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Donald Trump Addresses the Nation After Mission Against ISIS Founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

General Michael Flynn’s attorney is demanding that charges be immediately dropped after they found that FBI Agents manipulated records against him.

Trump Admin Gives $10 Billion Cloud Computing Project To Microsoft

We are living through historic times. Are you awake and engaged?

NASA Discovers THC on Meteorite Fragment

Time to Lawyer Up – The House of Cards is Collapsing

Stunning, Potentially Game-Changing, Court Filing by Flynn Defense Lawyer Sidney Powell

Lisa Page edited the Flynn 302

Ratcliffe says DOJ was used by Obama administration to go after their enemies

Trump Cancels All Admins’ NYT, WaPo Subs: “Will Save 100s Of 1000s Of Taxpayer Dollars”

200-Year Information War. Patriots around the world know the enemy now and join together to defeat the one world order beast.

S.C. Judge Rules the Obvious: It’s Unconstitutional for Police to Seize and Keep People’s Property Without Proving They Committed Crimes

Trump accuses Obama of treason for ‘spying’ on his 2016 campaign

Matt Gaetz: ‘We Gotta Stop Thinking We Can Use Marquis of Queensbury Rules Against Angry Pack of Rabid Hyenas’

NYC Bar Association: If AG Barr Doesn’t Recuse Himself From Ukraine Matter, He Should Resign or Be Removed

Fed Boosts Amount of Liquidity Offered to Financial System

The criminals have their own court system

Russia Will Test Its Ability to Disconnect from the Internet

Video Surfaces of “Trans” Child From Texas Custody Battle Saying His Mother Tells Him He’s a Girl

Only Men Have Testicles. And Only Women Have Periods.

House Republicans who forced into closed-door impeachment hearing explain why

Trump prepares to formally withdraw US from Paris Climate Accord

Senator Graham: Video with McCain, Poroshenko, and Ukrainian Military members

Who is William Taylor? Impeachment Star Witness Has Long Relationship with Burisma-Backed Think Tank

State Dept. Used Soros-Linked Media Tracking Tool to Monitor Journalists, Trump Allies

Germany Chooses China Over the West