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Challenge Accepted, @Fullmetaltruth

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. (Scheduled May 06, 2023). Analysis of the King Charles III coronation liturgy. The Church of England.

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Wow! This answered a lot of questions for me. Everybody. All together, in the proper accent. “A dingo ate my baby.” Thanks to Neville for the exceptional glass bead.

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It’s not a boycott; it’s a TRANNYCOTt.

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The Great Reset and the Grand Refusal | Michael Rectenwald

@notadoc posts: The only way that you can obtain Artificial Intelligence is by dumbing down the definition of “Intelligence.”

10,000 millennial’s coding does not equal “Intelligence.”

It equals delusion!

Jamie Dimon follows other American notables to China for treasonous negotiations.



Synagogue of Satan.

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Babylonian Radhanites squeezing turnips for blood.

This is not an adjective to describe one particular attorney noted in the Cat Report – just a general statement about B. A. R. crown agents.

A few weeks ago we received a demand letter from an attorney in Georgia named Mark L. Seigel to correct the record about a mistaken identity of an attorney Michael P. Ring who shares the same name and profession with another Micheal P. Ring in a different geographical location. We made the correction promptly and offered our apologies.

To Attorney Mark Seigel Law Firm in Georgia

We even made a video where we read the letter and posted it on YouTube for our audience to hear:


Yesterday (May 4, 2023) we received an email response from Mr. Seigel. He wrote, and Mike responded to his emails:


The libelous content remains on your website. If you do not immediately remove the content, we will have no choice but to proceed as the law permits.


Mark L. Seigel, Esq.

The Seigel Law Firm LLC

Check out Seigel’s public profile and information here:

Dear Mr. Seigel,

Libelous? Hardly. Cites to judicially-recognizable facts are not libelous.

Exactly what is it that you want us to do? We printed a retraction just as you requested, as GA law specifies.

We posted your corrections VERBATIM. The retraction is posted above the content. Without leaving the content, the retraction is meaningless. Are we missing something?

In good faith, we sent you a certified letter showing our changes on Apr. 21, 2023, so this email is puzzling.

Kindly send us specific content to which you object. Sentences, paragraphs, etc. What is it? We have complied to your demand  to the best of our understanding.


Michael McKibben

cc. Douglas Gabriel

P.S. Since you have forced us to review this entire matter, it appears that Michael P. Ring in Georgia and Old Glory Bank in Oklahoma are the same person. Is this a correct conclusion? This would contradict one or more of your statements of fact which we accepted at face value and willingly retracted. We will include your clarification so that the facts are clear.

Mr. McKibben,

The numerous false statements that we previously identified remain on your website at the following link:

Beware of OLD GLORY BANK in Michigan, Soon Everywhere – American Intelligence Media (

By way of example only, as of today you continue to publish on your website the following false statement: “OLD GLORY BANK appears to be a banking scam associated with GLORIFI to lure unsuspecting patriots into a USURY digital currency prison.”

We already informed you that there is no connection or affiliation between OLD GLORY BANK and GLORIFI. Your continued publication of that false statement is libelous and willful.

Additionally, the video containing numerous false statements remains accessible both on your website and on YouTube:

(76) The Biggest Scam in History – Douglas Gabriel & Michael McKibben – YouTube

Your continued publication of the false statements in the YouTube video is libelous and willful.

We previously demanded that you REMOVE the false content from your website, both the text and the video, and REPLACE them with the content we provided to you. A link to the content is not sufficient- the original defamatory content must be removed in its entirety, including the YouTube video.


Mark L. Seigel, Esq.

The Seigel Law Firm LLC

(Below, Michael responds to Seigel’s demands.)

OK, that is clearer. Please clarify the following alleged “TRUTH”. All this falderal could have been settled with a simple phone call from you. Harassing citizens is against the Rules of Professional Conduct. We consider your demand to be frivolous and will pursue it as such, if necessary, since we believe you impeached your alleged “TRUTH” with at least one false statement which we will endeavor to clarify below. Contrary to your assertion, retractions ALWAYS include reference to the information being retracted, otherwise the statements are pointless. You did not demand that the video be taken down, you demanded a retraction of the allegedly offending snippets of the interview, which we produced a special video to do.

