Utah GOP Considering Resolution Calling For Mitt Romney To ‘Immediately Resign’ From Office


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Mini-Mike Bloomberg Frames Farmers As Primitive Idiots In Demeaning Diatribe


Salute to farmers


Democrat Senator Held Secret Meeting In Munich With Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

“Such a meeting would mean Murphy had done the type of secret coordination with foreign leaders to potentially undermine the U.S. government that he accused Trump officials of doing as they prepared for Trump’s administration. In February 2017, Murphy demanded investigations of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn because he had a phone call with his counterpart-to-be in Russia.”

Here is a Twitter thread that contains more info on Murphy’s secret meetings.


boasberg - jackson

“Judge Jackson now has a request for a new trial based on the unambiguous & self outed bias of the foreperson of the jury, whose also a lawyer, by the way. ‘Madam foreperson, your a lawyer, you have a duty, an affirmative obligation, to reveal to us when we selected you the…..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 18, 2020

…..would order a new trial, I’m not so sure about Judge Jackson, I don’t know.” @Judgenap (Andrew Napolitano) @foxandfriends

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 18, 2020


branco stone democrats


swamp ratGreat news about Amy, stinking swamp bitch, Jackson.  Now let’s go after Boasberg who is a dirty granddaddy rat at the bottom of the swamp:

Outrageous Discovery: New FISA Court Judge James E. Boasberg dramatically falsified his Senate ethics disclosures to hide anti-American leftist bias and propagandists


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Virginia Assault Weapons Ban DEAD – For Now!!!


Sundance continues to do a brilliant job showing us the battle zone in the swamp where they use a favorite battle strategy called lawfare, that slow turning legal and bureaucratic rotisserie that never seems to cook anything. Imagine how many years it will take to unravel the Gordian Knot of corruption while a bipartisan Congress, a corrupt Supreme Court, a Commander surrounded by SES enemies stand by ready to start another impeachment hearing.

Patriots, we are not going to win by staying on their D.C. turf. Let’s move the battlefront to a place we can win – and win BIGLY. Our goal is to energize as many folks as we can by encouraging them to attend a great American Revival, called a Trump Rally. The rallies are traveling all across the country.

Here is this week’s schedule:

Tuesday in Los Angeles
Wednesday in Phoenix, Arizona for #KAG Rally
Thursday in Colorado Springs, Colorado for #KAG Rally
Friday in Las Vegas, Nevada for a #KAG Rally

Details and free tickets, click on link: https://t.co/5xq67mx4LApic.twitter.com/ZkdnrDrfkZ

— 45  – The TRUMP PAGE (@TheTrumpPage1) February 18, 2020

We are preaching and teaching the gospel of America First. Let’s move our battle on to a higher plane of engagement – the spiritual realm – by openly and joyfully bringing God, family, and country back into our national pride.


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Luke Bryan – Here’s To The Farmer


WHO Holds Secret Talks With Tech Giants To Stop Spread Of Coronavirus “Misinformation”

Mark Zuckerbeast + Melinda and Bill ‘save the children with this handy vaccine’ Foundation are concerned that YOU are not swallowing their Chinese flu propaganda.

chicken little

Actually the folks behind the latest global false flag, those evil planetary rulers from the Pilgrims Society, are royally upset that citizens aren’t buying their latest false flag…this one with a flu theme. They don’t understand that the world has grown weary of their constant chicken little stories that wind up getting our loved ones killed. From the Gulf of Tonkin, to 9-11, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, and Mandalay Bay, these false flag operations just keep on trying to scare us into going to war, giving up our guns, and tearing up our Constitution.

