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British Saboteurs have been working with Crown Agent operatives to overthrow Donald Trump

Trump Sends Historic Impeachment Takedown Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Social Media IS The Chinese Social Credit Score: Here’s Why

The Chateau Marmont …. Schiff…. we know.

Forced by Reality – The Washington Post Cancels the Recession

The Ground Zero Mosque Project Is Back

It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

The Swamp is Infested with SES Vermin

CIA Destroys America from the UK

Most New Zealand Gun Owners So Far Decline to Hand in Anything

VERMIN ALERT! Senior Executive Services are crawling all over D.C.

Democrats’ Election Win in Virginia Yields Gun Confiscation Proposal

Kid Atlas and the History of GALT in America – FREE 1300 page PDF Book INSIDE

James Comey testified under oath that there was no surveillance of the Trump Campaign

U.S. Trade Ambassador Robert Lighthizer Explains “Phase One” of U.S-China Trade Deal

Former AG Michael Mukasey Outlines FBI Conspiracy, Explains Why Lisa Page is Suing DOJ and Why FBI Refuses to Unreadact Text Messages

James Comey Confesses

Nunes: Democrats have put people in ‘tremendous danger’

Schiff: ‘I Had No Idea FBI Was Committing Serious Abuses When I Said All That Stuff’

Report: President Trump Considering Sitting Out 2020 General Election Debates

OAN Investigates with Chanel Rion and Rudy Giuliani – Ukrainian Witnesses

Rudy Giuliani: Locked and Loaded

Nunes to Schiff: ‘It Is Clear You Are in Need of Rehabilitiation’

Trump supporters rally against ‘madness’ of impeachment in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Ten Arabic Words: A challenge to national security professionals engaged in the Global War On Terror

America’s real disease is toxic ignorance

Democrats: The Party of Death and Destruction

IG Report On FBI Spying Exposes “Scandal Of Historic Magnitude” For US Media

NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s solar orbit

New Jersey Democrat Congressman, Jeff Van Drew, Will Switch Parties Over Impeachment Fraud

Obama Era Political Surveillance, and The Dual Purpose of Fusion GPS

MN Democrat Collin Peterson says he won’t vote for impeachment ‘unless they come up with something’

Press gulps as Team Trump unleashes a full-sail 2020 re-election plan

What is the secret of Hillary Clinton’s strangely plumped-up-cheeks?

Newly invented bacteria eats plastic

FLASHBACK 2017: The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun

The storm is here. Truth is a force of nature.

Patriots Expose the 100-Year Anglo-American Propaganda War That Has Terrorized the World with War, Strife, and Poverty

History books are silent about the Pilgrims Society that has controlled mainstream media with lies for 120 years

Globalist Scumbag John Roberts is Responsible for All 11 FISA Court Judges and for the Illegal Spying Conducted on Trump and other Americans

FBI surveilled General Flynn during Trump campaign

Nationalist Populists are TAKING OVER Mainstream Conservative Parties

DOJ Refuses To Release Records On Imran Awan, Citing ‘Technical Difficulties’ And A Secret Case, Court Docs Show

Lawsuit: More Than 2.5K Dead People Are Registered to Vote in Detroit

New ‘Woke’ School Curriculum “Deep Equity” Deeply Racist and Divisive

It is a war, not a coup

Trump Announces Phase One Trade Deal with China

Shutdown Averted? Republicans And Democrats Reach $1.37 Trillion Deal “In Principle”

Trump reacts to House Judiciary passing articles of impeachment

Adam Schiff’s $391 Million Dollar Lie

Rudy Giuliani Can Barely Contain Himself Over His Ukraine Findings

House Passes Farm Bill With Bipartisan Support, But Includes Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

What happens on Earth is merely the stimulus to the play of cosmic forces

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Friday the 13th and the Dark Secrets of the Vatican

Jesuits are leading the world into a One World religion while they control the narrative of the most exquisite experience one can have with the being of Sophia.

New Wikileaks EXPOSES Vatican, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, and Pope Francis

Whore of Babylon Revealed: The Dark Secrets of the Vatican Exposed

Final War of the Titans Pits Globalists against Nationalists

Cutting the Gordian Knot of All Time

Final Steps Towards Armageddon: This is not a Drill, a Conspiracy Theory, or Dan Brown Movie

All Roads Lead to Armageddon

How WWIII Was Averted in a Remote Place Called Astana

AG Barr: ‘First Time in History’ That Incumbent Gov’t Spying ‘Has Been Done to a Presidential Campaign’

How Americans can restore the rule of law

IG Report Confirms Schiff FISA Memo Media Praised Was Riddled With Lies

Membership Lists of the Senior Executive Services

Deep State Bureaucrats are Named Time Magazine’s ‘Guardians of the Year’

Soros-Linked Group Gets Six GOP Governors to Resettle More Refugees

Betsy and Thomas: AIM Cats Love Rat Swamp Soup

Record 3 million illegal immigrants living freely in the country awaiting hearings

Impeachment Deeply Unpopular In Key Swing Congressional District