1.       Are Michael P. Ring in GA and OK-Old Glory Bank CEO the same person? You only said GA Ring and CA Ring were not the same person.

Your alleged “TRUTH”  does not clarify this confusion. Michael [P.] Ring in OK (he edited out his middle initial) does not say where his law license resides or where his “own law firm” was located. Either fact would have confirmed he is the GA Michael P. Ring and we would not be left to have searched for another, finding the CA Michael P. Ring. This Old Glory Bank omission by Mr. Ring appears to have caused this confusion.

“Mike Ring is the President and CEO of Old Glory Bank. Mike started as a corporate lawyer (JD and LLM in Tax), and prior to forming his own law firm, was a partner in the Corporate and Securities Group of the international law firm, Greenberg Traurig, LLP.  Mike has spent more than twenty-five years in business, to include being a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Haymon Sports, the world’s largest and most successful boxing company, and owner of the Premier Boxing Champions series (PBC). Additionally, he was one of the co-founders and Board Members of Katz Broadcasting, which successfully created and launched four multi-cast television networks, which was then acquired by Scripps Media in 2017 as part of the largest multi-cast network transaction to date. Mike served four years in the Air Force.”

2.       You wrote: “Old Glory Bank is not promoted by, affiliated with, or associated with Larry Elder or Dr. Ben Carson, and has no ‘stars’ on its board of directors or members.”

See these promotional videos of these celebrities on the Old Glory Banks website home page. – OLD GLORY BANK – John Rich | Dr. Ben Carson  OLD GLORY BANK – John Rich | Larry Elder

a.       Kindly explain why this  Old Glory Bank press release does not contradict your alleged “TRUTH.” (See attached Old Glory Bank website also incorporating Mssrs. Elder, Rich  and Dr. Carson in videos)

“…Radio and television host, author, and filmmaker, Larry Elder, who is also a co-founder, stockholder, and member of the Board of Directors of Old Glory Holding Company, states that “We value the values of America and believe in the principles that forged this country, such as liberty, privacy, security, community, family, and faith.”

“Country music superstar, TV host, entrepreneur, and songwriter John Rich, who is also a co-founder and stockholder of Old Glory Bank, adds that “It’s been dismaying to see the political weaponization of the financial system. Old Glory Bank was created to be the full banking solution for folks who still believe in freedom and the greatness of America.”

“The Board of Directors includes successful and influential leaders such as former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson; radio and television host Larry Elder; former two-term Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin Christensen; marketing executive Tony Dieste; and influential free speech proponent, Dan Schneider. Mr. Clay Christensen, a native Oklahoman and managing partner of Christensen Law Group, P.L.L.C., who is currently the CEO of First State Bank, will join the Board of Directors of Old Glory Bank. All legacy team members at First State Bank will remain and continue to serve their local community that this great bank has served for 120 years.”

3.       You wrote: “Old Glory Bank is not “pushing” a digital currency. Rather it provides secure online banking solutions for it [sic] customers.”

a.       Kindly explain the press release stating: “Maureen Carollo, Chief Compliance and Risk Officer who has more than 25 years in banking and risk leadership, states that this new digital-first bank was named Old Glory…”


From NCR: “Digital-first banking means finding the best ways to serve today’s customers who increasingly start their banking experiences in a digital channel, whether online or mobile. It’s about connecting digital to physical experiences. More precisely, it’s integrating physical channels like ATMs, tellers and branches with digital channels, so the end-to-end customer journey is connected into one great customer experience no matter when, where or how it happens.”

‘In 2020, we’ve seen a dramatic change in our clients—banks and credit unions—and their customers’ expectations around great customer experience, and in particular, digitally-led experiences,’ said Doug Brown, SVP and GM of NCR Digital Banking.”


Tim Vanderham, Chief Technology Officer, NCR: “Today, most systems for making cryptocurrency payments in stores convert those funds to traditional currency before reaching the merchant, and that option will be retained for merchants that want to offer stablecoin or CBDC transactions, [Central Bank Digital Currency] as well as merchants that want to directly accept some forms of digital currency.” -Tim Vanderham, Chief Technology Officer at NCR.