The flu, and all of its scary variations, are a huge propaganda extravaganza and sorry to say that even the most stalwart indie media channels have fallen for this narrative, like they did with San Bernardino until we came along and corrected the fake news which ran for a solid 2 weeks before anyone (hello – that’s AIM) told the real story:

How a “False Flag within a False Flag” Operation Unfolded in San Bernardino


After the drama had settled down from this FBI-run false flag, we went to work to educate and enlighten readers how to spot a false flag operation with this internet classic:

False Flags are Legal Propaganda


You can now spot false flags easily and this ‘Crown’ virus is straight up propaganda, delivered by Q – the real Q. (Read below)

Steady at the wheel, patriots. Flu season will be over soon.


The right to try. Thank you, President Trump.


Islam is not a religion, but rather an attempt to hide political ideology and Sharia law inside a cloak of “religion”.  Judeao-Christian nations must reject Islam. 

Slovakia is WOKE: Bars Islam From Country, Won’t Allow Mosques




‘Historic seizure’: Costa Rica breaks record with five-ton cocaine bust


(January 16, 2018) Meet Big Brother


Over 2,000 Former DOJ Officials Call On Barr To Resign Over Roger Stone Case

This is a case of Senior Executive Services folks getting nervous that Billy Boy isn’t following their enemy operations to take down President Trump and America. Barr is SES so these officials are reminding him to get back on the Crown plantation.




Oops, the vandals might have found out about the evil Pilgrims Society that controls America’s Deep State, Senior Executive Services.

Plymouth Rock, iconic landmark that marks where the Pilgrims first landed, was vandalized

jane sullivan roberts
Learn about Scumbag Robert’s nasty wife – Jane.


victoria coates

Uncovering ‘Anonymous’ in the White House

In swamp news, Deputy National Security Advisor Victoria Coates is reportedly being pinned by senior officials in the Trump administration as the so-called “Anonymous,” the hideous little operative deep within the Trump administration who claimed to be the anti-Trump “resistance” on the inside, brazenly writing an essay in the New York Times to ‘assure’ us that the Trump administration was full of such people.

Here is her very unimpressive resume. No matter what  – someone like this doesn’t have the skill set required to advise the president on high-level security matters. So good that she is gone.


The price of crazy: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yelps for help against 12 primary challengers


propaganda banner

Let’s look at British Steve Hilton whose resume reeks of being a crown propagandist. He has a show on fake Fox News. He should have ample researchers around him to discover the truth. Instead of calling out the swamp stooges by name – Senior Executive Services – Hilton feigns his British concern over a nameless body of bureaucrats. If you don’t name the enemy, you can’t take them out. Got it?

This is a propaganda strategy that we see all the time, especially with Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, both fake news bloviators: Talk about it, but not really talk about it. Hilton is there to protect the Queen from any nasty findings that might spill over the big pond – like how the Queen Bitch and the Privy Council still control America through crown agents, SERCO, SES, and now we find QinetiQ Group Plc.

We imagine Richard Dearlove calling simpleton Steve and saying “Steve, these patriot information warriors are busting our super secret spying network out of Cobbet Hill Earth Station and QinetiQ Group Plc. Start throwing some propaganda at the masses to distract them. Talk about anything. Throw the damn SES under the bus if you have to. We can’t let this narrative make its way to the Queen.”

Folks this is a type of propaganda. Low info patriots think simpleton Steve is breaking news, when he is actually keeping you in a thought zone called a limited hang out. You think you are getting news, but his job (as a Brit who is loyal to his Queen and there could be a knighthood in his future) is to keep you in his tightly controlled narrative. The average viewer doesn’t even notice that simpleton Steve’s report doesn’t name the enemy SES. And that is the point – you are still uniformed after listening to simpleton Steve and his British propaganda.

We haven’t investigated Steve because frankly he isn’t worth our time, but his resume surely smells like media crown agent.

