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The Demise of AWSNA Woke Waldorf Schools

This dangerous WEF/Klaus Schwab Marxist agenda and its operatives have infiltrated schools – public and private, Waldorf or parochial. If you have a child in a private school that has adopted Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) policies and prejudices, don’t be surprised when you 13 year old girl comes home with her breasts removed and your white son thinks the white race is evil. You are literally paying these satanists to destroy your children.

The Demise of AWSNA Woke Waldorf Schools

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After watching the video above, you may wonder why the Salvation Army is involved. We have a few thoughts about that:




It’s coming… just putting together the web site and sign-up procedures. Those of you who sent me your email will receive your copy as soon as it is released.

SD Gov. Kristi Noem having ‘absurdly blatant and public’ affair with ‘handsy’ Trump aide Corey Lewandowski, sources say

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Israel first. Then America.

Oprah JUST Responded! “The World Has To Apologize” for Maui Fire Massacre

Apple ad released a few days ago. Tim Cook and company openly call for the elimination of life (carbon) on the planet. Apple wants humanity exterminated.

2030 Status | Mother Nature | Apple

This is an example of a biofield interface device that will tether you to the ahrimanic (AI). This is a device that will ultimately harm anyone who wears it. If they can’t put the interface device inside your skin, they will con you into placing it on your skin – like a FitBit, an Oura (get it-Aura?) ring, facial visors, hearing and seeing devices.

Resist the aiBorg.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: We’re excited about what we’re seeing from Vision Pro developer labs

Rick Ruffin writes: “So I drank some coffee (biodynamic) while listening to Sabrina’s coffee chat this morning. Here are some of my reflections:

Sabrina is clairvoyant and perceives electrical, magnetic forces and can interpret them in terms of their technological origins. Anthro folks would say that she is in touch with angelic beings who have been captured by humans using technology.

Sabrina says that she is under constant attack by these forces/beings or the human creators of the technology. I once worked with a clairvoyant who said that he was under constant attack by oppositional beings. Both he and Sabrina used the attacks to understand the present situation (“situational awareness”) and streamlined their work in response – but without losing site of their “mission”.

Rudolph Steiner originally arranged his organized community such that he was not a part of its governance – only a spiritual advisor. He thought this was safest. It was only later, after his group was brutally attacked (by burning down the headquarters building) that he refounded the group with himself as leader. He died shortly thereafter. Sabrina keeps making the point that she is only an individual speaking and that the community that has formed on Telegram is independent of her. Reminds me of Steiner.

Steiner says that to understand our current time (what he called the 5th post Atlantean period), we could look at the 3rd post Atlantean period of Egypt where there was also a focus on technology to harness spiritual powers. Today, Sabrina said that we were being “brought back to Egypt with the meta materials” (graphine).

Truth History students remember that Tesla’s ideas were stolen by the Pilgrim Society folks and were repackaged as coming from Marconi. Sabrina says that these folks used the publicly noted wired telegraphy to hide their continued secret work on wireless technologies. She introduced (to me) the term “Lie Fi” (connecting to a network through photons in the body) which is hidden by a more “wired” form of wireless – Wifi (based on ethernet).

Lastly, Sabrina keeps speaking about “hybridolized humans” – humans who have been augmented with technology, many of whom may not be aware of their situation because they think they are interacting with “space aliens” (to quote Clif High) instead of networked AI.

She ends this coffee chat by saying “Stand tall for Christ” and fight for human dignity over transhumanism.

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Check out the video below at the 22:40 mark. Like we have been saying, somebody had to save humanity. We wrote:

”It’s been a long journey for us – from back in December 2012 until now. We traveled to northern Alaska to stand under the portal of the Aurora Borealis on December 21, 2012 to usher in a new age as the old one was closing per the Mayan Calendar indications. We traveled there to physically stand underneath the Northern Lights portal, on behalf of all humanity, to avert a global catastrophe and usher in the Satya Yuga.


Our mission was to find 46 other enlightened beings to join us in leading humanity out of global tyranny and back to the path of Christ. That’s how we found YOU!!! But a most remarkable thing happened. We gained 48 ten-fold, maybe even twelve-fold, totally awake human beings to join us.”

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Cats know the rest of the story….

The Occult Quest for the Holy Grail – ROBERT SEPEHR

For those who may not know the entire story of Indiana Jones;

Kathleen Kennedy Memorializes Spiritual Journey of Douglas Gabriel in Several Hollywood Blockbusters

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