importance attributed to it during the second stage of human development. Whereas during the oldest, the first stage the Church was all-powerful, in the second stage the state contains everything that was attributed to the Church in the first stage. Thus the economic imperialism of Great Britain and even a certain idea of freedom has been poured into the state. And those who were educated in Great Britain see in the state something that can well have a will of its own.

According to this approach, one does not think about the future and people have no living thoughts, only dead ones. They think: Today we instituted something, it is good, therefore it must remain forever.

Elizabeth the Whore of Babylon giorgio queen

The social order is tripartite, threefold: The economy is auto-administered, the political state is no longer the absolute, all-inclusive entity, but is exclusively concerned with rights alone, and spiritual/cultural life is truly free, meaning that here in reality a free spiritual sector can be organized. The spiritual life of humanity can only be free if it is dependent only upon itself and when all the institutions responsible for cultivating the spirit, that is, cultural life, are dependent only upon themselves.

What do we have then, when we have this tripartite organism, this social organism? We have an economy in which the living physical earth is predominant. In this sector the economic forces of the economy itself are active.

When we look at the second sector of the future social organism [the rights sector], we don’t have a symbolism like the second stage, where the political state constituted the totality, but we have what is valid for one person being equally valid for the other. And the third sector will be neither symbol nor platitude, but a spiritual/cultural reality. The spirit will possess the possibility of really living within humanity.

The inner social order can only be built through a transition to inner truthfulness. In the age of platitudes this will be especially difficult though. For during the age of platitudes people acquire a certain ingenious cleverness, which is, however, nothing more than a play on words of the old concepts. Those who live in platitudes are the verbal representatives of the old concepts that stagger around in their brains imitating thoughts. But one can only achieve real thinking again when the inner soul-life is filled with substance and that can only come from knowledge of the spiritual world, of spiritual life. The propagation of the spirit will only be possible if the spiritual/cultural sector is allowed to develop independently.

overthrow queen coronavirus qinetiq

They are all in on it. From Crossfire Hurricane to Coronavirus. These sick, demented people are trying to destroy the world so that the sun won’t ever set on the British Imperial Empire.

A fundamental concept for the western areas which are so mired in platitudes must be to see the social organism as something living. And one sees it as living only when it is considered in its threefold nature. It is just those whose favorable economic position allows them to spread an economic imperialism over practically the whole world who have the terrible responsibility of recognizing that the cultivation of a true spiritual life must be poured into this imperialism. It is ironic that an economic empire which spread over the whole world was founded on the British Isles and then when they were seeking mystical spirituality turned to those whom they had economically conquered and exploited in India.

In our time, the obligation exists to allow one’s own spiritual substance to flow into the social organism. That is the awareness which our British friends should take with them, that now, in this worldwide important historic moment, in all the world’s economic institutions where English is spoken, the responsibility exists to introduce true spirituality into the exterior economic empire.

The attraction for illusion is especially strong in the age of platitudes. We wish so to sweep away the seriousness of life. We avoid looking at the truth inherent in our evolution. The desire for truth must grow in humanity. Above all, the desire for the liberation of spiritual/cultural life must grow.

This means that the Kingdom of Christ must become an invisible kingdom, a truly invisible empire, an empire of which one speaks as of invisible things. Only when spiritual science gains in importance will people speak of this empire. Not some church, not some state, not some economic empire can create this new spiritual empire. Only the will of the individual who lives in a liberated spiritual/cultural life can find this new kingdom.