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False Flags are Legal Propaganda

Why would the government support false flag events? This question would go through our minds every time we would see a new false flag event plastered all over the media. Like many of you, we would think, “It has to be real, otherwise the government and participants would be engaging in treason.” But the narrative and the evidence never seem to match up. How odd that at Sandy Hook and at San Bernardino there were so many responders from federal agencies and that other drills were already happening on the same day just a mile away. Coincidence seemed unlikely for one event. Totally unlikely for two.

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Who Really Owns the Military Industrial Complex: The Highland Group Exposed

All Highland Forums are private, invitation only, have no written agenda and basically are secret and did not happen. Except for the fact that the Corporate Warlords who are invited become privy to the direction of research for the US military, which subsequently creates the directions of Corporate Warlords. Nothing is written down so that no one is held responsible. The Highland Forums have been directing DARPA research and the research of the CIA’s research and development component called In-Q-Tel.

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Cutting the Gordian Knot of All Time

The Federal Reserve Bank in Washington uses its twelve member banks to extend or create credit out of nothing. The credit is defined as treasury notes, Federal Reserve notes, mortgage bonds, etc. This is how the U.S. finances the Vatican’s crusades led by the Knights of Malta. The Federal Reserve banking system was modeled after the ten Jesuit Provincial territorial system that controls the United States.

The good news is that the time for Armageddon is not now. The Jesuits use fear driven apocalyptic narratives to press the issue of the second coming of Christ as a world leader who victoriously rides a white horse into Jerusalem to expel the Jews and Muslims from the Holy Land. Jesuits are warriors and soldiers who don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to forward the aims of the Society of Jesus and the Black Pope.
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Final Steps Towards Armageddon: This is not a Drill, a Conspiracy Theory, or Dan Brown Movie

The battle is now and the time is at hand to recognize the signs of the time and not be duped into believing another globalist narrative that peace will come when all wealth is gathered and redistributed and all religions are melted down into the least common denominator. The Catholic Church has always chosen the side of the strong, whether fascist, Jesuit, warlord banker, or Knight of any one of dozens of orders. Perhaps it is time that the Vatican be challenged on its infallibility and moral foundation that puts its own interests above those of others.

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All Roads Lead to Armageddon

The Knights of Malta swear allegiance to the White Pope, Francis I, even if they are Jewish or Muslim. This allegiance is basically a vow to retain and grow their wealth through association with the Pope, the Knights of Malta, and the Vatican Bank, the biggest money laundering bank in the world. The Catholic Church takes in hundreds of billions of dollars a year under the guise of charity and redistribution of wealth to the poor but there is little to show for such large amounts of “donations.”

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Discovering the Baptismal Linens

Douglas Gabriel asked the excavator what else he discovered with the spear. The excavator wrote, “an old cloth that was threadbare and shredded when I pulled it from the dirt.” He indicated that he also found “a small three or four ring couplet, cloth, what looked like pieces of a necklace, etc. -all in the debris pile.”

This was an important clue to the research team. They began to research possible origins of the linen sound with the spear. This is what they found.