They can’t fight like patriot guerillas in the internet with wicked hashtags, memes, tweets, and hyperlinks, so they want to make our information weapons ILLEGAL. That’s why they use LAWFARE to try and defeat us.

Keep in mind that the US Patent and Trademark Office is run by British SERCO….need we say more about this atrocious bill AND WHO IS REALLY BEHIND IT?

Also remember that the traitors Bruce and Nellie Ohr‘s son Michael works in the copyright office. Is this where the plot to silence Americans originates – with the Ohrs, the British, SERCO – all who are sworn enemies of the United States?

michael Ohr at desk

What will our corrupt, compromised elected representatives do with this bill? Why is it that there are so many “republicans” in the RNC that are voting with globalist Demonrats?

Media BLACKOUT: If Senate Bill 1273 Passes You Could Be Fined $15,000 for Sharing Memes on Social Media


“Have you ever shared a meme that you didn’t make? Or downloaded a photo you saw on social media? If Congress has its way, you could soon get slapped with a $15,000 fine by copyright trolls––with no chance of appeal––just for doing normal stuff on the Internet. These trolls buy up copyrights with the sole intent of sending out mass threats and lawsuits to harvest settlements. Now, a dangerous new bill called the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act is sailing through Congress to make it easier for everyone from trolls to Hollywood producers to sue you. And it just slipped through a Senate Committee, clearing the way for a full Senate vote.”

In 2017, we wrote about the infowarfare and how this was a new type of war that patriots would be fighting.

How Memes and Hashtags are Changing the Nature of Warfare

This is why we request that President Trump meet with Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies to get the keys to the internet and stop this censorship madness. We do not want band aids on this never ending censorship problem in the internet. We want a FIX…and NOW.


Please contact the President and request that Michael McKibben be invited to the White House to discuss this grave matter that affects every citizen on the planet. Very easy to send a brief note at the link below before you move off this page:

Contact President Trump.



The bill was co-sponsored in the Senate by Sens. John Kennedy (R-LA), Thom Tillis (R-NC), Dick Durbin (D-IL), and Mazie Hirono (D-HI). Original House co-sponsors include: HJC Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and HJC IP Subcommittee Chairman Hank Johnson (D-GA), as well as Martha Roby (R-AL), Judy Chu (D-CA), Ben Cline (R-VA), Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA).


nadler clown honk.JPG

Contact your congressperson and tell them to stuff this bill up Jerry Nadler’s ass…or something like that. These people need to start feeling the heat from the silent majority…so turn up your righteous indignation a notch or two.

Contact your congressional representative.

Make sure to contact your Senator FIRST as the bill has headed to the Senate for a floor vote.

If you need help getting your game face on to take on these representatives, then take a lesson from this Georgia legislator who knows how to get in your face…and a fellow Democrat who knows how to give it back.

The Democrat Went Down To Georgia



We know that the Democrats that put forth this bill are globalist puppets, but what about the Republicans? Let’s go to Conservative Review and look at their scorecards. Are they patriots or globalists?

john kennedy scorecard.JPG
Nothing that says MAGA here with RINO John Kennedy.
thom tillis scorecard.JPG
Check out this MAGA turncoat’s scorecard.


See why you do not want to contribute your 2020 campaign contributions to the RNC? Ronna ROMNEY doles out the money to globalist puppets like her uncle Mitt, Martha Roby, and these other RINOs.

martha roby scorecard.JPG
Horrible scorecard for this so-called “republican” guess that is why she is only an R In Name Only – RINO


Ben Cline has been in office since 2019 and so far he has a “B” score, but this vote on memes shows us that within the next year of voting, he will be headed towards RINO status as well. If you are in Virginia, start calling Ben to let him know you are watching and will not tolerate votes that don’t Keep America Great. Patriots are watching!

ben cline scorecard.JPG
Today a “B” but if he keeps voting like this, he is headed towards MAGA KAG failure.


brian fitzpatrick scorecard.JPG
WHOA this REPUBLICAN scores a 24% in conservative voting. Did the RNC financially support his election run? Why is Ronna ROMNEY giving away your campaign donations and support to turncoats like Brian Fitzpatrick?


So basically – this bill is a globalists strategy to censor patriots just before the 2020 election. They own the corporate media, but they can not silence patriots in the internet. And our memes have become too deadly for their corporate propaganda to defeat.

They have to use LAWFARE to shut us up.

Let’s not attack them on this front of the battlefield where they have a lock on all the corrupt attorneys like Lawfare King Robert Mueller and his 500 DOJ SES attorneys . Let’s hit them on other fronts. A little SHOCK and AWE is in order…what do you think?

Please, Mr. President, recognize the original creator of social media and internet scalability and pay the Miller Act Notice submitted by Leader Technologies and take away their ability to harass patriots on our digital platforms:

The Miller Act Notice Explained Here

And while they are reeling from this blow, can we please have the US military pick up Robert Mueller for his military tribunal for treason.

Mueller’s Treason Needs a SWIFT Military Solution!


We are ready to start the MAGA KAG reconstruction period for the great American Renaissance and it is time for these traitors and criminals to exit stage right.

We’re with Betsy and Thomas. How about you?

betsy ross giorgio.JPG


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