.@SteveHiltonx: In a Trump second term, the president needs only people committed to his agenda. Clear out the bureaucratic resistance, all of it, no more swamp stooges…#SteveSays #NextRevFNC pic.twitter.com/ZaZ4meoDcl

— The Next Revolution (@NextRevFNC) February 17, 2020


Getting to know Bernie better


fuck communism


“The Boomer would be kept comfortable. The Boomer would be resuscitated if that’s what the government and the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the family.” https://t.co/M47tD3PdPR

— eKohnomics (@77cyko) February 17, 2020


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Pier 1 Files For Bankruptcy After Last-Ditch Effort To Cut Costs Fails


big bird qQ: The Silent War Continues

As we have been saying forever and a day: Q is a psyop. It ensnares patriots who do not understand that Q is actually controlled opposition, as it changes from month to month and you never really know who is behind the letter Q and what the agenda of the day is.

We are now discovering in our research that Q is actually QinetiQ Group Plc. They have deliberately made the word hard to say and equally difficult to spell. The Q stands for Queen – and as our readers are finding out, the Queen owns the golden share of this operation that has been using Five Eyes and its super secret (until now) operation at the Pirbright Institute and Cobbet Hill Earth Station (ahem – can we say coronavirus) to spy and control America… and your country, too.

You pronounce QinetiQ like ‘kinetic’.

aerial view pirbright 2


So many great P. P. Butt memes on the internet. Here’s one that will make a great template. It seems to have been inspired by the comedian in the audio below. The meme was titled:

Buttigieg BTFO

suck dick pride

This audio is spicy, rude, and not at all politically correct. Keep the kids away.

Couldn’t Be Prouder


Mexican migrants sent record $36B in remittances in 2019

Y’all remember that these tax-free remittances run through the Federal Reserve, which, of course, collects its own toll $$$ and the U. S. Treasury gets zero-none-notta in the form of taxes. Thomas can refresh us on how this operation works next time we record a video. Basically, its a huge scheme to get tax free money into Mexico and the Federal Reserve makes money off the transactions.



Early this morning, Michael Bloomberg tweeted this attack on Bernie Sanders and his army of online hooligans:

We need to unite to defeat Trump in November. This type of “energy” is not going to get us there. https://t.co/bPuUZMs2d6 pic.twitter.com/Tdp6mpWjcX

— Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) February 17, 2020

Bloomberg is right: Sanders is trying to bully his way to the presidential nomination. Bloomberg, on the other hand, is trying to buy it–more civil, less violent.

This race is getting more entertaining all the time. Source 



Utah GOP Considering Resolution Calling For Mitt Romney To ‘Immediately Resign’ From Office

While we are at it can we get a two-fer on these Romneys and get rid of that mousey little Romney operative heading the RNC?

elephants romney


A man without ideals is a man without power

To understand the development of humanity, it must be viewed in its whole range. Only so can we see its high ideal. To believe that an ideal is not necessary for action is a great error. A man without ideals is a man without power. The function of an ideal in life is like that of steam in an engine. Steam comprises in a small area a vast expanse of ‘condensed space’ — hence its tremendous power of expansion. The magic power of thought is of the same nature.

Let us then rise to the thought of the ideal of humanity as a whole, guided by the thread of its evolution through the epochs of time.

Source: Rudolf Steiner – GA 94 – An Esoteric Cosmology – II – The Mission of Manicheism – Paris, 26th May 1906


Revive America with her authentic country and gospel music!

Southern Gospel Revival: Jamie Wilson – I Can’t Even Walk

Tyla continues to explain the next step in her plan to take down corruption in D.C.

By now the AIM reader has probably figured out that I lost all of my friends long ago speaking truths like those you read on the Cat Report. Many of you have had the same thing happen. Once I realized that my view of the world was entirely different from what was being portrayed on the media and the news, I kept my silence among those who were sound asleep, brainwashed. People are not kind when they are aroused unexpectantly out of a deep sleep.

But then there was this evening when I couldn’t stay quiet any longer. I was with some of my gal pal friends, all successful and smart entrepreneurs and business owners. We were having a nice dinner, pleasant conversation, when the mood in the room changed suddenly with what had recently happened at Sandy Hook. I stayed quiet because the truth would be too much for them to grok – that Sandy Hook was a huge gun grab false flag of crisis actors run by rogue factions in our government.


