Democrats Investigate Elaine Chao in Wake of Schweizer’s ‘Secret Empires’ Bombshell

Trump: Democrats Want to Eliminate ‘God-Given Right to Self-Defense’

Elites know the power of blood…do you?

Democrat radical bill to totally eliminate women’s and girls sports

DOJ Accuses JPMorgan’s Precious Metals Trading Desk Of Being A Criminal Enterprise

585 Days Since Susan Rice Email Was Exposed – Content Still Redacted, Why?

McCabe’s Lawyers Say: Obama’s Team Will Defend Him – Obama’s Team Say: NOT

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Patriots CAN Stop Election Rigging

The American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation have posted lots of great research on how election rigging occurs. Below you will find our top articles, each one holding important information for patriots who want to understand how elections are rigged . Learn what YOU can do “on the ground” to protect the integrity of YOUR elections.

Please pass along this important collection of articles to your circle of influence and your election officials. This election rigging occurs all over the world, not just in the United States.

ACLJ Files Lawsuit Against FBI Over FOIA Regarding Comey’s Spies in the White House

DOJ Uses Impeachment Confusion Against House Democrats In Dispute Over Mueller Grand Jury Material

The Week in Pictures: Dem Debate Edition

Remains of 2,200 fetuses found at home of abortion doctor who performed terminations on girls as young as 10

UK Gender Clinic to Offer Sex Change to Kids as Young as 3

The Reason Why Communist Eat Babies

Unveiling the Soul in Today’s Apocalypse

DOJ inspector general completes investigation into alleged FISA abuse

Ted Cruz: Trump Will Lose in 2020 if He Cuts Deal on Gun Control

UK: Tony Blair Think-Tank Proposes End to Free Speech

Older iPhones Reported ‘Breaking’ After Apple Unveils iPhone 11

California DOJ Agent Testifies Obama AG Loretta Lynch Requested Investigation of Planned Parenthood Video Journalists

Baby body parts trafficking company StemExpress admits to keeping babies ALIVE so that whole, beating hearts and heads can be harvested

Fake News and British Propaganda: The Origins of Fake News

Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of Trump

Wellcome and the Wee Little Death Box

Planned Parenthood was just forced to admit in court to harvesting aborted fetal parts

Court Unseals Flynn Brady Motion – 40 Items Requested by Flynn Defense

Taiwan steps into trade war breach for US, saying it will buy US$3.6 billion in American agricultural products

Nancy Pelosi is back. What happened to her face?

Boom Times Are Here: Hemp Farming Quadruples This Year!

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Queen Elizabeth and the Overthrow of President Donald J. Trump

The central role of British spy Christopher Steele in disseminating the Trump “dirty dossier” begged the question: Who approved his involvement in MI6, the British C.I.A.? It is now known that Steele was coordinating his work with a whole host of anti-Trump intelligence players in America, including James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Rod Rosentein, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe and many others at the FBI, C.I.A., NSA, John MCain, DNC, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.

Spies are not cowboys as they are often portrayed. They take orders and do what they are told. Steele’s boss was Sir Richard Dearlove. Dearlove, in turn, takes orders from the Queen’s longtime Counselor warlord Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie….who answers to the QUEEN.