Press Release: “NCR Corporation Acquires Crypto ATM Provider LibertyX to Introduce a Complete Digital Currency Solution

Kindly confirm that Old Glory Bank will not be using NCR or like bank transaction devices (e.g., Diebold) who all push CBDC (“digital currency”).

Kindly confirm that Old Glory Bank will not be offering (“pushing”) CBDC.

Frankly, how can any “digital-first bank” not be promoting CBDC since it is being burned into their technology?

Explain why you are not straining at gnats with this razor-thin distinction between Central Bank Digital Currency and Digital-first Banking

Following your clarifications, in good faith, we will review the content again and make the appropriate corrections and retractions in a different form. We believe we have already complied. We do not believe we are obliged to do any more since: (1) yours is a harassing, rolling, circular complaint, (2) you were not clear the first time, and (3) you presented impeachable assertions.


Michael McKibben

cc. Douglas Gabriel

Anybody getting that certain attorney stench? Of course, it is your opinion and a hypothetical question, not a statement of fact. Our opinion is that that the attorney in the emails above reminds us of the vibration, resonance, and/or frequency we get from Michaels Avenatti and Cohen.

Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels, is pictured outside the Manhattan Federal Court in New York City, New York, U.S., April 13, 2018. REUTERS/Jeenah Moon – RC193F188600

Banks all around are collapsing, CBDCs are on the horizon, and is Candace’s father-in-law Michael Farmer (think London gold) trying to grab a piece of the action? And what about Ben Carson’s and John Rich’s participation? Kitties have lots of questions for attorney Seigel and want to know who he is trying to shield…and from what. We are just AIMing 4 TRUTH.

Candace Marries into Metals-Rigging Oligarch Family

Candace Owens’ GLORIFi tied to Rothschild & Sons

London Gold and Silver Rigging Scheme Confirmed. Mammon at Work.

Even Christiane knows that something is up with Owens and the Rothschilds.

What did Dr. Christiane Northrup Say About Candy Owens?

Then we have Swampy Swamy crying to the shill Glenn Beck that people are saying mean things about him in the internet (Start at 10:30). TRUTH HURTS, bucko.

Vivek Ramaswamy SLAMS 3 lies about his 2024 presidential run

Who in the world could have said mean things about Swampy and then spread them far and wide in the internet? Bad kitties, bad. Meow.

GROOMED: Vivek G. Ramaswamy, unremarkable 37-year old RINO “rising star,” is a deep Soros plant

Then, being the curious cats that we are, we started researching more about the Georgia Ring family.

Yes they are married. Here’s their homestead. Wonder if they have any chickens in the backyard?

The Ring Firm PC is indeed mentioned in his wife Anne Marie Ring’s bio on OLD GLORY BANK in OK.

The following is flat out lie, as the attache OLD GLORY BANK SHOWS the association among Michael P. Ring (the owner of the trademarks and President & CEO of OLD GLORY BANK), Anne Marie Ring, The Ring Firm PC, OLD GLORY BANK, and Mark L. Seigel (attorney for the trademarks).

These people are thick as thieves,%7C,website%20or%20a%20mobile%20app.

What is Digital-First FDIC Banking?

Study commission by NCR

Board is stacked with promoters of CBDC. Therefore OLD GLORY BANK is pushing cbdc through its affiliates.

(Their names will now be forever in the Google searches for folks who want to know more now and in the future.)

Mark W. Begor

Age: 64
NCR COMMITTEES: Compensation and Human Resource, Directors and Governance

Gregory Blank

Age: 42
NCR COMMITTEES: Audit, Directors and Governance

Deborah A. Farrington

Age: 72
NCR COMMITTEES: Compensation and Human Resource (Chair), Directors and Governance

Georgette D. Kiser

Age: 55
NCR COMMITTEES: Risk (Chair), Directors and Governance

Kirk T. Larsen

Age: 51
NCR COMMITTEES: Audit (Chair), Compensation and Human Resource

Martin Mucci

Age: 63
NCR COMMITTEES: Audit, Compensation and Human Resource

Joseph E. Reece

Independent Lead Director
Age: 61

Laura J. Sen

Age: 66

Glenn W. Welling

Age: 52
NCR COMMITTEES: Audit, Compensation and Human Resource

Don’t f. with cats!