They started weeping for all the children and their parents and it was just ludicrous that these smart and talented women believed the media propaganda. I had to open my big mouth, which was actually trying to console them, and said, “No children died at Sandy Hook.” You would have thought I had exploded a nuclear bomb in the dining room.

Instead of being consoled with my explanation of why no children died, they grew angrier and angrier. Women who under other circumstances in their business life made savvy, thoughtful decisions were going raving mad with a redpill that they were just not swallowing.

Needless to say, I was never invited back to the group so I have plenty of time to do a daily blog. Lucky you.

Back to the White House a few years prior to the disastrous ‘lose all your friends’ over Sandy Hook discussion, I am thinking

“OK, Spirit, what next?”


I knew from my esoteric studies that it was possible to effect lower dimensions by working from the higher ones. This is a simple rule all warriors know, whether they are military or spiritual warriors. “Intelligence” is having the ability to see the battlefield from a higher vantage point than where the enemy is engaged.

Also important, as Dr. Rubenstein lectured extensively, was to understand the historical and cultural motives behind what appears, or doesn’t, in the daily news. What that means to us today is that in order to make the grand, sweeping moves that will revive America’s heartbeat and flame as a shining city on a hill, we need to move the battle away from the daily drudge and nudge of lawfare and bureaucracy where truth and justice never seem to occur, year after year, decade after decade.

Gowdy swamp thing

Folks, we have been doing that battle for a long time and we never get any results. Time to find another way.

Rudolf Steiner taught that treating illness effectively required the caregiver to consider the etheric and astral bodies well as the physical body. In fact, working on the higher bodies often brought cure to the lower one. This is what Sophia whispered to me that day I left the White House. She said that I would need to work from a higher plane and that the next step in the journey would be to protect myself from detrimental energies. Frankly, at that time, I had no idea how deep the corruption of our world was so having an extra coat of spiritual armor turned out to be a blessing.

To fortify my environment, I set out to learn everything I could about dowsing, energy, vibration, frequency and the incredible world of sacred geometry. I took classes from master teachers all around the country to learn their techniques, until I settled on a few that worked best for me. A year later, I would meet Douglas, who blew me away with his knowledge of this field – and everything else, too. (wink). We began using our combined resources of spiritual knowledge to create the Qube and write articles like these:

Why do Spiritual Scientists Have Such a Difficult Time Accepting New Technologies?


We used solid principles of frequency and vibration to create the Qube and the sigils that we recommend you use in your environment. Of course, other items can be used – quality crystals, meteorite, stones, music, sacred items from your spiritual practice. We have given you many suggestions and hope that you are working with the techniques that resonate with you.

peace is the prizeFirst Step: Do something. Make a physical statement that you are going to restore the Republic. I went to the White House. Maybe your statement will be to volunteer as a poll watcher or attend an America First Revival.

But you have to get up.

You have to show up.

Second Step: Fortify your environment for the type of warfare that best suits your interests.

If you are working in the human physical domain that will mean something different than if you are working in the legal or spiritual domain.

How will you armor yourself for the battlefield you are willing to enter? Don’t forget that your truth weapons might be forged from places never used before in battle – blogs, memes, videos, graffiti, music, art.

Like I always ask our truth community – what are your skills, talents, resources, etc? How can you influence others to join our global movement? Do what you can. The patriots beside you will do the same. Together we will save the world.

If you want to share the last few stories, I bundled them up here: Wrestling with Ahriman

join forces with Betsy Ross


mao stalin hitler



Mark Holmes. (Jun. 24, 2019). CETel Makes Strategic Ground Teleport Acquisition in the UK. Via Satellite.


Editor. (Jun. 01, 2019). CETel acquires Cobbett Hill Earth Station Limited. Spacewatch.


via satellite



Added a little info on Tenet. To this article. In the Fig. 1 sidebar and in the Conclusion


q2 1q2 2tenet q2

Twitter     Presidential Tweets Today



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