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PHONY Kamala Harris must be arrested and deported immediately for immigration fraud

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris must be arrested and deported immediately for immigration fraud

President Trump Lists The Criminals At Press Conference; Possibly Treason

Black Leaders Urge Biden to Pick African American Woman as Running Mate or Risk Losing

Seattle Police Chief Resigns After City Approves Plan To Defund Department, Axe 100 Cops

White House Shooting | Secret Service Shoot Gun-wielding Man

Insolvency Looms For Connecticut’s Unemployment Fund Without Emergency Bailout

“Financially Devastated” – 83% Of NYC Restaurants Unable To Pay July Rent

Pennsylvania Is Playing God with Drug Rationing

The coronavirus vaccine is the “final solution” depopulation weapon against humanity; globalists hope to convince BILLIONS of people to commit “suicide-via-vaccine”

‘Mask mouth’: Dentists coin new term for smelly side effect of wearing a mask

Napoleon Hill- Look for the Seed of Equivalent Advantage! Read Think and Grow Rich 

What’s Behind The Smokescreen Of Propaganda

We found the COMPLAINT Department for the New World Disorder operation

Steven P. Schrage Propaganda to Protect the Queen


100 arrested after night of looting in downtown Chicago; 13 cops injured

Instigators of the Occupy Movement Now Calling for ‘Siege’ of the White House

Botswana’s Rough Diamond Exports Crash 66% 

How Teachers Really Feel About Schools Reopening

Important information on the Knights of Malta

BBC: Silver ‘boost to antibiotic success’

Breaking News! Rothschild Pilgrims Society interlocking bank, Digital, Biotech subterfuge against America

Trump Signs Executive Orders On Coronavirus Relief, Payroll Tax, Student Loans, Housing

Jackboot Whitmer Interviews for Vice President, Then Mandates Self-Lockdowns for People Exposed to Sore Throats

More Than 84,000 Mail In Ballots Disqualified In New York City Primary

Pedophile Supply Chain Interrupted by Indictments

Is Jerry Falwell, Jr. a pedophile? Look for yourself.

Donald Trump to Suspend Payroll Tax Until End of 2020

Trump to take executive action after coronavirus talks collapse

Explosion in Panama City – Details just coming in

Chuck Schumer agrees with President Trump that we should open schools!

“Secret button” at “bottom” of Troll World Tour toy.

Which Fever-Tree should I drink?

The Truth About Endocannabinoids

Hemp, Hemp Horray

Shungite, C60, Buckyballs, Ormus, and Superconnectivity

The Trump Effect Casts Attackers’ Demonic Reflections

Sally Yates throws James Comey under the bus

Pompeo’s $10M reward is a Pilgrims Society trap!

Biden, by refusing to take a cognitive test, proves he needs one

Factory Orders Gain 6.2% in June, Growth Beats Forecast for Second Month

Tesla’s Lab Fire and COVID-19

Trump finalizes rule defining gender as a person’s biological sex

For Andrew Cuomo, waking up and smelling the socialist coffee is a bitter whiff.

Cuomo begs wealthy New Yorkers to come back to save the city

Bill de Blasio Announces Traveler Checkpoints, Fines for Ignoring Quarantine

Chicago College Students Demand Schools Cut Ties with ‘White Supremacist Cult’ Police

Is Bill Barr Ignoring Huge Insider Trading Scam in order to Protect the Rothschilds, the Queen, and Bill Gates?

Reuters (UK) (Rothschilds) is directing the global mockingbird media Coronavirus “news” devised to inject DNA-altering substance into every human being on earth

Moderna CMO sells shares as final vaccine trials begin, raising concerns

New York judge rules on disputed mail-in ballots to settle House race after six weeks

Why Voting By Mail Imperils Biden More Than Trump

Democrats’ ‘War Game’ for Election Includes West Coast Secession, Possible Civil War

Biden Scraps Plans to Accept Nomination in Milwaukee over Coronavirus Concerns

Pompeo Offers $10 Million Reward For Information On Foreign Election Interference…. so here are a few you can send him to collect your reward:

World Wide Election Rigging by the Queen’s Privy Council
Queen Elizabeth II and Privy Council Rig Elections Worldwide

The Windsors – Not Our Friends


Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed

Absolute Proof: Obama Rigged Elections

BLM Radicals CHASED OUT of Neighborhoods by ARMED CITIZENS as Mass BACKLASH Begins

Facebook Removes Trump Post For Violating Policies “Harmful Coronavirus Misinformation”

Vaccinate or Terminate – Mandatory Vaccination As Workplace Policy

Poll: Number of Americans who plan to get vaccinated falls to 42 percent – a new low

To Save America, Defund the Schools

I can’t breathe. I am BREATHLESS!

Moderna Massive Insider Trading. Will Bill Barr suppress another citizen report to protect his swamp buddies?

President Trump signs ‘Great American Outdoors Act’

Michael Flynn’s attorney: Sally Yates ‘has a lot of questions to answer’

Senate Intelligence Committee Adopts Final Russia Report, Working on Public Release

President Trump wants to stop evictions during the pandemic

Possible Biden VP Pick Karen Bass Flaming Out Over Past Comments on Castro and Scientology

Chicago-Area Leaders: Cancel U.S. History Classes

George Floyd Autopsy Report

Newly Released George Floyd Body Cam Footage Should Make Keith Ellison Nervous

Oops…we cut off your penis, yet you are still a male.